The Lazy Hour - Pet Cabalist

Hey there, I have this build, all the gear/points exactly as yours! I have some additional questions, number 1 is regarding why Posession over Master of Death-you say that conversion of pet damage into vitality is bad on non-vit builds, and that is logical, but the actual text of the gear and the skills doesn’t seem to match to that statement. Master of Death at 15 points says it converts 25% physical damage into vitality. Meanwhile, Ghol’s Mark says it converts 100% vit damage into acid for the blight beast, leaving just the Eldritch Talon’s physical damage to be converted by 25% since summon familiar uses lightning. Also, the Talon’s physical damage seems to be in the minority of it’s damage, and I can’t see any bonuses that apply specifically to physical damage within the build, so I don’t understand how this 25% physical-into-vitality damage conversion has impact on the DPS.

For a pet build, how is damage absorption, chaos resist greater than the 53% all damage+75% poison/acid + 12% OA and vit resist for pets and you? It just doesn’t seem to make sense.

In that vein, another thing that i can’t seem to parse is why Bysmiel’s Domination relic over Mogdrogen’s Ardor? Yes, for the 8 seconds while the proc is up, it’s doing significantly more damage, 200% damage+45% all speed is totally gnarly. I’m not sure, i haven’t done the math, but I would be surprised if the higher flat base damage from Mog’s Ardor+the toggle aura and the +1 to all skills from Mog’s Ardor didn’t perform better overall for the duration of 15 seconds then Bysmiel’s Dom because of the cooldown on the Bysmiel relic.

I know this sounds like I’m being critical of you, but I have like, 5 or 6 different characters, and of them all, this is the one build I care enough about to actually make a post in regards to it. I’m a fan of what you made here, this is the only reason why I’m being so anal, because I’d either like to understand why it is as it is, or refine it to be even more awesome!

Conversion can only happen once. So that 25% from MoD is not getting converted into Acid.

Vit resistance doesn’t matter and is available in abundance, the +% dmg from MoD is negligible. The 12% OA is pretty much the only thing worth from it.

A Permanent 15% dmg absorption means that you essentially take 15% less dmg from all sources, which is kind of big on Pet builds since you only have such things and heals to keep you alive. And the extra Chaos res helps too.

Mogdrogen’s Ardor does not provide flat damage. And it does not outperform Bys’s Dom.

+80% to All Damage, +14% Crit Damage, +6% Total Speed


+45% to All Damage, +10% Crit Damage, +15% Offensive Ability (+ 22-35 Chaos Damage, +200% to All Damage, +45% Total Speed)

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Thank you so much for your reply, this is great! I didn’t have any of this data, and I’ve been wondering for days how the math works, and you laid it all out for me, I really appreciate that! There is no way I would be able to compute these things on my own, so this is awesome :smiley:

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@Maya Thanks for the awesome work you do on pet builds!

I have personally never played one and this here caught my eye. I have all the pieces needed except for the amulet. Could you propose any feasible replacement options, that will still let me clear SR 75-76 reliably?

Thanks a lot!

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Mythical Heart of the Mountain should do well. Another choice would be Mythical Blightshard amulet. If neither are available any generic pet amulet or something like Kaisan’s amulet for the +1 to all skills should do fine :yum:

Also, welcome to the forums :blush:

First, thanks for this build!

I’ve just have only one question: which is the devotion path?
It’s something I’ve never learn from this game and still bugs me.

remove purple
remove green
remove Jackal
Scholar’s light
remove Raven
Put 4 points in Rhowan’s Crown
Sailor’s guide
remove Blue
Solemn Watcher

Instead of the 4th node on Crown, you can also instead go for the 1st node of Empyrion instead.

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Hi Maya, thanks for being the Pet Overlord around here.

Why do you complete the Murmur devotion? I’m looking at the last two nodes (+% cold damage and something else), that % doesn’t do anything for the pets, right?

First of all welcome to the forums :blush:

It is for the affinities a complete constellation provides. In this case, 2 green & red.

Ah, I see. Thank you again! I’m enjoying this build very much (as my first pet build!)

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Hello. I just came back after a very long hiatus. I would like to play GD again and this build drew my attention. The question is: is it a good starter build and is it still viable? Thanks in advance for the answer.

Viable? Yes.

Starter? No. For that, go here and pick a budget/beginner setup: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Would you consider this the strongest pet build after the last patch?

Not even close. This was more of an experiment :stuck_out_tongue:

Which build would you give the designation to now?

Fluffy Squishy / Rawr God, depending upon whether you prefer Conjurer or Cabalist and if you plan on killing Crate or not.

Rawr God, being Blightfiend based, has too much AoE to take on Crate Superboss :frowning:

Hey, been leveling a cabalist! your carnival guide says Will-O-Wisp is one of the strongest and can kill everything, does this still hold true or not? If not: which would you consider the strongest cabalist build and are any still able to kill every boss?

It still holds true :yum:

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Thanks for answering! Good to know it’s still as powerful! Guess I’ll have to do a metric ton of farming to get all the gear haha.

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Hi Maya, thank you for your great work! I used to play builds provided by David Allen a few years ago (700+ played). I decided it is the highest time to go Hard Core and enjoy Grim dawn again. I can see your suggestion regarding the strongest pet build (w-o-t-w) atm. Is it valid? I have pet cabalist - ooold build :slight_smile: Do you have a link to up to date w-o-t-w build/equipment, please? EDIT: forget it, I found it!

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