Titan Quest Atlantis

New patch offers
A new area in the Titan Quest mainline
A wave based endless mode
Extended Masteries
Quality of Life Improvements
A casino merchant
Visual Upgrades

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nooooo!! this is suppose to be GD’s expansion! :furious:

see Crate really needs a third… a third!

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Well, you did suggest Grava, Zantai and the team had gone to work for THQNordic - so yeah, here’s your 3rd expansion. :wink: :smiley:

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anyway now at least I have a game to play this weekend! Lets see:

it comes at a heavy price much more expensive than ashes or fg in my place so it should be quite long?

Tartarus Endless Mode: Crucible? :rolleyes: also expanded masteries, will lets see let me buy the game first and time to dive into Atlantis! Screw Grim Dawn! :stuck_out_tongue:

THQ is weird though they just churn out this dlcs without any leaks or something!

They did say they were doing a beta test on a new patch and were looking for players to be beta testers.

this is not a patch though… curious about what skills they added (“Unlock a new tier of skills for each mastery”)

Time for Asylum to update his GrimQuest mod :wink:

*me talking to me before read this post: “stop buying games, you have games in your account that were never installed”.
me after read this post: "oh sht, here we go again".

Some are extensions to current skills, others are new ones.

Have you got info on these new skills? I don’t want to buy the DLC straight away as it will probably be fairly buggy, but would love to theorycraft on the new abilities.

I hope we don’t have to go through Ragnarok to get there though, didn’t like that DLC that much.

I do, but I’ll have to go ingame to get them so will try and do that tomorrow. Didn’t get to try any of them out yet, but I can tell you Earth has a couple of new ones, Nature has one and also an extension to the Nymph’s skill tree. Rogue an extension to Poison Bomb and a separate new skill, Warfare’s Ancestor’s an extension iirc and a separate new skill. Haven’t really looked at the others because I only had the two characters in testing.

Seems there are two new ones per mastery at level 40, only checked one char (so 2 masteries) though.

Anyone knows how I do get to the new content ? Do I have to finish Ragnarok for that ?

It’s optional - starts at Rhodes.

I bought it and will probably play it sometime before I die. Much like I’m doing with Ragnarok.

sigh! I think I am hyped. but my exams though gd patch and now this. I lost all my chars too so i may have to roll again! :eek:

sorry for the image…

skills will be posted below for those interested

Super interested on the new skills

Here are the skills description in the eyes of a fresh character!

Defense Mastery:













Quality of Life Improvements - Quick cast, easier storage and other long-awaited perks

I wonder what changes they made to storage and what the other perks are?

Also, the Casino Merchant (Spend your excess in-game money on randomly generated loot) sounds fun, but the name is stupid. In either case, I many millions in gold on my characters.

Is it weird that my eye twitches when people call them THQ? I mean, they “own” the name but… are they really?

I prefer calling them Nordic: the company that bought all bankrupted THQ properties and then after some amount of time took THQ + Nordic and then glued them together and named themselves such.

I did not know casino is invented in Greece? :undecided: