[Tool] Grim Internals

Because GlockenGerda decided she didn’t want it to loot more than that. I believe it can still auto pickup iron, components and materials too even though the devs subsequently include those in the game. Iirc GI has a slightly wider pick up range for those; that’s the only difference.

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So using the additional launch parameters of “/Mod:dom” I’m trying to load into the dom crucible. However, whenever I hit start on crucible mode - the game returns to the main menu. And if I then go to regular crucible in standard GD, I see the name of the character I was trying to enter crucible in - as a blank (unable to be chosen or deleted) character slot.

I’m not really sure what to make of it. Does crucible mode just not work? Or did I screw up somehow? I can play the modded game itself fine. But crucible itself just throws me at the main menu every time.

That looks like your char isn’t a DoM char rather than a main campaign char.
Did you create a new character while the DoM mod was active/selected in the main menu
or did you use an existing DoM character?

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I’ll quote myself.

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Edit: Fixed it. I was a blind dummy and left ‘cloud save’ enabled in the game-menu without noticing. I thought just disabling it on steam was enough. Sorry about that!

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Thanks for pointing that out!
In the next GI version I will add a security check so that the Crucible mode for custom mods
cannot be played if Cloud Save is enabled in the game options to avoid problems like you had.

Just a thought but you could also just add a check that scans their options.txt to see if it is enabled for GrimInternals in general and have it pop-up an error message and simply not start instead.

Per se a good idea, but I don’t want to generally prohibit the use of GI when Cloud Save is enabled
(it could goes well as long as no external tools were used to modifiy the savegame or stash files and
Steam doesn’t need to sync/upload the modified files to the cloud).

Some GI users may have Cloud Save enabled anyways despite the warning to turn it off and then
they would complain that they have to disable cloud save to use GI.

So only the “Crucible Mode for custom mods” should be disabled to avoid the known issue when
Cloud Save is used .

Not all chaos damage being converted with dagallon helm according to Grim Internals?

So I am play testing a 2H purifier. It has points in all firestrike related skills including brimstone, which provides some chaos damage.
I am wearing dagallons helm, which has 2 skill conversions:

  • 50% of chaos damage converted to lightning damage to fire strike
  • 50% of chaos damage converted to fire damage to fire strike

When I check the character screen 2nd tab fire strike damage, it lists no chaos damage when I wear the helm, which is what I expect since 100% of it has been converted to other damage types. And taking off the helm will show chaos damage for fire strike.
But when I play with Grim Internals, the DPS meter with damage breakdown registers chaos damage when I attack with fire strike while wearing the helm. Is this a bug in Grim Internals? Or is the chaos damage from brimstone not being considered by Grim Dawn as belonging to fire strike?

I’ll be honest with ya Glock, but everytime I see someone use GI with cloud enabled (missing reading the warning), it goes kinda like this…

That’s kinda sad that his stash is gone; but he gave little to none information
that helped for nailing down the problem; like: was Cloud Saving enabled or not
at that time, or did he uses other tools to manipulate the stash?
A few people may think they have lost their stash or save files because they switched
Cloud Save off, but forgot to copy over their save files to GD’s default save location.

Would be interesting to know how many GI user left Cloud Saves enabled when using the tool…

Btw: Grim Internals exists since about 4 years or so and it’s lifetime is coming to an end with
the next patch.
Most of the important features have made it into the game; so… Mission accomplished, I would say! :slight_smile:

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Do you confuse GI with Grim Tools?

Yea he was sparse on saying for sure anything much further but I feel certain an issue like that would be because of cloud-saving foolishness. And yea, I don’t truly believe the file is actually gone either.

Now, before you set the internet on fire with that statement… I take it to mean development of any new features right? Hopefully if they release any more patches you’ll update GI to work with it :smile:

And don’t forget, new Misadventure coming later today here :wink:

:slight_smile: No, I don’t think this will be the case…

I’m thinking of stopping completely.
I’ve hardly played Grim Dawn for over a year, so it makes little to no sense for me to develop/maintain a tool that I don’t use myself.

Pretty sure many people would not update Grim Dawn just to use GI.
If it happens we will need to inform more players (on Reddit for example) how to prevent Steam from updating Grim Dawn / to not update if using GoG so that they have a choice of still using Grim Internals.

Come one, especially some later patches, if they only contain some number tweaks vs Grim Internals
I think it’s a pretty tough choice.

Hurts reading that tbh but i understand when you have to stop working on something then you gotta stop.
No matter what tho Glocky we all appreciated youtr hard work and ongoing support you pour into this.
I remember this tool started as a simple a app to just see the cc effectgs on your character etc and look where you took it! EVEN the devs loved the idea of healthbars etc and added many of the QoL things you created in the game
Cant thank you enough

@tqFan if i recall in the Q&A post i have the guide how to do that

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I think it’s worth mentioning that even one more update from Crate past 1.9 kills Grim Internals in this case… except for people willing to go to random russian forums to download hacked versions of her tool.

Just going to toss that tidbit out there.

Hacked GI versions only removes the file size verification, afaik.
If a new version of Grim Dawn changes, for example, some of the data structures that were used by
GI too, removing the file size check will not help getting a working GI version. GI would just crash or
produce strange behaviors.

Anyway, let’s not talk about things that haven’t happened yet, please!

@Darkstalix You’re alive! I’ve missed you… :blush: :heart:



When you walk away from this tool, will the source code be available on GitHub or somewhere for others to continue the work?

Not confusing Grim Internals with Grim Tools. I am using Grim Internals damage breakdown DPS meter to check damage conversion. Your tool registers chaos damage when I use fire strike with brimstone, yet I am wearing Dagallon helm which supposed to convert 100% of the chaos damage. If I change attack from fire strike to normal attack, there is no chaos damage registered, so that elimates any flat chaos from my gear.
So I am thinking either your tool is misreporting the chaos damage, or the conversion on the helm is not working as expected. I thought I would check with you first if you have any insights. If you need I can post a video snippet of what I have seen, just let me know EDIT next post contains a video link)