Totem focused build updated

Hi as topic mentioned, i am looking for a totem focused build with updated contents…before u blast me, i had searched the forum…but i hope some kind soul could help.

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I’d suggest looking for a build that utilizes the “Dark Ones” set. Depending on the build it may not have a maxed out wendigo totem, but some that I have seen feature a highly specced wendigo, as well as a few points into storm totem just as a devotion proccer.

i cant remember any build which uses totems as a MAIN DPS Skill. I am interested as well.

i’d start with Valguurs Set.
Shaman and Occultist.

Storm Totem with Vita Conversion and Sigil of Consumption as Main DPS Skills.

The only way to make totem a main damage skill is you get item mod cooldown reduction. With the default cooldown +totem limit is basically useless because it takes more than ~9 seconds to actually get the extra totem out. So this basically means, Sky effigy MI with max CDR roll, maybe take Arcanist for Star Pact and Eternity relic, then you want item mod with +limit and/or damage to storm totem. has ~1.8s cooldown on ST, less with eternity proc so you can get all 6 out fairly fast.

I enjoy a build like this, totem do put out nice dps and doom bolt is always fun:

Yeah you’re right about that. Hmmm. Well well i’ve to visit GDStash than an try a bit around.

Yeah. There are quite a few combinations to try though, Stormcaller Pact vs Star Pact. +Crit is a powerful way to boost damage, and Arcanist brings a lot of OA to the table. Also Ludrigan set mod to PRM, Star pact interferes with Aether conversion to Lightning.

I like the idea of Eternity + Stormcaller Pact rather than max CD reduction.

I don’t know about Totem as a main damage skill, it seems to me there’s not enough modifiers for it, and the skill itself takes relatively few skill points, so its scalability is limited.

I think going hard on cooldown reduction mods for the Totem would be OP, since their damage would skyrocket easily. Maybe better simply to add damage or crit damage.

Anyway, I have a Conjurer, which uses these skills as damage sources: Sigil, corrupted Storm Totem, Devouring Swarm, Bloody Pox. It’s rather easy to max them all, and to get some mods on items for more than one of those. I currently don’t have the Valguur’s sets, only gloves, but a lot of gear that I have has a number of Vitality damage procs. The screen is red all the time, and the amount of lifeleech my char has is ridiculous. The damage is somewhat lower than my Fire Strike Shield breaker or Pierce Blademaster, but it’s a surprisingly sturdy character and a reliable farmer. I think it would be even betetr if I completed the Valguur set

I’ve done a few Tests just to check the “flow” of the Totem build. IMHO CDR is nessesary because the playstyle is so clunky even with the Effigy and “only” 2,5 sec CD. (With a Totem MAIN Skill) -> Its like a invulnerable Pet Dervish. Just Clunky.
Also even with 4 Totems rolling it struggles to Kill Krieg (Level 20 HC Veteran). Not a valid source i know but i think the DPS of a relative “pure” Totem Build is to low to compete (or be fun in my opinion).

Without “Pianoing” your other Skills a “pure” Totem Build is not Viable (IMHO).

You’ll never get a pure totem build, CDR and +totem limit only maximises their damage contribution. In GD it is rare to be able to do great damage and get away with doing nothing in between casts.

Component skills (Chain Lightning should be nice) and Wind Devil would be needed too.

Look no further friend: [] FIVE TOTEMS IN A BOX - 2 lightning vindicator build remakes (c+) (sr+)

thanks all…i was also looking at the 5 totems build.