The Trophy Room

Hey guys, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while, so I decided I’d make it myself.

I am hoping we can get to see some amazing loot in this topic, hopefully the most powerful rares in game!

As I couldn’t just make the topic and leave it without an item, I will start with my favorite item, my Tyrant’s Steel Longsword of Alacrity:

Sadly the rolls aren’t the best, but the prefix and suffix are really great.

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You beat me to it… I was planning on doing a “post your best item” thread…

I will contribute some later to this post :slight_smile:

Ps., nice blade!

Good idea for a thread. I always enjoy seeing the nice loot in a game.

Here’s one that I got tonight:

Pretty nice blade for my Blademaster.

Wow that great sir :slight_smile:
Go on

I finally found an upgrade for my rifle from the boss at the end of SoT (cannot remember his name) I am very happy about :slight_smile:

With this weapon as my newest edition plus my other heavily farmed gear, I am very happy with my damage at the moment.

If I was to spend the available 11 Attribute Points in Cunning, my DPS would be over 3100 :smiley:

That 'Greatest Damage Dealt’ is an auto attack :wink:

On a side note - PriDe where did you get that component from - it is beast!


That’s the level 24 Severed Claw. I have one piece of it on my Duelist’s Sabre.

What drops it?

Things with claws. If you port to Broken Hills and do a circle and farm harpies and boars you’ll get some eventually

That’s so weird :stuck_out_tongue: I guess it’s a soldier thing but with an average damage of 808, my greatest hit has been 22400.

Have you tried adding a couple hundred OA?

Damn it, I really shouldn’t of skimped on spirit! :o

Was your ‘Greatest Damage Dealt’ an auto attack or an ability?


Man I need to get one of these for my nightblade… Nice one!

How do you gets pictures to display in posts instead of just links?

Nice! I’ve got one of those also. :smiley:

img tags. Or click the icon of the yellow square with mountains and sun on it (advanced post options) and paste the link there.

I managed to get the desired prefix and suffix on the steps boss MI.
But not quite as good as I want.

I’m using the single affix magic in the pic. Less burn but more fire.
Now give me the MI with that fire roll, plox :slight_smile:

Best one I’ve found so far

Cadence. Just got a 33k on Hideout boss.

Holy shit… :rolleyes:

Nice piece of kit!

Really nice, anything you would want to trade that for ? :wink:

Who is dropping that ?