[Tool] Blank level 85 & 100 characters

You definitely should not, it is Normal/Vet to Elite to Ultimate :wink:

It dosnt work it downloads an emty file

Confirmed, get a 0 byte rar file.

How to delete this from cloud saves

can also confirm this. Also, it asks me for a password

Can someone provide a level 100 blank character?


thats quite simple and you can do it yourself.

Just use mambas softwaretool. Create a level one charakter,
quit the game, open the char editor, type in the hitpoints
for a level 99 charakter just below level 100 and read one or
two of the notes you can find in the game. You get exp from
them and boom, you level up to level 100. Takes about 5

regards Arkon

Any plans on updating this with blank lvl100 saves (and uploading to a different site?) I’ve tried several different browsers and they all ended up downloading a 0 byte compressed file.

iam interested too in blank lvl 100 char with all unlocked / all quests done / all content acessable

would be nice to see it here

Here’s a lvl 75 “blank” character file I have on my hard drive from a few years ago. Don’t remember what thread I got it from and who to give credit to, but char name is Lan Mandragoran.

I think it was made before AoM, but it has normal and elite complete quest-wise (mostly, maybe not all sidequests) and you can port to Fort Ikron to advance the story to Elite AoM and get a free legendary, or just jump into ultimate.

If you want a “fresh” lvl 75 character for ultimate, just use this.

Before you can edit the file through the various programs out there, load it into a game at least once, then exit game. All of the edit programs should work from there, including renaming, etc.

Since I don’t have 3 posts yet and I want to post my contribution I’ll do so after this post.


Here’s my contribution a level 10 and level 50 blank. Nothing done quest wise, no classes chosen, no map revealed, I believe I gave each like 99 mil iron.


Fully revealed map. Not too sure about all the secrets but the main areas are not only fully explored but also edge to edge of the entire world. Drop this in your Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save\main*_CHARACTER*\levels_world001.map and place in respective difficulty (Normal/Elite/Ultimate).

All links are either broken or the file corrupted

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They will be since the OP hasn’t been on the forum since 2016 and we’ve moved hosting platforms for the forum recently due to hacking attacks. Unless/until someone makes a new blank character it isn’t going to be possible to get one.

Thanks for the Information im kinda new to the forums

I’m not sure if you could make one yourself using GDStash which has a character editor. You’d need to ask in that thread and see what advice you can get about it.

You have to create the char in game, but once you have done that, you can change most of the interesting stuff about it.

Setting a new char to level 100 with the right amount of stat and skill points is as simple as entering the level 100, pressing return and saving the result.

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Does anyone know wich file is needed to reveal the hole map?

You need map.fow

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Here you are, Fresh lvl 100 blank: https://mega.nz/#!b5901Q5I!8WcbW-TMznKWFjY3koKsHJSGM5bJbTT8qAOBGkyY6cw

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