[Tool] Grim Internals

  • Just finished uninstalling my GoG v1.1.9.7 & installed + all my mods etc.

I then proceeded to copy over the new GrimInternals DLL file provided by tqFan andddddd


BRAVO GENTLEMAN! WOW… tips hat in gratitude

oh nice so we got a way to still use it? anyone can give me the instructions so i could put them to the Q&A just in case?

See from here on down the thread.

Also the other fix of swapping the .exe from to is posted in the OP since I edited it to put that there the other day.



  1. Download the existing GI 1.1.07 & install as normal
  2. Overwrite the GrimInternalsDll64.dll with the new version “created” by tqFan in the posted link above
  • Perhaps since Glocken is no longer around and you are now the resident “GI expert”, you could simply repackage the current Grim Internals link to include the updated DLL??

Thank you both

Well i keep trying to edit the Q&A post and no matter what i do 2 days now i keep getting a 500 Internal Server Error.

Even changing a single digit does this :confused:

@Zantai any chance my post is bugged? I know it may have passed the limit but still even if i delete lines i keep getting the error

A function was moved 6 (0x73 - 0x6d = 6) places higher in the code that GI depends on. It could still find the location of starting position of the function list, but the offset 0x73 (115 as decimal) pointed to the wrong function, causing havoc and crashing the program.

Whether future game changes are as easy to fix depends on which changes are made to the code and if GrimInternals can still find it, so it’s better to hope for Crate adding the features we want natively.


Also i think i Zantai said that 1.2 most likely will break GI compatibility completely
As far as i read many GI features are coming to retail maybe the DPS meter might be missed if ppl still use it

What he said

Hopefully they add healing mana pots cooldowns too

Also Medea you have any idea why am i getting 500 Internal Server Error when i try to edit the Q&A?

Sorry, no I don’t Darkstalix. I don’t understand how Discourse works.

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sometimes when I get an internal error the beginner compendium gets updated anyway
I mean when it’s not the limit error

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its weird cause im trying now like 2-3 days and i cant update the post

Just checked your post “-”
From what i see it didnt copy some big font sizes i had.
I ll try to do some edits on them just in case

Thanks a lot

It’s not about the sizes I think, after editing them (from [size="4"] to [size=140] for now) it still didn’t work but it did after I removed some lines at the end.

I changed all [color="somecolor"] to [color=somecolor] but it still too long so I’m thinking of some other trick of shortening it without trimming content.

thanks for your time ill keep digging :confused:

I’ll change all [b] to ** this will save some characters

how did griminternals achieve auto picking rare items?thx

Ok it seems it’s rather the number of lines because my shortening tricks don’t seem to matter yet deleting 25 lines from the end works so you can just do the following:

  • move part of your Q&A to your previous message - the one before the Q&A where you answer some question

  • ask a mod to change the link so that it links to one message earlier in the thread

  • you’ll also need to edit [size] tags because the current ones make the text too small

    • I use tags like [size=110], [size=140]…
  • also a solution preferred by Zantai who gave me another post for beginner compendium instead of increasing the limit

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Followed the workaround to the best of my understanding. Still crashes on load.

then you did not follow either of the instructions correct
the 9.7 exe trick (which is redundant now) works when done right
the 9.8dll works when put in the right place while having a 9.8 exe (i’ve not tried it with the 9.7 so no idea if that would crash it)

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good lord , it took my like 3 hours to “fix” the post :confused: going back and forth
something definitely changed tho cause the editor doesnt even have the color editor
Zantai’s fault i guess <__<

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