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All those guys lying to themself thinking that the game can survive without multiplayer … Very pathetic … Without multiplayer, this game is nothing.

Keep believing that, someday it will be true. This game doesn’t need any “surviving”, you either play or you don’t, specially because it’s single player focused. Crate got the money from you already, they don’t need for you to technically stay.

You know what happens when nobody is playing a single player focused game? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Again, the 1.5 million sales on the base game, nevermind sales on Crucible or the first expansion beg to differ. Considering this is Crate’s first project as well, I would say it has been a big success thus far.

Grim Dawn may feature the multiplayer features you crave in a sequel or future game if there truly is a demand for it but the resources, time and effort it would take to implement into the game now while it is half-way through it’s lifespan is unrealistic and a gamble at whether it would turn a profit/be wroth it.

IMO Crate should concentrate on the story and overall gameplay rather than multiplayer (just like they did with Grim Dawn). It’s true that playing with other people is cool’n’stuff but it won’t save the game if it lacks in good content in general.
I’d be far happier to play a great single-player game rather than an ok-ish multiplayer one.

All those guys lying to themself thinking that the game can survive without multiplayer … Very pathetic … Without multiplayer, this game is nothing

Single player, low PC resources req., and modding are what make it for me. Even if I’m not thrilled with some of the balancing and design decisions, I can ultimately tweak it and play it when I want and do it on a mid-range laptop.

If I really want MP seasons and that kind of thing, there’s always PoE (and diablo3…I suppose…erk). PoE is killer on machine resources, though.

I think you could look at friendly challenges for GD to satisfy your need for competition. It’s been done in various forum threads.

Ah, to have the confidence of a random unknown internet dude. I would love to have that, except that it comes with the downside of a severe misunderstanding of anything you’re confident about.

Anyway, back to enjoying this lovely game which is of course completely dying because it has just 1/3 the active playerbase of, say, Borderlands 2. Of course, Borderlands 2 had an infinitively larger budget, but we’re not letting facts get in our way.

yeah right, anyone with a different opinion from yours is pathetic, nevermind that the facts are not on your side.

First of all, ‘surviving’ is irrelevant. As there are no microtransactions, you playing or not playing the game does not really make a difference, i.e. the dev has no incentive to keep you grinding mindlessly, unlike e.g. in PoE (D3 lost its auction house, so they also no longer have an incentive and it shows…)
All that matters is that a) you bought the game and b) you enjoyed it (so you buy addons / future games).

Second, whether a game has many sales is pretty much entirely independent of whether it offers multiplayer. There is a small percentage of players that find it essential, and a large group that never touches it, even if it exists.

Oh the dedicated servers thing again, the dead horse has been beaten and beaten.

The money from 1.5M copies sold really helps living with all our delusions.

1.5 million sales of just the base game is quite good. Any numbers on how many sales of Ashes there have been since obviously there were enough to justify Forgotten Gods?

Ashes has sold over 300k copies, which is great for an expansion and excellent considering it hasn’t had a steep discount yet.

Yeah this game has been dead since February 2016. Wait worse than that, it’s been dead since 2012

so around 1.2 million copies are not upgraded to AoM. Imagine if all will buy the dlc, how much rich you will be?

I really wanted you to be success with FG but as you said dlc is deteriorating and it will be more so thanks to mastery exclusion sigh…

You can’t help yourself:D

Telling us that you guys only care about the money and not the content is not a good answer lol

At the end of the day, they’re still a company and not a big one either :p.

While they do need money to continue existing (and creating more games/content at that), nowhere did Zantai state/infer that they do not care about content.

He tolds me that in private messages many times. And can you explain me why people here think that the game is perfect? It looks like a sect or something. The game is not perfect at all. So stop trying to beat people with things like, the game is perfect like this, no need to change etc. It is boring as hell.

I have record of every PM I ever sent anybody, so please don’t put words in my mouth or try to twist what I’m saying.

I don’t think the game is perfect and I don’t believe anyone on the forums nor the developers think so either.

I think it’s in a pretty good spot with the several updates they’ve rolled out now and is one of the better ARPGs and games I’ve played in years but there are still things I’d like to change (though not to the point that they massively detract from the experience however).