Top 5 most wanted!

Here (2:10 - 6:20 approx) is my top 5 wishlist additions/changes I would like to see!

Sorry it’s in video format, but after putting it together, I didn’t feel like putting a written version together as well :grimacing::joy::man_shrugging:

I love your suggestions! Mine feel so trivial but as the person who really feels at home in balancing tradeoffs and love getting games that feel true to the time period, I have my top five below:

1- Armory for villagers–as of right now, my biggest hurdle in game learning is the raiding attacks where I can’t afford to keep a full garrison, but I have extra weapons/armors that just sit there since villagers don’t grab them and fight back. I think the attack system is great and adds a lot, but individually selecting people to attack/the rally flags from the garrison that are useful when the raiders move fast can be improved. An armory with an auto-attack mode would be better I think and make me feel less helpless as the raids are getting to 90+ raiders and more.
2- Churches and religious life were the center of the life back then, with them often being the primary landlords and landholders of the time. I’m not religious myself, and my guess is that in order to not have the game feel so euro-centric they have scrapped the idea, but maybe there is a way to have a ck3-esk system with chosen religions and beliefs that influence certain outputs and behaviors of your settlers and townsfolk based on cultural/religious values. I’m thinking if you have a culture/religion that is herding based, the desirability of being next to barns doesn’t have the same effect as normal, etc.)
Having this incorporated could also allow for a longer game-play with higher education levels/university town specialization for income.
3- More livestock varieties with traditional poultry varieties like goose, chickens, etc. and definitely sheep and wool producing livestock so we can have coats not just made from pelts and woolen clothing option when you are out of stored flax for the weavers. (I’d have fun with the tradeoffs of which type of animal to stock for the terrain, space, outputs, breeding rate, etc.)
4-Better fruit and veg preservation I mentioned this on the glass thread, but people used pottery to preserve food long before glass was widely available. It doesn’t make sense that we can’t use the pottery for storage of food in the earlier game. I think if should have a higher spoilage rate than glassware. See my other thread for balancing this aspect so far. Secondly, salt mines for pickling.
5-Like FrontierBuilder Suggested, better decor options and road type affecting desirability (I think cobblestone streets should add a desirability bonus). Having more decor and having the option to be a touch less stuck to the grid would be great. I try very hard to not build in a grid-fashion since that’s horribly historically inaccurate to the way cities were built organically back in the day.

At least at this very second this is what I’d wish for in more recent updates and leading to a full-game release! Love the game overall of course though.
love bosco

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Those are great suggestions too! (Although I think future livestock and religious systems were mentioned in the dev log) my trimmed version here >

Thanks! Yeah I’m not sure if it was clear enough in my suggestions, but one of the reasons behind the desire for, (a lot), more decorative assets, is at the moment if you take your settlement to Tier 4, you’re likely to have used every available asset, multiple times.

Be really cool for there to be so many decorative variants, that each settlement you build feels a little more unique to the last, using different combinations of themes and styles etc.

Still really pleased with the frequency and content of the updates so far though!

Excited to see where the devs take the game :partying_face:

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OOO I video stream–lovely. Yeah I just read the updates from last Monday too, and also traversed the apparently infamous “Where is the Church?” thread.

I had no idea people were getting so intense about it (big yikes on that one), and boy I feel like I accidently stepped on a landmine. I’m also fine with it being a really late addition. Much like the game, being a developer is just trying to manage your limited resources and do the most pressing fixes and developing additions can be fit in as you find time. I own and run my own business and understand all the amazing presses on your time, and honestly I’d rather see a really well thought out addition in a year or 2 than a random building that increases desirability and entertainment like the dev said in the thread.

I think I was trying to say the same thing about the decor, that we just need a few more options so it doesn’t look too repetitive going into the “end-game” (which I mean so sad our little towns have built-in end games). I just put it with the other thought that at least in my early access game, the better roads and prettier fencing doesn’t add desirability which just seems counterintuitive.

Overall, if the developers were magicians and could grant me one wish, it would be that pottery could be used as a less efficient form of preservation than the glass.

After reading that church thread though I’m surprised they didn’t implode. Developers, if no has told you I love you today, let me be the one to say it! The game is so fun and so worth the time.

I think it’s a safe bet, that whatever additional mechanics they choose to introduce, will be well thought out and implemented :relaxed:

I like the pottery idea!

I just really hope :crossed_fingers: they decide on adding multiple variants of existing decorations.

Statues for instance…there are only 3 options, and those are only unlocked at tier 3.

Would love, at the very least, for there to be a stone variant of each, available at tier 2. (Maybe even wood carved totem esque variants at tier 1).

Ideally though there would be 10’s of statues, (and other decorative assets), to separate settlement themes and layouts a little more :pray:.

Still absolutely adore this game, and very impressed with the devs progress and interaction with the community! Excited for what the future may bring!

I guess when the game is opened up to modders in an “official” way, then the assets could be endless…so maybe I need to just wait for that :thinking::joy:

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