Too many graveyards

Theoretically the combined size of graveyards would only grow bigger, taking more and more space on the map, eventually completely fill the whole map with it.

Maybe no one would ever played to that stage but the fact that longer the play time it is, more and more graveyard will be fielded.
In normal play through placing multiple graveyard is unavoidable, but those to-be-full graveyards will block the expand of the town at one point, even with the upcoming movable graveyard wouldn’t change the fact that more and more graveyard would appear and require player’s manual management.

Adding a way to decay the number of corpes in graveyard, and maybe different way of dispose would be nice. It doesn’t need to be fast but just enough to stop the infinite growing of the size of graveyard.


avoir un crematorium, c’est une idée original et cela règlerais le problème de la place que prend le cimetière :skull:

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You have to be kidding me. Sure, eventually the graveyards would fill the land… yet not anytime soon. You can hold 4 graves per grid. A large map is 2560 x 2560 grids, that’s 6,553,600 grids or 26,214,400 graves.

So even if you used only 0.1% of a map, that’s enough for 26,214 graves. Let me know when you get to even 10% of that number.


The focus of the thread is not about graveyard literally filling the whole map but to point out there are nothing to stop the never ending cycle.
If there would be 26000 corpse it would require 65 of 10x10 graveyard or 260 of 5x5 graveyard, surely it would be a amazing medieval landscape whom played that long were looking for all along.

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Why are you plotting to have 26000 corpses, that’s the real question!


Yes, eventually it would fill up. You know what… eventually the Earth’s surface will fill with graves too. It’s a never-ending cycle. I guess we should just stop building cemeteries before we run out of land. Maybe the parents need to be buried on top of the great-grandparents.

There is so much land that you aren’t going to use for anything else, just put graves there. I usually find a nice little mountain top to put them on. Gives them a nice view.

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