Thermite mines mechanics need improvement

If it wasn’t for the fact that thermite mines apply a substantial fire debuff which is mandatory for any demo spec they would be probably one of the worst abilities in the game. Not only do they fly through the air in slow motion but they bounce off just about anything, this would be okay if they only bounced a small amount, but they can bounce for 3-4 meters sometimes which is incredibly annoying.

Throw them at a boss and they bounce off the boss like they are made rubber and land so far away that you need to be constantly kiting mobs through them. By the time you have thrown some mines and applied the debuff someone else has already ran in and cleared the room with more practical abilities.

Consider making them land faster and increasing their radius or reducing the amount that they bounce. Because it feels like im throwing a handful of bouncy balls at mobs.

Yours is just the latest thread on this subject.

Then im glad im not the only one who feels this way about this ability.

Compare it to something like guardians of empyrion, which apply just as much of a debuff but far far easier and more quickly. and they run fast, you can direct them to a mob and they instantaneously apply a strong fire debuff with decent aoe if you have enough points in them.

If it wasn’t that fire damage is the most unfairly resisted damage type in the game (maybe other than vitality) then i wouldnt bother using them.

should i post this in ideas or feedback? or can you move this thread if necessary?

Have to agree. I find them so awkward to use that I just don’t bother with them.

Yes, it can be moved.

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thanks alot

I already said before: give thermite mines mini spider legs so they can also do the cool Empyrion guardian thing.

so make them like those spider thingies from red alert 2?

Tbh mines would be so much better if you just thew down a single one, no further than 1 meter in front of you and it has a 4-5 meter radius. then it would be still be balanced but far more fun and less clunky.

also so they dont bloody bounce xD im pretty sure that if you threw a land mine in real life it wouldnt bounce off stuff

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Coming in v1.1.4.0 or possibly a future hotifx…


this looks much nicer. are you by any chance giving the debuff they apply a duration longer than 2 seconds?

That’s not mechanically possible, nor would I want to.

guess i was pushing my luck there :smiley:

Still this looks like it will be a massive improvement. having them not bounce and land in a more of a circular pattern would make the ability alot less clunky and effective.

Does the debuff even last for 2 seconds? I thought it was applied for as long as they were in range.

lookin’ good

Quite a few skill bonuses added to gear in new patch, so…maybe getting there…


So I for one welcome the change to Abominable Might being changed to an on attack proc rather than on death proc. It was like this for a very long time and Crate was able to fix the mechanics for it which now makes that Tier 3 devotion similar to other Tier 3 devotions.

So therefore this makes me believe the same can be done for Thermite Mines. I take no credit for this but it was suggested by RektByProtoss that the mines need to deploy all at once, have faster casting and arming speed and a bigger area of effect. On top of that rather than the debuff being applied by the stream of fire, they should apply a debuff after they explode.

Mind you isn’t taking into account that damage numbers, duration etc. would need to be potentially changed but it would be a step in the right direction for a better mechanic for thermite mines and would make it something similar to other debuffing spells such as Curse of Frailty.

Something like that would open up a lot more options for build combinations ^-^

No need to credit me for that, those suggestions have been done by lots of people.

It’s beautiful! :heart_eyes: