[Tool] Grim Internals

If not, I’ll have to do without Griminternals. I only have one mod above. Grimtex, nice colors

if/when you update to new grim dawn patches, 1.2 and in the future expansion, then GI would likely not work anyway, so would probably have been temporary enjoyment at best

i think so,…

So instead of updating the mod you want me to do some workaround that leads to “some updates” not working when playing Grim Dawn?

Well I hope someone else tkaes over the project or whatever. I kinda liked this mod. But this a bit of no-go. Just update your mod for the new version.

someone clearly didn’t read “all” the posts…

Since the creator is no longer around and she’s the only one with the source code it simply isn’t happening. This is why Crate are adding some of GI’s features to the game proper. If you want any features that they’re not adding then yes, you’ll have to use the workaround for the moment or make a new GI yourself since v1.2 probably breaks the current one completely.

And why should or would I lol? That’s what the OP is for.

That sounds promising for sure.

because if you bothered to actually read some of the more recent posts you’d have understood why the OP looked like it did, that it was a moderator edit, that the OP/author of the tool is MIA, etc etc
“all the info was in the thread”, having read it would have made you look less like a sillygoose talking out the butt…


Keep it civil folks.

As weird as this sounds, I cannot live without a DPS in/out meter.

Knowing where all your damage output is coming and for how much it’s hitting etc, AND knowing what kind of damage type is contantly killing/hurting you is detrimental for me to enjoy the game to it’s absolute best way.

I’m sure the mod creator will get right on it as soon as you send her a check.


I think that term is the exact opposite of what you were trying to say :sweat_smile:

In any case, someone else made a DPS meter, you might wanna check it out

haven’t tried it yet, dunno if it works with the v1.2 playtest but it should work with v1.1.9.8

edit: doesn’t work with v1.2

Are you getting payed for being a smug ass on the forums at least then?



The troll of the week contest is starting strong


Have to put a non-content LOL here, sry. This one made my day :rofl:

Man I thought there’s a new version after seeing 76 new comments :joy:

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Grim Damage* also had this eons ago, but as a separate UI outside of GD.
May or may not still be compatible. Certainly not compatible with x64 though.

*) Disclaimer: I’m the author

The inherent problem with a mod like Grim Internals, is that it requires constant updates by the developer, as internal changes will constantly break things.
(Which you well know Crate does not help with)

This creates a massive strain on the developer, several order of magnitudes greater than that of say GD Stash, which only have to rely on the file format.

I’m amazed she kept it going as long as she did.

(The point of the post, while i know yours was sarcastic, is that a single check is naught. The only way for this to be sustainable would be a subscription service)