Toon recommendation

Hi guys,

After a break I am back.

Following your advice I have had great success and enjoyment with Warlord (forcewave) and Druid (primal strike)!

Could you please recommend a toon with similar dmg output and survivability, NOT using shaman PS or soldier FW as main attack?

would be ideal if using any other mastery as main then soldier or shaman!


You could give Paladin (Oathkeeper+Inquisitor) a try. This beginner build guide [] Fire Shield Throw Paladin from scratch - build journal and guide by @Ulvar1 is well made.

For end game, you could stick to shield throw style, go for an aura build or (here’s the self advertising) go for a tanky aether gun+shield route [] Aether Rutnick Blaster Paladin - Ravager, Mogdrogen, SR 80, Crucible 170 or a very tanky melee shield build [] Siegebreaker Paladin: All Celestials, SR 95, Crucible 170ex (vid).

ok, ty for the suggestion!

will check it out now!