Time Dilation now working

Edit: Sorry in the title where it says “now” I would mean “not” :((

Hello all,

I recently started using time dilation celestial power on my sorcerer, bound to Callidors Tempest to trigger it (also tried Flashbang bound) for mainly reduce Mirrors CD; the thing is I cannot see any effect at all. Nor can notice anything in any other skill with CD…just nothing happens.

Im quite new in the game (playing GD not expansion AoM yet), my first char is this Sorc at lvl 77 right now. So I think Im missing something importat in order to activate it or may be in my current setup of skills… dont know.

Any illumination will be very wellcome, thanks.

  1. Put it on callidor but with transmuter. Activated ability Cooldown duration affects the chance for a devotion to proc.

  2. Make sure you have an enemy at least in Callidor radius. If the spell doesn’t connect with something you get no proc

  3. Before you cast Callidor, cast a long CD spell like Devastation or Mirror. When you Cast callidor and Time Dilation procs you will see a sudden CD progress in the skill bar for the spell you have cast.

Thans for the tips.

Finally I managed to see it working.

What I have noticed is, if cast CT while Mirror is active (withing the 3 secons the Mirror icon is is the skillbar) it never procs. You have to wait untill Mirror effect is gone in order to cast CT and make it happen again. I wanst using any other skill.

So now I wonder, If either Blast Shield or Arcane will (or any other skill with time duration) are up and doing their job, I will never get Time Dilation proccing?

Thanks for your feedback :+:

See green text:)

Just my thoughts but this makes sense to me, cooldown skills with a duration logically shouldn’t start their cooldown until the duration runs it’s course hence don’t get effected by Time Dilation.

The only exceptions I’m aware of are celestial powers skills like Hungering Void whose cooldown starts immediately when the duration starts.

Edit: Nevermind, Fluff cleared it up :stuck_out_tongue: Feel free to ignore my post.

Yeah thanks, I did test on mobs before, not so easy, forgot about having dummies on this game :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Now I tested plenty and it works as your description, thanks. Then the only and obviously nasty thing are the +17s. CD time dilation has itslef…whats the best way to reduce this? :wink:

Evil_Baka, thanks to you also for your reply. Every little drop of attention is highly appreciated for newcomers as me :+:

CDR from off-hands, star pact, some weapons , caster helms:)

Yeah is clear, thank you very much.

I am a bit dissapointed with this skill, probably because im still too weak, 1 char starting from scratch, plus only 50 devotion points, in order to get Torch+Dilation Time Ive sacrified Behemont and Ghould, both giving high survavility to my char, specially with the crappy gear Im using (which does not allows me to reduce TD CDs so far).
In other words, could be I need better CDR (read gear ;)) and 5 more devotion points (from AoM) to make Time Dilation investment more valuable.

In the meantime, right now ive finished the game at lvl 77 and have no idea about what to do to level it up to 85. Is crucible viable without the expansion? worths it?

Thans for feedback.

Don’t know about levelling n Crucible but pre-expansion, I found running the roguelikes like Bastion of Chaos or Steps of Torment to be good for gaining experience.

You also get a decent amount of loot from the death room for both and the end chests as well.

Even if you don’t have/want to use a Skeleton key, running the first floor for Bastion or first 3 floors for Steps is still pretty good as they are usually full of Heroes.

So will time dilation reduce the CD of say Giant’s Blood? Or for example an item proc like Runeguard?

no, not devotions. just abilities that you activate yourself and have CD

This is interesting and I thought it would work on all skills. So you cannot use Time Dilation and e.g. the item procs of Aldanar’s Vanity and the Eternity relic to decrease each others cooldowns, do I get this right?
I thought it would make the ultimate CDR char.

No no :smiley: that would be too much.

But, Belgo proc and markovian and eternity might work on devotions unlike Time dilation. Not sure if all devotions though. I know for sure Mark worked on Falcon swoop and Belgo on Blades of Wrath…back when markovian and belgo had 2 sec CDR, those were the days

Oh no, I had high hopes for an extremely defensive Spellbinder with all that CDR stuff :frowning:

It seems a bit inconsistent this way because the description of the effects on Eternity, Belgo etc is the same as on Time Dilation and in some parts misleading.

Only activated by myself? Is not working on Blast Shield, for instance, or any other triggering as per %HP lost or similar?

Im not positive and cant check but I could swear that it works on active devotion skills like Giants blood and hungering void for example.

I thought so too when I tried DB warlock. But won’t say if i’m not 100% sure:undecided:

That’s correct.

Time Dillation description clearly says “all ACTIVE skill cooldowns”. It meant it affects only active skills, such as Mirror, Devastation, etc.
While passive skills, such as Deadly Aim, procs from items arent affected. As for constellations, idk, but “when hit” ones like Giant’s Blood shouldnt be affected either…

I would rather read “all skills with a currently active cooldown” instead of “all active skills that are on cooldown atm”, but I get your point. I think the wording is misleading here.

The answers in this thread helped to enlighten me a bit so far, but it seems that even a few of the veteran players aren’t completely sure about how the effect works. Therefore, I still feel unsure about which skills are affected by Time Dilation because I always thought it would affect the same skills which also profit from +% cooldown reduction.