The mayas and us (stars are aligned)

Auruspici from ancient Rome left it written in their tables, random conspiration theories about reptilians confirm it, central american long gone civilization left a mark on their crappy calendars!

It’s a monday, it’s october, it’s THE day! Brace yourselves, tell your wife to go out with friends, call at work to say you are sick and wear a comfortable pijama!

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So, another IT’S OCTOBER thread?

but with style!

edit : it’s gonna be locked isn’t it?

So it begins. People are getting infected.

Don’t you know that every time somebody says “it’s October”, the release gets pushed back a day?

Ah, crap.

keep spamming these threads, the devs surely will obey :rolleyes::rolleyes:

it’s the maya sir, who doesn’t obey em? They do human sacrifices so they should be smart.

Ch’thon = Maya god confirmed.

Tezcatlipoca… obsidian mirrors… the Hungry Chief… blood sacrifices… it all makes sense now.

you labeled this post as silly too soon, wisdom was there : between the lines for a mind ready to grasp its secrets!

October 15th is the beginning of the end!

Who doesn’t like love a good Apocalypse? :smiley:

World end when gd expansion were released by few days/ still not released. Man That would be cruel.

Too much acid, void god.

didn’t you mean peyote^?

Hahah. So many Mayan ends of the world. I thought we were supposed to be dead by December 31st 1999?

Maybe it did and we are living in the end times? :smiley:

It’s pretty obvious to me that the Mayans achieved ascension and spaceflight capabilities.

Based off that it is clear to me that Crate has followed in their footsteps leaving the hapless Zantai behind to troll all non-believers for the remainder of this fabled “October” end-game scenario you mere sapiens insist on believing in.

And I still continue to venture in the hopes of finding an end to this dark dimension that is your mind