Titan Class

How about dual-wielding 2H melee class? With a nerf ofc i.e. capped attack speed, weakness to elemental damage etc?? Would love to rock two MI’s at one time!!! :D:D

In Grimarillion mod you can play 2H+shield, its the Crusader mastery, pretty cool but also broken…

I’ve always liked this concept and most games that support it usually give the character a stat or damage penalty.

The outcome is typically seen as a way to combine neat skill effects from items.

The Spellscourge + Mythical Arcanor seems like a very fun combo offhand.

No, just no. Stop trying to bring WoW playstyle into this game. 2 handed is as the description, a weapon that need to be hold with 2 hands cause it is a big and heavy weapon. So im not buying this “Titan’s Grip” crap and i will never cause it does not make sense. Crate also has a no stance for dual wielding 2h.

hey that thing Existed in Diablo 2 as well. Barbarians can single wield two-handed swords (and their dmg was nerfed)

Really, are you sure it is not modded or edited? Because im pretty sure they can’t and i know that Barbarian is the only dual wield class there. I myself didn’t even bother to try dual wield 2h back when playing D2. Anyway, my point is still correct. Both are Blizzard things and they have known for silly shits. Crate have their own idea about dual wield 2h, and i hope others could respect Crate decision.

Dual wielding two handed weapons kind of defeats the point of a two handed weapon. You are supposed to wield it with both hands., hence why it’s called a two handed weapon, not nerfed one handed weapon.

But Two-handed swords have both 1h and 2h stats in Diablo. And it makes sense from a Lore perspective that the big strong barbarian can single hand wield those (just as there were warriors in the past that could do it)

Here is one example:

because of its flat dmg bonus per level, using it as a one-handed weapon is actually more beneficial in some cases.

No Barbarians have always been able to single hand 2-handed swords (and dual-wield). Assassins can dual-wield Assassin claw weapons…

Of course “we” respect that, it was just a suggestion/question from the OP why are you guys always so defensive about suggestions?

It’s dumb in Diablo games and it’s a dumb concept to begin with. Not to mention, even with nerfed stats in this game, you can still get +4 to a mastery by dual wielding two two handers with +2 to a mastery.

This also will never happen in this game because it would require a new set of animations and those take a lot of work. I’m all for suggestions to improve or add stuff to the game, but some of them have to be thought through.

and allowing all classes to be able to dual wield is NOT dumb? :wink:

ITT, people that forget what the RP in ARPG stands for.

So… dual wield Witching Hour Pet builds? (Not fair to limit it to melee ;p)

Actually I wonder how that would be…

Aesthetically I can’t see the point of such a design. Dual wielding certain 2 handed weapons? Sure. But the ability to do so with any the items given wouldn’t look very good to me in my opinion.

It would be like Obelix trying to dual wield 2 Menhirs lol…

Were there? Can you name a single historical example?

I wanna dual wield helmets for the Crushing Fist Style.

Exactly as Norzan said above, people tend to forget that 2h weapons give massive stats boosts. These bonus are not just about flat damage, there are %damage, +skills, etc. Dual wielding 2h weapons is an awful suggestion. Ideas need to proper and reasonable, otherwise others will start suggesting to bring rockets or some shit to GD.

Why not? Nb and Inq have innate ability, others need to sacrifice an item slot to get this ability while that item give rather useless stats.

lol sacrificing, Direwolf crest is one of the best medals even if you go with S&B or 2H due to all the joozy things on it :slight_smile:

What if a char had to sacrifice something else in order to be able to single-wield them? Like the weapon strength requirement went up like crazy like you need 1600 str to single hand (and possibly dual wield it)? Or if it were a medal similar to direwolf crest, but much more crappier. Perhaps it could have negative energy and life regen and other “bad things”.

And btw, all this “doesen’t make sense, it is called two handed weapon no one has the strength to fight with them with one hand” is so funny since you guys see no problem with people raising the dead, ravens that shoots lightning, summoning meteors and ice shards raining from the sky,… :wink:

how about dual-awielding off-hands? its just a book, they are light. I can dual wield books with ease :wink:

Dual wielding two handed weapons is totally irrealistic. Anyone who ever held an actual sword can tell. :slight_smile:
What COULD be a reasonable addition would be bastard swords. Those are either used one handed or two handed. The problem would be those would need to have two different stat sets. One for one handed wielding and one for two handed wielding. Adding that they’d need to check if the second hand is free, or not…


Two-handed weapons are between 4 and 10 pounds (1.8 to 4.5kg) in weight. If you can’t hold two of those, you may need to hit the gym. They’re used with two hands not because they’re so heavy, but because they’re long enough that swinging them around is impractical unless you’re “batting” with them (like a baseball bat). Of course, anyone that’s looked at GD’s “daggers” knows that games can take a lot of liberty with size and physics.


Of course it is not about “holding” those, but about effectively fighting with two two haned swords. I did show fighting with swords for several years and several times a year. So I have first hand experience about how exhausting it can be, while training our strikes, to make the show secure for us. Still have my sword at home. :slight_smile:
Some liberty is fine, but I imagine a character swinging two anime-style-giant-size swords. Wouldn’t befit the setting of Grim Dawn, IMHO. Effectivly wielding and fighting with two “oversized” swords wouldn’t be possible. You could swing them around aimlessly, while keeping your balance, but not effectively fight with then. Coordinating a long and a short sword is hard enough.

Fun fact: Slow motion fighting is more exhausting for your arms than normal speed fighting. :wink: