Today I Stopped Playing GD

No end game is a real bummer.

Hacked items on Bnet poof. I like how they handle Bnet, and also have open net or whatever it’s called for people with mods, etc.
I understand what the op is saying, because all my friends in school played D2 the way we played Pokemon as kids, and PVPing is crucial to these people. You can’t properly pvp if people are hacking, which Bnet successfully combats.

I understand the issue but still enjoy GD, allot of people feel grinding is useless if you can’t have a legitimate PVP. To this day nothing will compete with D2 when it comes to closed servers and PVPing, especially with Blizzard rolling out new patches.

At any rate, I still trade and PVP on GD.

Hi Stg,

In an attempt to clarify and get this post back in a positive direction:

I played D2 for a year or two and then stopped playing. Then 5 years later, a friend introduced to me this whole other side to D2 that I didn’t know existed! It was insane and exhilarating! Finding servers to spawn Uber Diablo, rushing characters to lvl80 with multi-hammerdin uber runs, and selling level 30 PVP rings by the Dozen for 5 forum gold! These insane nerds had, through this whole online economy, created another entire game within the game!

Were the Enigma’s hacked? Oh yeah. Would I have ever been able to create CRYBABICUS, my Teleporting, War Cry, Level 85 Hardcore Barb without the hacked gear? No!! And what about my Gold Find Barbarian, farming the Act 3 Counsel?!?!? Haha

I understand that all games are going to get hacked, but for some reason, the hacks in D2 actually made the game more fun! This was because although people hacked some aspects of the loot system, the core of the game was still intact… And it was still hard to get most items which didn’t require runes.

Diablo 2’s highest level of success, and cult following, can be attributed to the game having this incredible ecosystem. An ecosystem which had a multiplayer environment and trading at it’s core.

Let me sum it up by quoting the D2JSP post which, for some reason, is the exact post which ruined my appetite for playing Grim Dawn. I wish I didn’t read it,

“Why would you need a trade forum for this game when you can just download a pack and get any item you want?”

I’d put in $500 towards getting a secure server on Kickstarter if there was one up and running.

You’re spot on.

GD is amazing as a single player game, and is really fun… But it would be the best game of the decade if they could create that same ecosystem that D2 had.

I could probably assist with the infrastructure… and hardware and bandwidth are cheap these days. Maybe, like DotA using ListChecker, we can create private servers and enforce security policy with our own, highly modded software and server setup. Get some Fail2Ban and Iptables going to ban anyone who mods. Would be awesome!

And people will cheat there also, so you would have wasted 500$ as you would end up quitting because someone cheated. The Division has Servers and yet it is rampant with cheaters. When I Played KOTOR PVP was full of cheaters. Path of Exile has tons of cheaters, weather it be map hacks or rampant RMT’ing. Servers don’t stop people from cheating, people who want to cheat will server or no server. Mine as well just quit playing all Video Games.

Sorry, I don’t think you latched on to the point I was trying to make -

People will cheat, I’m with ya. But D2 prevented it enough to keep the ecosystem going. They patched the big issues, kept value in the drops, and kept the party going.

Stupid point of view. Bye bye, don’t come back.

The point that many people have tried to impart is that just because you desire to have an online game, does not mean everyone else does. Not to mention the dev’s simply don’t have the resources to pull it off.

If online is important to you, there are other games, but not every game has to have close servers just because others exist. Not everyone has the same likes, and that is ok.

I personally did not like D3’s online only requirement, and I barely played PoE because of it. At the same time, I did not expect them to change their game design because I didn’t like it.

I feel exactly the same way…

There are so many closed server style games out there that are good but the single player side is neglected. Grim Dawn is a god sent for people like me that have zero interest in trading and who do not care what other people are doing with the game.

