Toughest bosses in the game, ranked

Here, I have sorted your list according to my point of view. I rarely play SR, so I evaluated them all as seen in campaign. No idea how you could put Korvaak above Morgoneth.

  1. Crate of entertainment
  2. Callagadra
  3. Ravager
  4. Lokaar
  5. Avatar of Mogdrogen
  6. Clone of John Bourbon
  7. Morgoneth
  8. Kymon
  9. The mad queen
  10. Gargabol
  11. Korvaak
  12. Theodin Marcell
  13. Fabius
  14. Iron Maiden
  15. Kaisan
  16. Grava’Thul
  17. Reaper
  18. Kubacabra

That’s probably why.

To be fair, Morgoneth would probably be a real handful in high SR too, I just never met him.

Morgoneth (like Gargabol) is also disproportionately difficult because you can’t die and go back to finish him like you can with Korvaak, and if you die to Korvaak, you don’t have to start from the beginning either. But in isolation, he really hits like a freight train and takes forever to bring down.

Conversely, I’ve never had that much trouble with the mad queen, but that’s probably in part due to my personal preference for player-scaled pets and indirect attacks. Someone who prefers Melee combat will find her much harder. So she’s lower on my personal list than on yours.

In any case, this list is a consensus… If more people feel like Korvaak is easier than Morgoneth, I’ll adjust the list. :slight_smile:

Grava is surely harder than Theodin?