[Tool] Grim Internals

ignore the date, version is actually important-
aaand about date:
see release date :

maybe you got yours from nexus mods or another source?

nah, always downloaded straight from Gerda’s post, which is why it was curious, since that is the last post she made/the last version of GI was uploaded in august and not november

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from here this site

GrimInternals (x64) v1.107 Beta

its a filesystem thing, if you e.g. change date for file, its also reflected in the details tab as last changed

looks like the wrong one

use THIS


(the google one doesnt work anymore)

yes, youre using wrong GI version most likely. youre using BETA
look what the beta did wrong:


GG made a mess with naming though. the files from mega should contain the right version
guess problem solved?

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i have loadet the latest from you,from mega with new dll.
the same not found grim dawn

could you please screenshot your game folders

i feel like there is “stuff” missing there, tho that could be from the specific file sorting chosen i guess ?
looks like GI wise it’s in the right place, which means i’m guessing either it’s the wrong dll, or wrong game version

wonder why your grim dawn exe in gd folder is name Grim Dawn and not Grim Dawn32 …
did you copy the 64 bit exe from x64 folder?


i have sort typ

this is normal, it’s not actualyl called grim dawn 32

it is, hence my screenshot (but i have the 32 bit version installed too, for mod reasons, mb thats why)

the default exe is 32, it’s just not named 32

I don’t know why it doesn’t work, thank you in any case for the help

@carlo22 try with these from my installation (gI exe and dll)
GrimInternals_for_latest_Gog.zip (732.6 KB)
(extract into grim dawn folder) and try

it is when you install the 32 bit version too, - man , i showed my screeshot right? - i didnt manually rename it :wink:

ye, but my point is
his exe is normal named/in the right place because it’s “vanilla”
and you don’t have to install a 32bit version manually/separately, because the default exe is 32 still