[Tool] DPYes - Player/pet DPS meter & Misc util

The loot filter, can it filtered items by the slots?
Like, if im playing melee build, i don’t want show any range weapon.

Is it possible somehow to see text description on the buffs and debuffs on enemies?

thank you sir for your reply :slight_smile: much apreciated that will b game changer :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not :frowning:

I’m not familiar enough with ‘normal’ Grim Dawn modding to make sense of how Crucible determines what monsters to spawn.
Does it normally exclude enemies from non-hostile factions? Or are all factions supposed to be hostile within Crucible? :person_shrugging:

It’s likely I’m doing something wrong when loading the mod databases and resources on top of Crucible.

I’m not an experienced modder but shouldn’t it be the other way around? First some mod and then Crucible?

Sorry yes, that’s indeed what I meant.
Loading some mod and then loading Crucible on top of that.

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The ‘allied’ monsters appear to be regular enemy types, just marked as friendly and immune to damage from you, not always allied spawns like town guards. Unfortunately it’s a named enemy and thus tends to cheerily survive all the regular monsters and then do laps around the arena forever. Basically the same issue as thepowerofmediocrity.

DPYes 14f adds rudimentary item type filters:


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This is what I say, but after actually looking at it again… that’s not exactly what I was doing :cold_sweat:
I got mixed up by what GI was doing and the fact that mod resources and mod databases are loaded in different orders to each other :confounded:

With DPYes 14g I’m able to actually fight Sister Thandria (one of the enemies that previously was in the wrong faction) instead of her just walking around and around!

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