Today I Stopped Playing GD

Get ready to roll your eyes and think of me as a minority. I’m nothing more than a nostalgic D2 lover with unreal expectation for GD. Discredit me! This is my first post after all.

Grim Dawn is freaking AWESOME. The music perfect, the themes are vivid, the robust stats and character development are crafted by a genious. Better than any Blizzard game; Grim Dawn is the DOS of Microsoft, the SpaceX of Rockets. Grim Dawn is the small group of motivated humans who’ve created a better product with less resources than any bloated group of competition. I’ve been hooked on this game in single player for weeks and I didn’t see any end in sight… until…

The Last few days I realized that there is no ability to have an online universe which would keep this game authentic. Hackers have and will always ruin games, and this game is no different. Items have no value, levels have no stature, and there is no special build. Just download every item and max out your levels. I wouldn’t dream of doing it, but it still kill my excitement of finding a unique items… because they’re not unique.

Hopefully this game will get enough traction to justify getting secure servers in place. And in the meantime, I’ve decided to spend my time learning about client/server gaming architecture and security. Maybe one day I’ll own the company that creates the secure environment for these much needed servers, and serve it up for free.

Thanks for reading.

Sounds more reasonable than wasting time on a computer game.
A smart move, wish you luck.

Sounds like you got your monies worth. I don’t see an issue that a game eventually wears off on you.

That said, you’ll be back!

I play a game as long as I enjoy it. MP and closed servers do at best not factor into that at all, or are even detrimental.

MP when it is the focus rather than having a good SP campain, servers because I want to be able to play when and where I like and if I want to revisit it in a few years know that I can rather than have to hope the servers are still up.

Items in game have whatever value you assign to them, whether there are closed servers or not. If you look closely, playing a game is wasted time and the items without value in either case. The only thing making it worthwhile is your perception and enjoyment.
If for that you need servers, so be it, but it does not increase the intrinsic value of the item, only the value you assign to it.

Learning about client/server certainly beats either :wink:

Played about 14oo hours, pretty evenly split pre and post release.

Not playing atm. Just stopped being fun. Maybe i played too much, but the lack of that thing we call endgame may also be a factor.

But I´ll probably be back sooner or later.

Heck 14oo hours, I definitely got my money´s worth. :undecided:

Doesn´t bother me at all.

Sorry, but secure servers aren’t going to happen with this game. The devs want it to be moddable. And Grim Dawn is a single player game with some multiplayer added on, not a dedicated multiplayer or MMO game.

Didn’t D2 have secure servers (Battlenet?) and didn’t that get hacked anyway? :confused: I’m with mamba - items in a game have whatever value you assign to them closed servers or not.

I hear what your saying and that’s fine, But i cant understand why you would let others ruin it for you by hacking the game. You say you enjoy it as a single player…Then why not just do that? I don’t understand…

Who cares that Tom, Dick, Harry, Sue, Mike and Alan hacked to perfect items and builds? The way i see it they robbed themselves of a great experience and pride of building something that works. Real pros do it by hand and time, Sure everyone says they are legit but who cares? Play the game for fun and not to prove you’re something.

Played about 14oo hours, pretty evenly split pre and post release.

Not playing atm. Just stopped being fun. Maybe i played too much, but the lack of that thing we call endgame may also be a factor.

Out of curiosity, what would you define as “end game content” in the 1400 hours you played?

I’ll also make this my first and probably only post. I was initially excited about this game until I found out it didn’t have closed servers. I asked everyone I knew from Warcraft, D3, and Path of Exile and all of them agreed that it was a complete deal breaker for them as well.

You guys can defend this game to your heart’s content, it doesn’t change the fact that a large portion of players are never going to touch this game. Which is a shame, it seems good.

Just popped in to let you know what people outside of this game feel.

Just like a large portion of players refuse to touch the games you list, for the reasons you describe. There is room in the world for different ways. If I wanted to play D3 I would play it. The same for PoE, WoW, etc. I don’t need GD to be those games. They already exist.

All those games were made with multiplayer being the central core around which they were built. GD built around single-player as the primary focus (a fact which Crate has repeatedly affirmed in many a dev post) and never once pretended to be otherwise.

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No, please don’t make this your only post. The community needs Deadmeat in it. What ever will we do without you. I get it you are upset that you can’t spend real money to make your character able to progress through the hard parts of the game. But hey I’ll send you my paypal and you can send me money and I will get you through the hard parts. That way you can still feal like you are on a closed server.

Something that would keep me going beyond killing Loghorrean on Ultimate.

Sure I could farm and make my character stronger, but why?

Please don´t say farm Nemesis bosses. +yawn+

I am sure i will play GD again … but atm … meh.

To be fair…

…Yunyun is jabbing at you, mocking your lament about “endgame” in conjunction with your 1400 hours of playtime, to highlight the particular irony of it.

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Double down on the defense, that’ll make people flock to your game. Make sure to sprinkle in uninformed attacks on people, like how the 3 games I mentioned are somehow “Pay to win.”.

It’s true for your little carved out niche here, less so when you leave the bubble. Having viable multiplayer is the norm, and not having persistent characters hosted on closed servers on an ARPG is a step backwards.

Says the person living in one bubble to the person in the next.

The humorous part of it is that you appear to think we have no awareness of the state of gaming, like you are some messiah imparting things that haven’t been known and discussed intensely on these forums for years prior to your arrival. But ok. Keep on keeping on.

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All 3 of those games have RMT which is what I hinted at. I wanted you to feel more like you were playing an always online game by offering you some RMT.

Atleast now I know you are a liar as you made a second post. Man up and follow through with your promises damn it.
Single Player Offline games exist for a reason and they are more then a niche. Always Online games exist for a reason also. Not every game needs to be always online, just like not all games need to be single player offline games.
Do your homework before buying a game and then you wouldn’t be in this situation.

So, let me see if I got this right. You’re saying that if a single person - out of the 7+ billion in this world - decides to cheat in a video game that you’re playing, everything comes crashing down, the game is meaningless, and nothing is real simply because someone else somewhere in the world decided to cheat?

Yea, I don’t buy it.

you picked a great sample audience… you could just as well say most CoD players do not care for ARPGs so all of them must suck.

There are some players for whom closed servere are important, asking them how they feel about it obviously gives you the expected answer - self fulfilling prophecy…

Just popped in to let you know what people outside of this game feel.

which is exactly what you did not, you told us what D3 players think :wink:

Quite frankly, they are not people I would listen to for advice on how to build an ARPG…

As has been said before different people want different things from their games. If closed servers are what does it for you, then sorry but GD will never be a game you can play. It’s a single player game with a multiplayer option and designed by the devs to be moddable. Online play isn’t my thing, but I don’t go hopping on game forums complaining because that particular game isn’t single player offline only.

So the question to the OP is - why did you buy the game, knowing it didn’t have closed servers, if that was so important to you? You said yourself you’ve played for weeks and thoroughly enjoyed the game so why does having closed servers suddenly become important - they weren’t a few weeks ago. I get that you probably want to change from single to multiplay, but you make out that everyone will be cheating and that’s not the case. Yes there will be people who do, but there will also be people who don’t. You just need to find these people and play with them - is it really so difficult? :confused: If you want to stay as a single player then frankly sod what anyone else is doing. It doesn’t affect you at all as a single player so why care?

I don’t think anyone is really defending the game. It’s just a simple fact that GD is different fron the games you list (I’ve played them myself).

Most of my friends that like GD won’t touch the POE and the rest. I feel the same way.

They are just different games. And if that specific large portion of gamers never touch this game… well what is success in anyway? Not necessarily numbers…