[Tool] Grim Internals

Same as others mentioned. The auto pickup. The teleport system. I love the fact it saves the teleports between your chars so you can skip areas you dont like & go to the ones you do.
The speed but from what I understand that speeds up the whole game. Most that use speed would prefer if it was just running speed. A way possible to make it not be a cheat if after u first run through the game maybe an option to speed things up? When you start a new char (just a few) its slow going.
The fog for better visibility. I locked at noon for visibility outside. More visibility stuff for the visually impaired would be nice. (Especially the void). I use both the thin GD bars for the trash mobs & GI bars for the bosses etc. So a way to choose which bars you want.
Im not into the stat stuff but when I do look its usually to see if my pets are using a certain type of dam etc. It seems peeps love their stats so perhaps in option menu a way to turn on or off more type of stats.


that would literally, massively impact game balance/fights tho
“just dialing up run/movement speed” by 3x would make it way easier to escape dmg, effects and attacks, specially since enemies are largely cooldown attack based
gi scaling total game speed means enemies attacks, their effects and animations, and more importantly cooldowns are also scaled with, so the danger element somewhat gets maintained

Hmm now i think about things if they are really going to be adding such ql stuff after all this time. Alot of peeps would love a proper mod maker/manager that could update mods etc. I know that would be work. In fact I know Im not the only one that would throw a few bucks at them just for this.

That is something entirely different though and nothing to do with what GI provides. Please keep to the topic.

Haha there is no way we’re adding an obvious cheat like teleports to the game.


Accurate dps representations/measurements.
Redone buff/debuff display.

If you change/update health bars please leave the legacy ones in. I prefer the slim look GD currently has for them.


one more thing, not the most important but still nice to have: stackable for more than 100 healing/energy potions. it’s way better to have then all stacked in one cell rather than in 10 if you have a lot.


lol spoilsport. Yea understand that. One thing Glocka said wasnt going to do was have autopickup on blues & higher. Might consider adding that if you do go with better autopickup.

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  1. An option in the settings to toggle in-game fog.
  2. GI’s version of enemy’s health bar with mob’s name above it. The one that makes the health bar over the enemy the second you see him.
  3. Ability to set/lock the time of the day.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Also, being able to set time-of-day PLEASE.

I think I keep mine set to 11AM for maximum visibility while still having some decent sun-based shadows etc.

GrimCam compatibility, debuff icons on enemies and the damage breakdown stats, especially for pets. Imo the HP bars are fine, the GI ones are way too big.

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I will mention the most important, gamebreaking thing for me. But i’m not sure if it’s even possible to address it and how many people at this day experience it.

Vanilla GD is extremely laggy to me. Constant FPS drops and frame tearing. It’s unplayable. I have no idea what Gerda changed in the code (and neither do they), but with GI the game for me runs miles better.

And you guessed it right, it has nothing to do with my spec. I’m currently playing D4 at high settings with no lag at all.

I have mobile CPU i7-9750h, 6 cores, 2.6 ghz up to 4.5 with turbo. Some people reported problems with mobile CPUs over the years and there were some solutions presented but nothing worked for me.

realizing, maybe the “being able to play crucible for custom game/modded chars” might be a significant feature to some ? :thinking:

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open source it =)

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Only Glocken has the source code and she’s vehemently against open sourcing it because that would then allow it to be used with pirated copies of the game.

Nothing short of dissecting what she did step by step with you would probably figure that out. I don’t know what she could have possibly done.

Well D4 was aggressively optimized to run on a peeled potato, so that does not surprise me.


I’m just comparing GD performance to the modern game in the same genre. Can also compare it to PoE, another aRPG with an old and updated engine (and a million calculations in each frame), that also runs much better for me. Most other AAA releases also run well on my spec.

Whatever that is, it is absolutely and unequivocally on the GD engine side not being able to utilize the capacity of few select types of CPU.

Zantai, here’s an idea:

For those of us that want to continue using Grim Internals, could you perhaps add as a “Beta Branch” option on Steam?

Thanks as always

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you can just move your 9.7 install to a different location and not let steam know about it - i tested this yday and it works totally fine (i have both 9.8 beta installed and 9.7 installation that i ripped out and moved elsewhere so it’s not the path steam is pointing to)
*does mean i have to launch my 9.7 manually tho but i can just use the “add non stem game” for the GI version in the 9.7 folder to steam client and launch it from there as usual
likewise for GoG, just download the 9.7 installer and keep them separate (and don’t set auto updates in Galaxy ofc)

giving an option to STILL run GrimCam or have that option even ingame, to freely rotate the cam up and down with additional zoomin and zoomout and to further increase the fov on top, that would be really amazing :slight_smile:

really the worst thing about not having this tool up, at least for me for modding the game, just noticed, is to not have a log to see the errors in the log anymore, damn this is a biggi :smiley: any way to get this back without Grim Internals?