[Tool] Grim Internals

The size of the configurator window is 960 x 768 pixel by default. Changing the configurator scale factor to 2.0 (200%) resizes the window to 1920 x 1536 pixel (this is more than your native TV resolution (1440p) can handle anyways).
The problem is probably that your TV upscales the video signal, because your Gfx-Card / Grim Dawn screen resolution is set to 3840 x 2160.
The upscaling could lead to a smaller GI Configurator window and probably to a somehow blurry (lower) picture quality.

But I’m not a TV expert, so my assumption could be wrong!

Anyway, I’ll set the maximum value for the Configurator scale factor to 3.0 in the next patch.

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Sounds good, thanks.

But my TV is actually 4k (3840x2160, Desktop) its the game that im running in 1440p. So anything not run in-hame is using my TVs desktop resolution, 4k.


Thanks, this worked, I just got a 4K monitor and maxing out game resolution in borderless fixed issue.

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I cant max it to 4k, everything is super small, cant read it. lol. So i have to play in 1440p.

I just discovered this today, and it’s soooo damn awesome! I love all the stuff it adds to the game.

But I’m confused about how the DPS meter works. It seems to reset your rolling average DPS way too often. Like more than once a second. Why is it doing that?

It’s nearly impossible to determine the real DPS that my Blademaster is doing to the target dummy, because the DPS counter keeps dropping to 0 after every couple of attacks.

Have I configured it wrong or something?

I admit that the DPS meter needs a complete overhaul, but I don’t play
Grim Dawn anymore and so the further development of GI has come
to an end.

I will update (if necessary) GI so it will work with the latest Grim Dawn hotfixes/patches
till (at least) GD v1.1.9.0, but that’s it.


Totalllllly fair :+1:

But PLEASE keep us “functional” Glocken! :slight_smile::heart:

Is the source code available anywhere? I’m a professional developer, so I might be able to take up the mantle of maintenance, at least, if not necessarily new features.

No, GlockenGerda has said she won’t make it open source.

Awww, that’s unfortunate. I wonder why?

She’s pretty clear on the subject.

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Imagine GI were open source… it would be easy for someone to add a function that auto loots
(even if the loot is instanced) all items on the ground in Multiplayer mode, just to annoy other players.
The forum would be filled with bug reports from users who joined accidently a ‘modified’ multiplayer game session.

Ok, this was just a dumb example, but I don’t want that GI becomes the base tool for any cheaters out
there; after all, with GI you have access to almost all Grim Dawn game mechanics.

So, please don’t start a discussion about GI should be open source or not… Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s not a dumb example at all. It used to happen back in the Diablo2 online games. People had all sorts of tools and bots and whatnot just to make life dumb for everyone.

I for one have no issue with Glocken’s stance or view, as I’ve been on this rock for a while and know how dark and dangerous the internet can be.

Works for me. I figured it was probably something to do with multiplayer, which I never play, so I wasn’t sure what.

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GG doesn’t want her powerful code to be used by villains.


I will agree.An good example is when i use to play one online game.The guy made a new server he bought code from another dev.The other dev logged in and deleted the database.I personally don’t trust anyone.So if it was me i wouldn’t make it open source
PS:It’s a good tool though i only started using it now but i do love it :grin:

New mini patch is out… Here we go again :smiley:


Yup, looking forward to the GI update!

Why is my first reaction that I broke it myself? Thankfully the error points you directly to the version, which I did not notice updated. Thanks be to accurate error reports.

Grim Internals (x64) v1.98b for GD Patch v1.1.8.1 Hotfix 1
Download-Link (MEGA)
Download-Link (Google Drive)


  • increased the maximum scaleFactor for the Configurator window from 2.0 to 3.0

Known issues:

  • Steam Cloud Save is not functioning properly when you launch Grim Internals!
    To prevent possible data loss, disable Cloud Saving (both Steam and In-Game)!

just created my account to say you’re a godsend updating this so quick, thank you very much <3

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