This game has 0 balance. OMG is it unbalanced!

It would be nice to have some kind of statistics going, to show the ratio of viable DW, S&B, 2H, 2H ranged and so on. It feels like 2H are a minority for sure.

Is it a dreadscorcher like the one posted on the forum?

It is!

But I haven’t see it posted.

It depends on the patches.
In this patch, melee and DW melee is the weakest.

I honestly think that 2H ranged is better than DW ranged. At least in purifier case, I always feel that 2H ranged is stronger.


Currently the best non green auto attackers are Desolator and Valduun. But 2h and especially DW ranged builds don’t have that much toys, one can argue. But number of viable ranged builds isn’t lower than 2h melee or S&B. Casters are the most versatile archetype followed by DW melee. But DW melee is too glassy quite often.

this was a long time ago, mind me.

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I am quite shocked to be treated like shit although I was trying to be honest and I am a passionated guy with things I love. Grim Dawn is an amazing game. Although the graphics are dated and the balance is a joke, the atmosphere, the story, the campaign, the gameplay, they are all excellent.

Honestly, my comments can be figured by a player that played like 2-3 very different builds. He will crush the content with Soldier (no matter which skill, it’s too easy to build a soldier and be efficient) and have massive trouble with a 2H ranged commando (even Soldier can’t help here) and will only notice far too late, that to play ranged you HAVE to play the inquistor else you are at risk of having an horrible build inefficient for end game, let alone for ultimate(!).

The Krieg Set for example can be farmed AND used to be high tier. Tons of low/shit tier set were much harder to get and didn’t reward you enough.

The game is good but the learning curve is phenomenal: either you start up with a guide / watch some yt beginner builds or risk failings and dying constantly on elite.

There are too many things to learn to start to make your own builds. But when you start to know even a small bit about the game is where the balance becomes a problem. To make it simple GD heavily favors melee tanky builds, might change in the future.

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13k hours? What the actual hell. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This becomes really funny given that a lot of players are actually now claiming otherwise, how melee tank builds are actually bad. We even had a thread on how shields are actually terrible and pointless.

And no, it doesn’t. Mobile casters of various flavors exist and are very strong, a lot of them far surprassing any melee build. There are even various variants of AAR, with aether, lightning and fire being very strong.


You’re talking out of your ass and people are responding accordingly. Want to be taken seriously? Back your whines with some real proof of overperforming or underperforming builds, otherwise your only friend will be the secret op builds guy.


heh, I had the same issue, except by the (play)time my melee got geared up in Kriegs, I already had a fucking skeleton defiler knocking on korvaak’s door and finishing pretty much all content worth doing.

Please do show me this. Because what i’m getting from people, even fully geared Warlord aren’t all that great anymore.

Dark One variants because the set is a target farm like Krieg. RE/Pox Cabalist, RE/Wendigo Ritualist and Wendigo/Pox Conjurer.

Vanquisher templar because it’s also a somewhat target-farm.

Answer to all of your questions is yes. And all of the yeses can be attribute to Dark One set for example. Ritualist, Cabalist, Conjurer, take a pick. And yes they can beat Crucible naked and yes they are ahead of Krieg DK in both offense and defense. So your arguments failed yet again. Please make valuable feedback after you collect enough information!

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Vitality casters can literally play in faction gear and do a lot because the sustain is huge. They are some of the least dependant builds in the game.

Any caster that can leave his source of damage running while he constantly moves out of danger is quite good even without full sets.

I have completed Crucible 170 with both Cabalist and Oppressor with Dark One+faction gear or crafted yellow boots. But the reason is sustain and the fact you can avoid a lot of damage with positioning since you’re not melee and don’t have to facetank everything.

It’s the title for the thread you went with. You 100% click-baited that shit. You made the bed, you get to lay in it. :man_shrugging:

The moment I read the title I knew exactly what its fate would be.

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Yep, that’s exactly what happens when one passion meets a different one. It’s like a clash of two opposing religions. Most wars and deaths throughout human history are related to that.

Not really… he came in swinging fists in the title. It doesn’t matter what he says after that point or how he says it. He put a nice target on his back and then is going to act surprised when people take aim?