The Outworld Devourer ( - 2H Spellbinder (EVERYTHING+)

Defence can be built in a multitude of ways.GD is essentially a game of specialisation - just like how it’s optimal to focus all your offensive stats into as few damage types / skills as possible, It’s almost always better to similarly specialise in defensive stats.

E.g. would you rather have 95% max res against all damage types + 4000 DA, or 100% max res against all damage types + 0 DA?

EDIT: the key is to get your defensive “layers” to work together synergistically, and not spread yourself thin. (E.g. CDR and circuit breakers; flat damage absorption with %damage absorption ; shield block and increased max res ; etc.)

If you don’t need DA, you don’t need DA :woman_shrugging:

@DMT love the build as always. Y’all making me get the GD itch again


Omg so you’re still around spanks. Nice to see you dropping by.


Wasn’t checking new topics and missed this one, but that’s monster build, congrats!

About DA, Spellbinder is the class, where you can afford less DA and still be safe. I’ve played and posted few of them and key is timing MirrorMoT and have some life steal and Ghoul to save you in tough situations.

#teamelitebuilders :stuck_out_tongue:


Spent a shit ton of time to find the transmog that I would like :triumph:

@Nery @fordprefect @sir_spanksalot @mad_lee
Thanks for your words :upside_down_face:


The true test of an immortal is face tanking Crate without needing to drink potions. Can this build do that ?

What a weird definition



Is there such a thing exist in the whole multiverse? And I believe RNGesus gives a lot of potions for a reason, they are his blood and tears, so one should drink a lot of his blood and don’t waste his tears to be blessed with more great rewards… Also there is a reason that the game provides no class of bloodsworn, because? We are the bloodsworns… not to cthonics…


I really want to try this build in HC. Would it be safe to do so?
Would there be any changes to make it more safe?
Looks like a really fun build

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The final spec is almost unkillable with a ton of CDR, defensive abilities and ADCtH. Can’t say about leveling on HC though. You should ask @RektbyProtoss or @Stupid_Dragon

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How does the build perform in high SR with neutral mutators ?
The SR90 run had the corrupted mutator and SR95 had corrupted + exposed which are very good for the build, but is it consistent when RNG ruins the day ?

You can’t be consistent in Shards 90 with any build, imo, and there is no point too, because there is no loot. It depends on the build but also depends on luck and piloting skill more than any other mod.


Sorry, I doubt you will ever pass even SR80 with any build, but this one is enough for you to play 65 or smth.

How convenient to see the thing you want to see missing Brutal and Cruel mutators in SR 90 run

Build looks very solid. Have you some ideas how to made build more tanky without loosing too much dmg? Maybe arcane harmony pants? Some more ideas? I play hc.

Dmt is one of the few builders here who knows how to build really tanky. Pretty sure this build is super tanky already. But if you still need more then the easiest way is a physique dump instead of spirit.

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Can’t say. Try phys dump as x1x2 said

Any update after 1.1.8?

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Thanks for another solid build


Incredible run you have!
Also we should mention the fact that build cut 30 seconds by switching moving run from Rune of Astral Rifts to Rune of Fallen Kings
Teleport aether rune has the same moving range, but longer CD and less damage - an obvious outsider.
Idk how the things are with other teleport/charge runes