Tier 2 --> 3

I think that the curve between tiers 1 and 2 is pretty nice and basic. As it sits right now, I think that there is too much time spent between tier 2 and 3. It feels like the “gears” aren’t calibrated quite right. You have to do a decent amount of growth with I like, but it’s lacking some substance.
At the same time I feel like tier 4 doesn’t have a good payoff. “Deep mines”, which are just resources you already had access to anyway. And then like one more production chain.

maybe it would feel better if there was a tier between 2 and 3 that split up some of the upgrades you get so you feel like you progress :chart_with_upwards_trend:

I am OK with the fact that some stuff upgrade requires certain things, but there is some sense and balance needed. The town center building upgrade to stronger one is fine, but the requirements and benefits do not make too much sense. Why not make the town hall itself as trading hub and if upgrade that then get better defensive and trading benefits. Why should the glassmaker or miners care how big the town center is - they should have their own requirements for building and manufacturing. If i cant get sand and coal, i should be able to work on glass already, not wait one more guy to come live in town to get 150 full for the tier upgrade. This game would be a lot more dynamic with less no-build or no-upgrade restrictions. To balance things a bit - the work to build high tier stuff should be just a lot higher - like when build regular mine with 10k work, then deep mine 100k work. Why not dig the damn mine for 10 years straight? It just requires resources and hard work.