I would also say that if they changed the ‘formula’ too much of Titan Quest they might risk losing those fans from TQ. I’ve played one MMO Elder Scrolls and while I got my moneys worth I really didn’t like the MMO system. I also played a little D2 but at different years (starting at release and then again years and years later). I didn’t like the cut throat nature so much compared to the experience I had with Sacred 1 and Sacred 2. In the Sacred online games they had closed servers but no economy so people would help others for free and that was all over the place you could get free help.

I’m just trying to help out. And to those of you who think this game needs no help, I bid you farewell.

Take care, I am not the least bit interested in closed servers, would not use them if they were available and think that literally anything is a better investment of time for Crate.

Well, I also stopped playing GD pre-release due to the same issue: no motivation in progressing the game, but I still keep checking the forums for news once in a while.

Dedicated server is not affordable with small indie developers, period. Considering the daily/monthly maintenance cost for a dedicated server & staff, where’s the income flow huh? GD is not a triple A, which sells millions of copies and does not offer micro-transaction.

The best scenario we could dream of is if GD 2 could be in development since GD is a huge success then Crate could expand their HQ, looking for more funds, investment and turns GD2 to a MMORPG like D3 and PoE.

And IMO, turning it into an MMO, would destroy it…

Hell no, that is the worst case scenario, I do not play D3 or PoE, I do not need GD to turn into one more of those things

Same for me. I’m not at all interested in MMO games. Expanding the multiplayer option if that’s what wanted by a lot of fans yes, okay, but not at the expense of losing the single player part of the game. That would kill it for me if it became an online MMO game only.

I remember when people played games for fun.

Now people want padded content (end game) and false competition (closed servers) to provide them a nice endless grind.

I don’t understand how players can blunty state that they lost interest in games like POE and D3 and yet want GD to change and be more like them.

Or for the players that like D3 and POE, insist on turning GD into another of their kind instead of just enjoying what exists.

Is it so hard to consider that Grim Dawn may have specifically be designed NOT to have your player demographic in mind? Not everything is about making money.

And for the record, I’m not saying end game couldn’t be added in. I’ve just yet to see one that was truly fun.

And once it’s like POE (or pick an MMO) the same people who wanted closed servers will come here and complain about the broken economy, droprates and all the other crap that comes with closed servers. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

No thank you.

The whine about servers gonna last forever it seems. Some individuals simply refuse to understand that different games (like music, like movies) are meant to be different to take each one’s place and it’s own audience. And probably the most part of GD’d audience isn’t interested in MMO part of Grim Dawn. So why the fuck starting that old song over and over again, just go play PoE or LineAge if you want trade until death and measure your fallos to another players’.

There must always be an active topic on the subject of the lack of dedicated servers to prevent cheating, musn’t there?

At least this one tackles the matter at hand positively instead of making ridiculous demands, and I can see OPs point even while it doesn’t affect me. What I can’t see is how others here apparently can ignore that OP mourned over the lack of an online universe to go alongside the purely client side GD, not over making GD entirely online.
Also, for some the fun lies in the competition. There’s no way a game is ever meant to be played (Despite what the old Nvidia advertisement told us), it’s entirely what you make of it.
So please, people, take a step back, a relaxing breath and consider there to be a - albeit small - playerbase with different interests that are nonetheless justified to exist alongside you. No one really is whining over the lack of servers. The statement at hand is simply: “Servers to create an online universe for those who want it would be nice.” Not “OMFG HACKERS RUIN MY GAME WHY ISN’T GD ALL ONLINE.”

The only thing I’d like to add is that an “online universe” would, while tackling the modification of game files including saves, not remove the ability of botting, memory edititing etc. I honestly can’t think of a way that efficiently discourages mediocre and difficult hacks, unless you had near infinite money to throw at developing such prevention measures and paying a team of, idk, moderators or similar.
Even if there were, heck, I’m confident with mods there might even be, such a thing as a server securely hosting save files and detecting a modification of game files for people to play on, that would sadly not automatically create an anti-hack space for those with that interest.

In the meantime, have fun with your studies. The topic at hand is quite exciting in my opinion.