Thoughts on Defences

Could we have a full screen “tip” at some stage suggesting we enclose our settlement in walls to keep it safe? Could we also have a white top banner (like those saying we need to build more houses to increase our population) to tell us that we have enclosed our settlement. “Enclosing” should include impassable terrain such as lakes. Can we also have a normal notification, with magnifying glass , to tell us when the settlement is no longer enclosed (i.e. that the walls have been breached) and have the magnifying glass cycle through all the breaches that have happened. Thanks.

How are we defining “settlement”. I have many buildings outside of my walls that I have no plans to enclose.

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Indeed. The game’s mechanics encourage you to enclose everything, and that detracts from the game in my opinion.

I dont feel the mechanics encourage me to enclose everything. The raiders run right by all of my manufacturing buildings and farm buildings outside the wall. On the contrary, I feel there is only a few select buildings that MUST be enclosed.

Foundry, Armorer, Blacksmith, Brewery (less important) are targets.
My brickyards, potter, candle maker got destroyed on their way to town (annoying to rebuild).

So I’d say that … yes, encouraged to enclose nearly everything.
They don’t touch the compost yard, barn, arborists, work camp and mines, so those can be left outside (although in the later stages, all the people working there get murdered during a raid).

Interesting… I have only ever had one manufacturer ingredient build destroyed. The only time I saw significant building demolishen was when they went through my housing area and knocked down quite a few. They do attack some of my out building villagers, but I probably lose only 1 or 2 villagers per raid that aren’t military. They run right by all my work camps and farms only bothering people on the road, and those people normally make it back to safety before any significant damage occurs

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