The MISSING builds compendium

Yes it definitely is viable. I’ve been trying to tweak my guy since you shared your version of it, but good pistols are hard to come by so I never really “finished” it. Maybe it’s time to get back on it.

Besides, I’m still trying to come up with a decent tri-elemental Necro build featuring Arcanor. Elemental Forcewave DK seems like the intent but it mediocre at best. Apostate looks like it could make sense, but then again Fleshwarped Shard exists + the conversion on Bonemonger’s set screw it all up (not even considering the fact that you still need a main skill). Maybe Elemental Callidor Binder? :clown_face:


Eard posted Elemental FoI last update for it:

I’ve been fooling around with this for Elemental Bone Harvest but need to finish and test it, then see if it’s at least passable.

Edit: Wrong version.


I wholeheartedly agree as well.

Just to be sure: Does the conversion to elemental is just the flat damage, or is all damage converted as long as Spectral binding is active ?

It counts as global conversion while Spectral Binding is active, so all damage.


@Crab_Turtle_2112 could probably spin up a more defensive version. I really like it bit majority of leech is in foi, so it can feel dicey in crucible if you don’t have a mob in your flame thrower

Physical/Bleed Shieldbreaker? Doesn’t look that bad to me, not even kidding maybe I’ll try this next.

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DW chaos Blademaster:

Next thing to do DW aether Blademaster with Cadence conduit.


I made it with complete embers calling, using cadence aswell, damage was pretty good but squidhy and very clunky to cast Warcry. If menhir’s bulwark made available to DW, it could be tanky enough to play.

Edit: found the link


Chaos Blademaster: :white_check_mark:

Thanks to both of you :slight_smile:

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I’ve been meaning to post my chaos eor pally since it is arguably as good as sentinel now. Although the sheet dps is lower, and you interrupt spinning for WoP + seals… so overall kill speed is a little bit slower, but it feels way way safer


Please do.

There are never enough Paladin builds around (especially non-fire ones)

Here’s the aether Blademaster. Considering RR is the main issue, I guess -RR tp Veil of Shadow will be better but Cadence conduit is used for the ‘‘theme’’. GT -

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All we need now is Fire and Lightning Blademaster and “fact” guy could finally have his dream come true.

As for those which actually can be done:

  • Cold Bone Harvest + X Defiler with a bunch of Fire - Cold conversion shouldn’t be too bad.
  • Same with Cold Commando & Cold Vindicator. I tried getting Cold Vindicator to work for the longest time and it’s just sooo bad.
  • Dervish and Infiltrator can do anything, something like Lightning DW Shadow Strike can easily be made reasonably.
  • I’ve wanted to make Vitality Grenado Elementalist for the longest time, but anything Elementalist sounds painful.
  • Physical Pyromancer feels like something that’s already been done and just needs to have it posted. Also, I know I have a video of Acid Pyromancer completing Crucible somewhere, I have to look through the archives to see if I can bring it up.
  • I also know there’s a Pierce Battlemage that was done for the memes as well, and @Rhylthar can fill in more Bleed spots (I know there was Bleed Battlemage + a few other classes)
  • Fire Witch Hunter can be done easily with the Ember’s Calling Set.
  • Physical Warlock maybe could be done with Physical Doom Bolt + some converted spells.
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Aether Blademsater: :white_check_mark:

It has been mentioned as done a couple of times (@fordprefect did if I’m not mistaken)
But for consistency and future reference, I would need at least one Grimtool link (tested) posted somewhere here to check that box.

Fire Blademaster is not a problem with Ember’s Calling you mentioned - DW or maybe Voracious Reach, Chillspikes, Reaping Arc, Obliteration, Blade Spirits, Ring of Steel,

However Lightning Blademaster is another story :wink:

Elemental blademaster would check that box, and is likely much easier to pull off

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Physical AAR maybe ? Here fire Witch Hunter, couldn’t found the old link but remade it, it was like this. Had no problem with any roguelike dungeon in campaign. AoE was a bit problematic and damage wasn’t good as it shows on GT, I suppose due to beronath.

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Fire Witch hunter: :white_check_mark:

Thanks !

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You’re right. My vote goes to Meminari Regalia Ememental Memence/Memarasta Meme Burst Mememaster with Memebreaker:

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