Tips for Kupacabra

Hey guys, i wanted to share some tips on how to deal with the best Nemesis, Kupacabra.

I beat him on my Spellbreaker, that is still running around in mostly lv 75 gear:

  1. Always keep pulling him out of his healing puddles. even if you are able to completely face tank him, the healing he gets is too much, so just keep moving. If he spawns puddles that arent underneath him or you, you can facetank him for a while until he spawns more.

  2. Once he splits there is a trick you can do, to make your life a lot easier. First pull him close to a teleporter (not too close though), then tp out and to said teleporter. slowly go back to where you left them (or to wherever they ran off to) and try to only pull one of them, then just fight that one and repeat as necessary.

It’s a bit tedious to fight him, but it worked for me with this build. hope that helped ^^

Sounds like pulling out my own teeth.
What about to wait for the fix, instead :eek:

He’s food for some builds, and utter PITA for the rest. It will eventually change.
Up to this point I won’t touch this piece of shit even with a ten feet pole.

The problem with Kubacabra is that he’s not particularly strong, just tedious and boring to fight. And your post highlights this.

When is Iron Maiden gonna get fixed then? If Nemesis bosses are not supposed to be uber unfair for some builds why is she allowed to exist in her current state?

She’s fine? Pretty much any made well build can kill her. She already got nerfed several times, to the point they nerfed her skills relying much less on weapon damage.

It is impossible to beat her with a lighting spell based character. She is impossible to kite because of her charge. Her spike damage is through the roof and can only be mitigated with high physical res/shield/attack damage converted to heath. She has reflect so bursting her down is not an option. Finally she is resistant to your main element.

I’ve tried everything and it is pretty much impossible to beat her. It is not even a matter of tedium, she simply deletes you without a fight.

Or are you facing her with a melee build like what almost everyone here plays?

I’ve seen several caster builds kill her with not much issue. I can kite Grava rather easily, so why can’t you when Iron Maiden is slower?

She is not? Her charge is faster and she stuns you on top. Grava is a chump in comparison and doesn’t have the lightning res/reflect to back him up.

Grava has a charge that is just as fast and causes skill disruption and he’s far faster than her. He’s so fast that he can keep up with my characters with capped movement speed. Maybe cap your stun resist? She’s one of the reasons to cap stun resist.

If you have trouble with the Iron Maiden but not with Grava, i don’t honestly what to tell you. Iron Maiden can’t even reduce your resists as far as i know while Grava can.

Because she can be facetanked within a respectable time slot by over 90% of optimized builds and has zero damage spikes?
Unlike Kuba who can only be killed by few builds and facetanked by even fewer. He is major pain for Retaliation or Pet builds since despite the high damage o/p of both builds his pools keep healing him

His Physical Breath is a damage spike, so is Grava’s Nullification which can seemingly one shot tanks (probable bug) and Aleks’ meteor. These three have damage spikes
Also, Maiden isn’t half as tedious as this cancerous idiot.

People cry over all things including Mad Queen, but in most cases some well defined mechanic exists behind the monster and if one manages to learn that they can deal with that enemy. New Nemeses, specifically Kuba is very unbalanced
So that’s why I say people aren’t complaining for no reason you know, might want to pay attention to what they’re saying.

Not really, hard but not impossible. She is the hardest nemesis to run away from since she doesn’t let you. But if she couldn’t be beaten w/o shields, adcth etc. she would’ve gotten addressed many moons ago
Many casters easily kill her

Wut? You can kite Grava, it’s almost impossible to doge blitz. I had to die many times to get the timing right. She is weaker than Grava sure, but Grava isn’t faster than her (maybe I had slow resist to outrun grava)

80% stun res, 2,9k DA, 18k health and challenger Iron Maiden hits me for 10k in a single hit with her cadence then I am toast. Grava cant really be compared because he cant stun you, you can keep running.

He can nullify you, reduce your max hp

If it’s the crucible did you check for mutators?

The first thing you write.


She uses Cadence, the most spiky skill in the game. How is her third hit not a huge one shotting damage spike?

I don’t know what to say, have you ever played a lighting caster and tried to fight her? I don’t think you should talk if you haven’t done that.

Her Blitz can be baited on by just getting out of the way the second it will hit you. I know this because Grava also has a Blitz and that’s how i avoid it too.

Several times with my PB WH he was shoulder to shoulder, keeping up with that character in speed.

She’s like fabius w/o blade barrier+longer stun. If you can beat fabius, you could beat her as well.

She will have high resistance or not is depend on her random spawn shoulder armor(which is your loot after you kill her)

I understand how you feel, but once you find the suitable caster builds and learn them. You’ll find both Maiden and Fabius isn’t too strong for casters.

Fabius doesn’t charge on top of you. In fact it is quite easy to keep him at a distance. The only reason I let him hit me is because my point and click skills need him to be visible, lol. I can beat him handily with 64% pierce resist and my skills mostly keep going and being reflected by his blade barrier. He is definitely a huge pushover.

Cadence isn’t a damage spike though, well not exactly one at least. A damage spike is actually something very unnatural and is in most cases not intended behavior
-Grava one-shoting stuff (haven’t encountered but many have claimed he melts the toughest of defenses) is an example of this
-Aleks’ Meteor does fall into this classification but that is more of a balancing issue as with him his other attacks barely tickle you but his one attack - Meteor can one shot you. This is essentially a double edged sword since he is a joke if you dodge it
-Kuba’s breath is also like that, i’d dare say anything outside Notched Maiden/Fabius can outdps his breath

Since you mentioned crucible did you check for mutators?

Tough Iron Maiden of Brutality/Cruelty is the worst.

Does Iron maiden have one shot through invulnerability the moment you lead her melee radius?

tbh this was about Kupacabra and not the other Nemesis :c