[Tool] Grim Dawn Skill Calculator


some other useful links:

» go to the last post in this thread

» get a random build https://grimcalc.com/random

» Monsters https://grimcalc.com/Monsters

» about https://grimcalc.com/about

on the about page, I wrote answers for some the common questions, and a few other details that may not be intuitively obvious, you should skim over it if you use this site frequently.


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Nice, it looks pretty slick. Like you said adding additional stats would be a really cool feature. Nice Work so far.

Thank you very much for this. Looking very good so far.

Enjoy your sleep you deserve it.:wink:

Looks nice, especially with the names of the expansion classes there. I take it then you’re planning to continue this throughout the expansions too? This’ll be very helpful to plan out unusual builds. :wink:
Younghappy :slight_smile:

thanks really need something like that .

Very nice!

Great utility!!!

Awesome. Thank you.

This is atrocious!
You can’t click on most skills on the left side because of the skill description pop-up, infuriating.

I’m having no such problem. For me, the skill description pops up to the left of the class picture, well out of the way of the skills themselves. Is your monitor’s aspect ratio 4:3 or something?

Maybe you haven’t put points into the mastery?

nah, its not that.
Its that generally they are fixed to left most point of screen
so big screens like 1920x1080 should be fine while others will need to triple trick to add points.

its actually (semi)fixed on my computer.
I will fix it later today, to work in same as it did in titancalc.
I just forgot to do it before release. blame it on my add i guess
it will be fixed late today. on mobile right now
edit: should be fixed now. please check and report

Yeah nicer now :wink:

The right clicking produce the drop down menu. Though i guess you’re into it now. :slight_smile:



Now, the bonus point doesn’t automatically update the unused skill point.:smiley: Need to add/substract before having effect.

That’s mighty swell of you, Stormcaller. I’m definitely liking this utility. Great work.

Thank you Stormcaller :slight_smile:

I added GrimCalc to the title. Awesome work.

I will fix that sometime, no idea why it doesnt work as of now really, it was just a simple thing that you dont even check if it works and automatically assume it does.
thx for pointing that out.

ty, I changed name once again to GrimCalc 0.3, but it does not seem to take effect, no idea if it is because a moderator has edited my message(it didnt even say at the end of message that “person x has edited this at y” so I guess it kinda locks thread in limbo ?
can you gimme my control back ? :smiley:

also upgraded a few stuff, fixed a few tiny bugs, changed style mildly, I will actually post a changelog when its good enough.

You’ve got two Blade Swarms listed for Nightblade. The last active skill at the top of the tree should read Blade Spirit, not Blade Swarm.