The Trophy Room

I don’t know much about Cadence as I haven’t tried that type of Soldier build.

My 17.7k hit was an auto attack with 117% IAS.

Regardless, very nice critical strike, bud!

I have been farming ToS but it would appear Cronley’s Hideout is the place to farm, so here I go!


Req 40 :(, no good.

Nice fire roll (I’m guessing that pushed it over).

I’d still rather have a mystic prefix with a scorching that was equipable.
8% spirit is around 15% fire AND 15% burn for me, not to mention the energy and regen.

I think 11% spirit mystic with 82% fire of scorching is the ultimate equipable at 35 and rolled on that MI would be, just, gorgeous. With the ele roll, too, that’s an equiv ~107% fire damage that I could use at 35.

Anyway, if we are posting >35s

Dat Dreeeeeeegs…

Not knowing the deviation but working on the rolls and the database item.
I can see the poison can roll at least 100%
The spirit at least 48
The %spirit at least 5%
The regen at least 87%
The cast speed at least 18%
And the retaliation at least 1875

Working on 25% deviation, probably is 28%.

Thank you Mr Cronley :stuck_out_tongue:

Item I just found which looks decent imo.

Give… please… :smiley:

Yea it’s quite good. I would gladly trade it if someone has an armor piece with “of kings” / Warcry proc on it that has a good second affix :slight_smile:

Or something else that is useful for a summon based build.

That or I can just copy it and give you a duplicate for free…

DeMasked i have yet to find any of kings modifiers but that it one heck of a good sword, my new blues are very limited since i started new characters for Act 2 from scratch. However if you are in a sharing mood :slight_smile: i think a lot of people myself included would love a copy of that sword, amazing modifiers.

Again some new items and some new components , but that’s about all i have at the moment, other then moths of old blue items on mules that i can offer.

Demasked, how much iron was that beaut selling for?

I know I found some chest armor with Warcry on it. When I get home from work I’ll post a pick to see if you’re interested.

That’s a beauty, my Witch Hunter would love to equip one of those. :wink:

If you don’t have one already, I have this Spiritstone Charm which would suit a summoner nicely:

Finally starting to roll some blues this week, figured I’d share too.
Haven’t tried uploading images or attachments on this site so not certain how it’ll turn out but here goes.
Loving my axe and have recently switched from a rare shield to the Effigy. It’s made me a lot more squishy…not sold yet…level 35 Pyromancer.

I was wrong, it was “of Kings” :smiley: PM me if interested

I got those gloves as well as the chest piece in the set one right after another (boss in second floor Undercity dropped gauntlets, tomb in same room dropped chest, lol).

Actually I found the item so it was for free :slight_smile:

But if anyone wants the item just PM me with your email and I’ll send it to you.

Edit: And I also have the Spiritstone Charm for my character, plus that chest with “of Kings” isn’t what I’m looking for since I have like 3-5 of those items already.

Hoping to find a green with more affixes including “of Kings”. My Hellhound already rips through enemies but more damage/attack speed is always quite nice.

I was extremely lucky to pick this up in a shop :smiley:

Picked this badboy up at a vendor :smiley:

Have you got all the pet based blue’s?

Picked this badboy up at a shop :smiley:

Probably though I don’t use the belt since Frizzick’s Utility Belt is better with the +1 to all skills, % healing which effects blood of dreeg, and then energy regeneration which is always nice.

I could probably use a better badge with pet bonuses/resistances on it.

But otherwise I’m fine with what I have atm.

My Hellhound is 21/16 and has 13,224 life, 200% total damage, life, energy, and energy regen. Normal attacks hit for like 750 while his claw attack hits for like 1200. Fire breath attack also is quite good.

If I maxed out all his skills (if possible) the hellhound would be an absolute beast ripping through enemies. However I wanted to be a bit more useful and also have the familiar running around dealing lightning strike damage (hitting for 1k or so).

I think attack speed wise the HH has +49%. Devotion is quite nice.

I also put one point into Dual Blades for my double Salazar Blades which I keep on weapon switch. Plus 2 Marrow bands I can have a small army running around though I’m not sure if Devotion/pet bonuses apply to my summoned Guardians/Harbingers.

Edit: For support I use Sigil (hits for around 400 dmg each tick), doom bolt (3k damage?) and chaos bolt (spammable for hitting around 750-1300). Only 1 point into Sigil/Doom Bolt but some + skill items and chaos % items.