Too cool to be used

So, after the MI update I went to check out the new items that were added to the base game to see if some of them were interesting enough to make new builds. Two items intrigued me in particular, the Herald daggers and the Lucius greatsword, so I quickly tried to build a guy from scratch that could put these to use, but I kinda ran into a wall.

Blaze Herald: the Aether RR on Veil of Shadow was good and the idea of a part-Nightblade build with focus on Fire/Aether damage was intriguing. So I tried to make a few Spellbreakers out of it, but the results were… not great, to say the least. Relatively poor DPS, horrible survivability and crippled resists. Thing is, I love this weapon but I just haven’t been able to make one decent char with it.

Night Herald: I had already tried to create a build focusing on Cold/Vit damage without much success outside of a Phantasmal Blade spammer once, but this weapon brought me to give this setup another try.
Even here though, despite having more coverage item-wise for my damage type, all the chars I made had unimpressive damage, poor health, or were simply far outclassed by a similar build that didn’t use this dagger.

Storm Herald: I don’t have a clue on what build I should make out of it.
It looks like it could pair up well with the Aether Storm jewels but the conversion on Doom Bolt leaves me confused as to which classes this weapon is supposed to work with.

Lucius’s Blade Arm: it looks cool, has a massive bonus to Aether damage, the procs looks great and it seems to be practically made for a Battlemage (or a Death Knight, but I don’t have AoM sniffs). I haven’t been able to really put it to use though. My Lucius builds aren’t quite terrible like the Herald ones, but they’re still very average in terms of overall strength.

Can someone tell me if there’s a build that can put any of these to good use?

You have only base game then? I dont know how much is that balanced, I think Crate is focusing their attention mainly on the game with expansions, so I’d not be surprised if those items don’t work at their best in base game, since you may need something from expansions to complement them.

Yeah, I’ve been getting this vibe that many items that do exist in the base game could be extremely powerful but only if there’s expansion gear to complement them.

I think the Lucius 2H Sword can be used in a build for Spellbinder. I am testing it atm on one of mine builds which is very similar to this one 2h Aether Spellbinder - 5:15 Crucible, SR80 from Plasmodermic, but it’s based on Patch and for an interesting and not an average performance it needs some tuning. Maybe it could be also used as a 2H Spellcaster build.

Lucious sword makes sense only for a Spellbinder, you need that Aether rr. Likewise, Blaze Herald makes sense only on a Reaper, or possibly Infiltrator. Reason: you need that Aether rr.

Trying to use these items without expansions will not be very beneficial.

I did 4:55 crucible first run with this build with blaze heralds. The greens are fantasy but the base idea is still very powerful.