Thoughts on Farthest Frontier

Firstly, this is an absolutely incredible game. The survival strategy and resource economy is top notch, and the 1700s vibe is perfectly idyllic. That said, I’ve compiled a list of suggestions I think might be helpful for the developers of this game. I realize this might be a tad late, seeing as the final release is coming soon, but I only downloaded this game a week ago. I hope the developers have a chance to read this and address some of these issues. I might add an “Edit:” section after I’ve had more time to think about things.


  • Need function to search for specific buildings that have already been build. Buildings in the 1700s all look very similar, and it is difficult to tell the difference between them all when looking at 150 buildings. I don’t want to have to click on 30 of them before landing on the one I was trying to find.
  • Add function to prioritize incoming resources for certain buildings, or limit the amount received at a time. For example, wheat seems to be used up by my windmills instead of going to my farms or brewers. It’s not a big deal towards the end game due to expansion of resources, but it can make things hard in the beginning of the game.


  • Workers intoxicated far too often. Perhaps add limit to drink amount?


  • Add something for them to do (apart from school – maybe pick apples, etc.), or add additional childcare option.

Hunters, Foragers, Workers:

  • Add a “patrol” path function instead of just a circular function. So frequently my foragers are idle with no work to do, but if they just walked a little ways outside their circle, they would find something else.
  • Consider adding an upgrade for foragers
  • Consider adding additional worker slots for hunters & foragers


  • Unclear if guards in barracks only work within the circle range or if they can be sent elsewhere.
  • Need button to auto-alert guards when invaded
  • Add “patrol” function for guards


  • Deep mining accrues far too few resources for the amount of labor and travel time.
  • Wells far too frequently run out of water with no real way to refill them. Can’t just relocate the whole town. (Consider adding deep wells?)
  • Gold mining has literally no purpose. It isn’t used any any crafting material.


  • Need function to auto-cancel crops affected by illness
  • Allow land to be treated with fertilizers to replenish the fodder

Compost yard:

  • Allow compost to be used on farmland as well as fields.
  • Difficult for beginners to understand how composting works. Most people would think that making more compost yards cuts down on waste, but that isn’t true. It would be helpful to mention in a description someplace that fields LOW ON FERTILITY is the only way to cut down on waste. There’s very little mention of a symbiosis between fields and compost.


  • Flatten land function needs improvement – takes like 20 tries to flatten a mountain
  • Would be useful to add description how many times that land would need to be flattened instead of just hoping it works on the 16th try.


  • Despite the variety of ways to keep food from spoiling, it still happens frequently. It would be helpful if the game gave a minimum number of storage facilities that would be required to prevent this spoilage.
  • Decorations:
  • Need more things that boost desirability, but have a wider range.


  • I like that there is an option to decline notifications. Please add one for “villagers are sick” & “have been cured.”


  • With traveling merchant, sometimes the “sell” items function is greyed out even when you have items stocked and ready to be sold. This happens more frequently if you’ve just sold your maximum and your merchants are restocking more. When it restocks, the sell function is greyed out.
  • Sometimes, there is an indication that there are wild animals in a location (boars, specifically) that aren’t actually there, even when the area has been built up.
  • Sometimes, the game will give an alert that the townspeople need clothes, and then lists an astronomical amount (1,200 fine shirts, 2,000 crappy shirts, 13,000 shoes) when the total population is only like 200.

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