The MISSING builds compendium

I might not have any, yeah.

I mean… I threw this together yesterday evening after I put the kids to bed, and tested it today on my lunch break :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s probably full of holes like that

Don’t worry, even 3 points in War Cry Transmuter is for 18 reduced is an ok fix.

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Health regen took a hit, but I have 3 sources of RR now

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You could also put Storm on War Cry for 100% chance. I’ve been thinking of Scales actually which would be 1) healing 2) energy regen 3) Reduced Resistances in one. Not sure, you’d need to test what you like best:

Scales healing would be good because it doesn’t have stupid 15 seconds cooldown like Giant

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Could work. I already have 100% vitality to cold conversion anyway

Remembered this acid BM by @fordprefect. >< Son of a Slith, 2H Acid Blademaster. SR 75-76 (Beware Meme Hazard)

I’m surprised Lightning Witchblade isn’t fulfilled yet, has no one really posted an elemental cadence build with Scion of Arcane Force?


Here’s mine:

Might not be the best, but Seekers/Currents and 6 crafts (for +% Armor) make for a fun time! :sunglasses:

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Lightning Witchblade :white_check_mark:
Acid Blademaster :white_check_mark:

Bleeding Death Knight

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Here’s some more of my successful builds to add to the list.

Vitality AAR Warlock:

DW Gargabol’s FS Vitality Pyromancer:

DW Phasebreaker FS Elemental Pyromancer:

Meme DW Ranged FS Cold/Acid Saboteur:


Added all 5, thanks!

I believe Cthon made a lightning Saboteur before, though it’s probably a bit outdated now. Wasn’t it called the Maelstrom? If I find the link I’ll post it, though I don’t know in what forum abyss it rests now :sweat_smile:

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Also I’ve just thought, that Demolitionist has literally 0 Bleed support
No wonder there’s no Bleeding Saboteurs out there :rofl:

It looks REALLY outdated (some super weird skill choices nowadays, probably dictated by the meta of the time)
But I have no reason to think it wouldn’t still work perfectly fine.

Lightning Saboteur: :white_check_mark:

On the flipside, there is no reason to think a Physical Saboteur can’t be done super easily :slight_smile:

Vitality Druid seems like a really easy thing to do (Totems, Panetti, Devastations)…
Btw I can’t wait for the moment when the grid is filled up to such a degree that it’s easier to just list all the missing combos :slight_smile:

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Physical DW FS Saboteur:

Vitality DW FS Saboteur:

Chaos DW Cadence Rah’Zin Blademaster:

Btw I don’t even have the expansions, so I expect meme-level results :rofl:

When we get to that point, I’ll redo the chart flipped negatively :slight_smile:

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Have these been tested ?