To all Builders - Big Thank You!

The forum database issue brought the fact that GD builders dont get as much credit and appreciation as i honestly think they do.

Hence on behalf of the thousands of GD players who would love to but dont have the time in their day to do all the magic you guys do to help us enjoy GD in its fullest - Thank You and know you are doing amazing things!

Dont be disheartened from whiners (myself included :wink: ) and keep it up - you are one of the things keeping GD up there in the lead in all our hearts and spare time.

note: Medea feel free to move the thread to another section if more appropriate :cool:

I would like to second this. You builders really make the game that much more enjoyable for me. I love being able to try new ideas you guys put together. The 1600+ hours in the game is largely due to to all the effort you guys put into these builds to keep things interesting. I greatly appreciate all the effort to create the builds, share them with us, and anyone willing to assist to recreate what was lost.

+upteen ???illion thank you’s to this. :slight_smile: Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated and we don’t say it often enough.

Thank you for everything

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Yes, I second that.

If it weren´t for you, I would have quit Grim Dawn a long time ago. I won´t play many of these builds but they help(ed) me to understand the mechanics for a lot of masteries and skills.

And, as I said yesterday:
It doesn´t matter what changes/nerfs are coming. You always take it as an opportunity to make things different and as great as before.

Keep up the good work!

Have to agree here as well. It weren’t for some of the theory crafters and long-time builders/players, I wouldn’t have gotten hooked onto the art and still be here. I can’t thank this community enough.

My thanks for all builders,posting diverse chars.I am really impressed by them and I learn a lot from them.If no builds were posted I was gonna stop playing a long time a go and certainly will never create profile here.

Ditto from me. If it weren’t for the amazing theorycrafting community (notable shoutout to the old af vets - jov, fluff, chthon, mad_lee, ptir, korsar, x1x1x1x2), I would not have enjoyed this game 1/2 as much as I do.

Agreed, it takes a lot of time to put a build together when you have so many pieces and layers to consider. Thank you all

I would also like to take this opportunity to specially thank those who post detailed guides for the sake of new players since those take even more time and effort.

And ofcourse you guys, yes you, the person reading this, whoever you are, for encouraging us to make more builds and guides and stuff and for being awesome in general.

And since we are thanking people, I would like to also extend it to our moderators without whom this place will be filled with spam bots and Crate for creating Grim Dawn.

Thanks for showing off what needs to be nerfed!

+1 to that. For the love of creation. Long live GD!

Agree with everything said here so far. The GD builders and theorycrafters are amazing, and thanks for everything you do for us in perpetual skulk mode. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all the build makers and theorycrafters, as a new player i would have been lost without all your knowledge that you shared on the forum

To me, half the fun about these kinda games is to figure out things together and share it on places like this.

This community kicks ass.

Sure there was some venting and frustration, but the forum is now really showing its true colors.

Keep it up people. While a thread or two might feel irreplacable, it is the community that cannot be replaced.

Bump for more appreciation towards our Core community members :slight_smile:

I agree with the OP, just want to say a Big thank you to all GD builders and especially those who post detailed levelling guides. Ditto!:smiley:

Me, too. I have very little skill when it comes to appreciating what separates a very effective build from one that is just ‘meh.’ Just reading all the varied builds has taught me more about game mechanics than hundreds of hours of play. I would never EVER have figured out devotions without you guys, let alone skills. So my heartfelt thanks.

Even if you all cheat with that $#!!% GDStash thing while I have to spend hundreds of hours searching for insert obscure amulet/ring/unfindable green substitute. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really intend to lean on you guys heavy for rebuilds after the next patch, so showering you with some unadulterated appreciation in advance.

When I started JoV and Drizzto were really big inspirations from me and I’d always copy builds from those two, especially JoV and his BWC sorc. Chthon and fluff were also really active at that time and helped a lot when it came to game mechanics and general building. Big thanks to those four! And to everyone, of course!

Hey, my account is kinda old but I really just started playing GD a lot (and became very active here) during AoM around December 2017 when I got licensed. I’m not part of the old guard :stuck_out_tongue: