TPOM's Grimarillion Build Compendium, Featuring Pets

A Wild Sacred 2 Angel appears!

It’s rare that a build from a separate ARPG can be duplicated in another game, but thanks to the tireless work of the Diablo 3 mod creators, you can create a Dual Wield Seraphim build in this very mod. Sacred 2, while released a decade ago, is blessed with distinct characters, generous loot options (especially if you have a shopper character to buy equipment for the other toons), and a huge world filled to the brim with quests. The major downside to this game, however, is the 200 levels and five difficulties, which making playing through each of the different races a huge chore.

That being said, dual-wield action, the Radiant Beam smiting from the skies, and an army of Archangels ready to do your bidding; all this character needs for the full Sacred experience is Lightsabers!

Sources of RR:
Sweeping Wind - 33 flat Elemental RR
Mantra of Conviction - 40 Elemental RR
Ray of Heaven - 30 Fire & Lightning RR
Eldritch Fire - 23 Fire RR
Widow - 35 Lightning RR
Total RR: 126 Fire RR, 138 Lightning RR

Damage is with all permanent buffs and Epiphany, but not Mystic Rhythm (the Deadly Momentum of the Fists of Thunder Line). Epiphany does not have good uptime, but Fists of Thunder will have constant uptime and the flat damage bonus is much greater than Epiphany

Weapon: Mythical Skycutter X2
Components: Seal of Skies + Royal Ruby
Head: Eye of Peshkov
Component: Prismatic Diamond
Shoulders: “Prismatic” Ascendant Pauldrons “of Readiness”
Component: Living Armor
Hands: Mythical Spirit Guards
Component: Restless Remains
Feet: Crudest Boots
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Belt: Mythical Kyroshiro’s Soul
Component: Spellscorched Plating
Pants: Mythical Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind
Component: Ancient Armor Plate
Chest Armor: Pyran’s Vestments
Component: Hallowed Ground
Amulet: Divine Blessing of the Gods
Component: Tainted Heart
Rings: Mythical Eternal Union X2
Components: Royal Diamond X2
Medal: Mythical Korvaak’s Band (enables dual-wielding)
Component: Arcane Spark
Relic: Kanai’s Cube: Crudest


I had long sought to make a build using Monk’s Mystic Ally, but with only the Crudest Boots providing skill bonuses to it and the skill’s odd combination of Physical, Cold, and Elemental damage, I had thought that such a build would be an exercise in futility. However, with the introduction of Skycutter swords, their pet Archangels, and the +1 to Monk skills, I was able to combine all the items that provide +1 to Monk skills and build a Monk-centric build. By going DW, we opt for using the Monk’s core weapon skill, Fists of Thunder, which is a Cadence-like ability that hits for up to 450%+ Weapon Damage using both weapons. With an attack speed of 170% without buffs and Epiphany, Prismatic Diamond, and Ghoul all there to boost our attack speed, we have an easy time capping it when it matters most. As for the Mystic Ally itself, its damage is boosted by 30-35% Cold to Fire damage and 30-35% Cold to Lightning damage, meaning the majority of its damage will be the combination of Fire/Lightning. