The Pseudo-Nightblade: Direwolf Crest for DW, what other classes?

So, I found the Direwolf Crest which enables dual wielding melee weapons. So that means I can do the double weapon dance, while going for other classes. So I was wondering if anyone have done a fun build based on this item alone? I’m thinking a bleed Trickster dualwielding axes could be fun, and I’m sure there are tons of other possible builds.

Browse few forum pages you will find a lot of similar builds.
This for example:

Trickster gets DW anyway from the class :stuck_out_tongue:

There is also the blademaster talisman to enable dual wielding. I use it for a melee dw pyromancer which works better than most people would probably imagine! I’m not sure what has been posted besides the warder JoV linked tbh. I’ve also done a DW elementalist

TzTz made a bunch of DW guides he really likes them.

Iz it something like this mr Tomo? Or you are more to burn and fire instead of chaos?

P.S. I just remembered you have that spell blade with 52 flat rr, Im gonna cry now :frowning:

It’s the DW enabler for the Fire Strike Elementalist with 2x Stormheart, but I don’t know how good that build is with the nerfs to Static strike.

Brainfart! Jesus…

Fastest on dummy if you exclude BMs :wink:

Tho Im not so sure that 2x Stormheart are still bis.

Our build appears to be exactly the same more or less :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen ppl using the Legion shop green swords with fire damage, but I don’t find them more effective.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my Elementalist, but he’s far from what he was before the nerfs.

No, no, I wasn’t thinking on Elite legion firestarters.
I was thinking on craftable lightning dmg daggers, with right affixes…well you got the idea :wink:

Ah, so high dmg greens are better +4 Static Strike and Chain lightning proc? That seems hard to believe tbh, may give it a try though.

Actually this is a post-nerf static strike build. It’s not an elementalist though. But it might give you an idea of how strong static strike is despite the nerf

I’m waiting for the patch to post the latest grimcalc, or maybe on second though i’ll update it in the next half-hour.

Maybe just one good green dagger and a stormheart in the other? Could be possible with a pyroclasm with +1 to static strike on it.

Been looking for a good Loxmere dagger for the same idea on spellbreaker but they are hard to find and cold damage is not as good

Here is comparison between best rolled Stormhearth I got and lightning exalted dagger so you can judge your self. Dps drop is twice larger than it is shown.

Actually Crystallum would be great for a DW Elementalist. It helps you cap resistances and gives plus skills.

Also i like Stormheart mainly because of the lore surrounding it. Which is the reason i made this.

A Stormcharged Exalted Dagger of Fury/Voracity would be a much better choice as Chain Lightning on it has 75% chance to hit 4 targets.

Crystallum is ok, specially if you aim to go savagery as auto atc replacer, but has low +% bonuses for lightning and electrocute.

Tbh there are few really useful affixes stormcharged, tunderstruck, skyfallen, of furry, of voracity,…I have this one and personally dont think that there would be to much difference :slight_smile:

I wanted this kind of elementalist too, but it think if you use savagery you’d be tempted (I would be anyway) to use Ultos set…might as well make it two handed at this point.

Might as well go static strike with either ulzuin shhoulders or Divinesteel Shoulderguard

Based on back of the envelope calculations, assuming 22/12 Static with SH and 50% physical dmg conversion, I’m fairly certain the sheet DPS drop is due to attack speed difference, which means the SH has a much higher dmg potential assuming you can get your hands on some good Cronley’s Signets of Alacrity/Rifthound.

@Chthon - I have serious issues with you not taking Behemoth in your build. You don’t need Elemental storm, BWC does the same job.

Lol, i don’t need it. I tested it after dropping Behemoth. As for BWC i am stretched thin on points. I am used to timing my PB perfectly and avoiding deaths. The only boss who can make me panic and hit Blade Barrier would Shar’Zul

BWC was very tempting for me as well for some builds to save devotion points. But the truth is for saboteur it’s easier to include stuff like elemental storm naturally in devotion path rather than sink 12 points in aginozing flames. Perhaps that will change with expansion but until then…