Grim Misadventure #176 - So the New Thing

ARPG community’s a bit active of late, isn’t it? Many new faces are joining us, and some old ones are coming back from retirement. We’re happy to have you. Somehow it feels like Grim Dawn’s best years are still ahead of it!

There are rumors abound of a v1.2 coming…of MOAR? It’s all tantalizingly close, but we are not ready to go into full detail just yet. But…let us dust off the ol’ tome for a moment with a little misadventure to hold you over.

Grim Dawn version v1.2.0 is going to be entering the public playtest later this Summer with an expected release in the late Summer/early Fall. This update is, to put it mildly…a big one. We have gone through literally hundreds if not thousands of data entries to bring you quality of life improvements and breathe some fresh air into the game.

V1.2.0 will deliver upon our promise to implement some of the outdated Grim Internals utility.

These are the features we are planning to implement:

  • Option to disable Day-Night Cycle
  • Option to disable Fog
  • Option to display Cooldown Counters on the quickbar
  • Auto-Pick Up Radius can now be increased
  • New visual alerts for Legendaries, Monster Infrequents, Double Rares, and Double Rare Monster Infrequents. In addition, Monster Infrequents will be marked by an icon to separate them from standard Rare items.
  • New options for monster health bars, including thicker visuals and option to display % values and active debuffs

In addition, we plan on improving certain boss runs in the future, though not in v1.2.0. This will come in the form of better shortcuts, but also making the boss runs themselves more lucrative and enjoyable. Teleporting directly to a boss room is basically a cheat, and while some players are content with cheating in this manner (it’s a game, have fun, you do you), we think it’s better to make things more fun in general.

One such change we are planning to make is with drop rates. Getting a good Monster Infrequent roll is already a lot of RNG. There is no need to also have your boss attempts cheat you out of a chance of getting that roll in the first place. As such, all Bosses will have a 100% chance to drop their (non-legendary) Monster Infrequents.

Which brings us to the other half of this update. In addition to the usual round of balancing and bug fixes, we are planning MOAR. Here is but a taste:

  • You will be able to play the entirety of the game up to the level cap on the difficulty that’s enjoyable to you. To support this, level scaling will be updated on Normal and Elite difficulty. Many areas on Normal will scale up to level 100. Elite difficulty will scale up to level 100 in all areas. Loot quality and experience gains will remain higher on higher difficulties, as before, but if playing up to level 100 on a more relaxed difficulty is for you, then we feel there is no reason to stop you. Have fun!
  • Toggled buff effects will be automatically toggled on and no longer need to be on the skill bar. Toggled skills with energy costs will have those costs removed. Anyone that has 2 exclusive skills learned on their character for some reason will want to pick one though, or the game will choose for you.
  • To top it off, you will be able to disable visuals for toggled buffs in the game options to improve visual clarity on your character and to show off all that gear.
  • The Nullification mechanic (ex. Arcane heroes) will be overhauled. It will purge all temporary buffs and Disable toggled buffs for 2 seconds. No more fumbling through your skill bars to turn auras back on.
  • For the modders out there, the console will log lua errors in custom games. We are also looking into enable certain debug commands for you, such as the debug cursor for locating game coordinates.
  • Pets will default to an Aggressive stance rather than the Normal stance. This setting can still be toggled on a pet by pet basis as desired.
  • You will be able to select your desired Main Menu theme in the game options.
  • MOAR

As for what is beyond v1.2.0…now I am not saying there might be something more in the future…but maybe I am saying there is something more in the future…


Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Stay tuned for the next Grim Misadventure :wink:




The Nullification mechanic (ex. Arcane heroes) will be overhauled. It will purge all temporary buffs and Disable toggled buffs for 2 seconds. No more fumbling through your skill bars to turn auras back on

At lass a new superboss and this, full of wonders.


Whaaa? New misadventures? instead of Quality of life for farming legit? What year is this?



Hey as long as we’re adding GI stuff, I don’t know if GI ever had this feature but how about adding a way to ‘sim’ multiplayer difficulty in singleplayer, D2 style?

That could spice up campaign a bit.


Also not sure if this is already planned, but it would be nice to have an ingame damage calculator like Grim Internals provides.


Does that mean if you remove your component buffs by accidentally switching your weapon, all you need to do is weapon swap back to get the toggled buffs again? Would you be able to have two sets of weapons, one with DPS toggles like Enchanted Flint and the other survivability toggles and have them rotate seamlessly by switching your weapons?

'Cause that’d be pretty cool.


Very nice Z - many of the additions you listed are fantastic and are more than welcome. :sunglasses:

Keep up the great work and thank you for the continued support of this fine game!



Is this done on a individual buff basis or an all or nothing type toggle? I’m not sure about others, but I would prefer toggling off certain buff effects that clash with the character look versus losing all buffs… :thinking:

hiiiiiii. You killed my (normal, empowered, and mythical) Will of Fate*. Prepare to die**! :smiley:

*you also made the mythical one at my request for which you have my eternal thanks.
** …inside a little as you watch me masochistically throw myself at the game with that gun.

How would it work with someone like Thalonis, Bolvar and Zaria who also drop from from their faction list? (Repeater, vestments) Would they get a separate 100% to drop their special boss loot?

This feels like a mixed bag, but even then it’s a cool as OFF mixed bag. On one hand it helps with my oddballs whenever I decide to play it, on the other it’s probably going to tighten the window of opportunity for some content to some builds for the early (<55) levels, since they can’t expect to outscale certain content.

Normal and Elite also have reduced faction point rewards for bounties, for what it’s worth.

Easier nemesis farming on the other hand (talking about the reasonable to farm nemeses) is pretty cool. I also wonder how it affects MI legendaries / MI blues from roguelike dungeons, like Alkamos and Shar’zul. Would you be okay with us farming them on elite?

  • Alkamos, Gargabol and Morgoneth can’t drop purples on normal, but can in elite and ultimate since the latter share the same monster entry and only normal is different.
  • Aldritch and Shar’Zul can drop their purples in normal too (in theory)

I was about to ask for this, or to let us save our preferred pet stance, although there is probably no middle ground between the situational passive healing birb and full on aggressive pet setup.




What is Moar? 8 year old veteran of the game and took some time off, but with this I’ll be back! Long Live Crate!


you started those rumours ! :rofl:


This is extremely exciting!

Are there any plans on expanding the loot filters with more options / implementing an option for the Rainbow Filter mod in game?

Also, as someone else here mentioned, implementing the damage calculator from GI (or something similar) would be extremely helpful - I relied on it entirely to help with creating my own builds and understanding when I had achieved total damage conversion to one element type!



This is soooo amazing!
THAT late in the game, delivering THAT kind of quality to this game, just like that, no monetary profit!
Crate, sometimes just a few individuals encourage my faith in humanity, but you are surely one of them!

GrimCam is not in your list though. Won`t something similar be included in 1.2?
Whereas your Screenshots look kinda non-vanilla camera angle… ??


You talking about Grava? Because he’s gonna LOVE this:



I liked the animals on the main screen in GrimInternals the best, so it would be great if you could reproduce them. (Not animals, but Gazer Man or Devouring stuffed animals would be perfectly fine! :yum:)


You’re amazing guys…


I always wondered you how you decide which weapons to rebalance when I see changes like when you change the cold% damage of a weapon to 20% from 25%. lol like how you decide that 5% was too much on some random weapon.

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