The idea of adding a new faction for endgame - Titans Watchers

DLC Forgotten Gods left some players with an unpleasant feeling of using the main character for their own purposes. I also saw the opinion that the passage of the fragments of the Shattered Realm lacks motivation. With this idea, I tried to fix it.

After killing Korvaak and completing the Shattered Realm quest, the Emissary’s dialogue item appears, in which he tells a story that should reveal to the player the meaning of DLC Forgotten Gods.

All this was just another check of the protagonist before the assignment of a more dangerous task, which he of course can refuse. Emmisar says that the War of the Gods gave rise to a universal cataclysm, which led to the destruction of many parallel worlds and universes. Watching this, the goddess Vire sobbed and the parts of the worlds on which her tears fell, resonated with the souls of the creatures inhabiting them, and the destruction stopped. This is how the fragments of the Shattered Realm appeared.

Cairn was at the farthest distance from the epicenter of the cataclysm and suffered the least. However, the world inhabited by the Ethereals suffered much more and led to overpopulation, so they decided to return to Cairn. However, their return and terraforming activated the process of destruction and now the future of Cairn is in jeopardy. Defeating the Aetherials is important, but it would be pointless if Cairn died anyway.

After the War of the Gods, the Titan Watchers were created to watch over and prevent further destruction of the surviving worlds. However, the invasion of the Aetherials came as a surprise to them, and since the Titans were created by the gods weakened after the war, their capabilities are severely limited. The decision was made to sacrifice the small shards to save Cairn.

The Titan Watchers are entrusted with the task of extracting Vire’s tears from the shards, but when the souls are extracted, which are one of the deterrent components from destruction, the tears begin to dry. Therefore, it is important to go through the fragments in a certain time and save as many Vire tears as possible, which will be used to prevent further destruction of Cairn.

As a pargada for passing up to 80 shards, things that the Covenant of Three obtained will be used, but their supply is not unlimited. Titans Watchers are invisible to the inhabitants of Cairn and observe the world through the eyes of the followers of their creators. They cannot reward with something material, but they can share visual images of things from destroyed worlds and universes.

Actually, the idea is to extract Vire from the fragments of tears, which will be something like a deception, for which you can increase your reputation with the Titans of the Watchers or acquire an illusion that is interesting for you. In front of the entrance to the Shattered Realm, there are 2 NPCs who will be involved in this. Upon reaching a certain level of reputation, access to new illusions opens.

Of course, the story of the war of the gods, the cataclysm and the invasion of the aethereals could accompany an epic video and it would look very impressive, but I understand that this is not real. Although many believe that the game lacks cutscenes and music that would enhance the atmosphere of the game.

Regarding illusions, the reasoning behind their use is to deceive the next likely intruders, giving the impression that the population of Cairn is better technically developed.

I think the developers can come up with illusions that will not leave players indifferent. For example, a lightsaber, plasmagun or Thor’s hammer. Although you can create a theme with suggestions, and then vote and the best ideas from the gaming community will enter the game.

This is just my vision of how to make the game better and extend its life. I will read with interest the opinions of other players, as well as the developers of the game.

you make it sound like it’s on life support with someone ready pull the plug :joy:

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No, it’s research project to extend life. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But seriously at this point of development we won’t see new factions and major content overhaul.

If I were SKS, i’d look into modding if they haven’t yet though. They certainly have a strong and expansive vision for writing their own content so why not make it in-game as well? :smile:

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I am a simple player and have nothing to do with mod development. Just suggesting ideas that, in my opinion, should make the game more interesting. Unfortunately, nowadays there is an opinion that Grim Dawn is dying like a game and I am trying to change this as much as possible.

Just becuse a game doesn’t get constant updates, doesn’t mean it’s dying. GD is mainly single player and has no closed servers so you can play it for years and years without worrying that it’s dying. Mods can also add to the “life” of the game.


I didn’t want to offend anyone. Sorry. It’s just that players with extensive experience in the GD are waiting for new content, but it is not planned. The current tested hotfix is certainly important, but ordinary players have already seen all this, if you do not go into details and some technical questions. With my ideas, I try to suggest adding something new to the game, but at the same time, in my opinion, not very difficult to implement.

This is, of course, just my opinion, but for the character I pass 35-36 shards on a mission for Ultimate and then 50-51 for Ultimate. One build went through 65-66 shards for the sake of buying a full set and that’s it. For some reason, endgame is no longer interesting to me and I saw a similar opinion. Although a lot of high-quality work has undoubtedly been done on the variety of fragments, there is no motivation. That’s why I came up with an idea to motivate players to endgame.

You’re not offending anyone. But this idea that a game “dies” if not constantly updated is just weird to me. D2 hasn’t been updated in decades yet plenty of people still enjoy playing it. Titan Quest hadn’t been updated in years yet people still enjoyed playing it.

Personally I’m with Medierra on this. The team need/want a break from ARPG’s. Would you rather they keep plugging away and either the quality of the game goes down because they’re burnt out or many of the team leave because they just can’t face working on GD any longer?

Medierra also said many years ago that their main aim is to keep the company going and to him the best way to do this is not to rely on one franchise all the time. Hence Crate working on other projects in other genres giving the company a broad base to earn money with.

I’m not saying your idea isn’t interesting, but Crate have said they’re happy with where the game is now. I personally am not sure how much it would add to the game’s “life” either since very few players actually play in the Shattered Realm. :woman_shrugging:

it’s a funny concept that games need to keep have content added :thinking:
OG stuff like diablo II had LoD, that was it, some ladder patches, and then nothing
Granted it’s a bit of different genre but still, no one lamented Skyrim or Dark Souls for not continually getting content, etc etc
there exists “a million” games that didn’t get perpetually kept alive for half decades or more, many considered classics or gems, “fantastic as is”
contrast that to the handful of actual live service games with repeat cycles of content, most which would be f2p or MMOs; it seems like the casual or realist expectation of a game should be finite content (even “live service” stuff like Ubi or Ea games quickly stop to actually get content)

Grim Dawn has seen post release support for more than 5 years, with 2 full fledged expansions and several free content updates, - as a single player (offline) focused game keep in mind
i think it’s fair to say the game has more than earned it’s “finished stated”, and the devs their break

even if you’re “a simple player”, Grim Dawn is fully modable and comes with the mod tools free for you to use, and there are tutorials on the forum on how to start modding
with your own pretty clear passion for additions to the game, i don’t think Evil_Bakas suggestion of you looking into modding is a terrible idea :thinking:
might be you find a creative outlet + something that can then be implemented into GD which could end up fitting your desires, specially since you clearly have a bunch of ideas

As I understand it, the game has completely taken place and my ideas in this regard look clearly inappropriate. The game just has a little bit of proofreading left in the form of the hotfix we are testing now. Then I will no longer add topics with ideas. Peace and kindness to all, and good luck to the developers in new projects.

you can totally keep coming with topics and ideas, you’re not the only one
only thing to keep in mind is that the actual chance for it to happen might be small, and potentially smaller depending on how big the idea/addition is given the state of development at this point

i’ve made several suggestion and addition “feedback” wishes myself, knowing it’s probably unlikely to happen - but it’s even more unlikely if it were never suggested in the first place :wink:

again i’d also remind you of modding, some of the things you suggest on appearance seem like they could be on the somewhat simpler side to mod in, so if your desire for your ideas/additions to see fruition is big enough, and the devs don’t do it, you could always try to see if you could swing it yourself in a mod

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