This new forum is sweet. Any features I should know about?

I am googling “Discourse” but if anyone knows some quick goodies about using this setup, lemme know.

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I know naaathing. :ok_hand:

Just wanted to try out making a new post. :pig:


@'ing someone on Discourse has about the same effect as it does on Discord, @adoomgod.
Bookmarking posts and ‘Tracking’ threads are pretty handy. If you reply to a thread, you’ll ‘Track’ it by default. I wouldn’t really recommend ‘Watching’ anything, really.

Edit (2): Hello from the past, those of you that arrive on this new forum a little later!

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the new message composer previewer looks awesome

Looks painful to navigate, will take time to adapt.

It’s different but I’m already digging it. Just jumped into it on mobile browser and it"s quite nice. Even better, you see posts update in real time. Gotta love that.

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needs more :fu:

:gazer: :gazer: :gazer: :gazer:

so far I think I can get used to this, tried to get into here using my phone but somehow it didn’t accept the ‘staff’ thingie
works fine on pc

I do hope features like [youtube] will make a comeback, that was so nice…

oh and it loads much slower for me than the old forum, also when saving a post
do any of you share that experience?

For mobile make sure you spell staff in lowercase. I ran into that issue when I tried to get in and then I realized I’d been capitalizing it.

Yes… I’m assuming that will change at some point once it goes live again. There’s probably stuff Rhis has to do to the forum yet to get it ready for prime-time.

strangely that is what I did… even though I didn’t know and it says ‘Staff’ above it

You can like posts in this forum, neat.



oh sweet. Crate Emojis. The old forum can screw off. We are at the pinnacle now.

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Some people may not agree, but this is what peak humanity looks like.


The server currently has a large backlog of work it is processing, so expect the speed to improve over the next day or so.



Stop the presses. Scorv emote is here?

:scorv: :scorv: :scorv: :scorv: :scorv: :scorv:

Everything is so damn slow, I feel like using IE 6.0 right now.
502 Errors everywhere. Guess I should come back in a few days.
See ya and happy Pentecost! :tropical_drink:

Here some tuts:

Discourse HTML Tutorial

(OW is using Discourse for quite a while now.)

Trust Level?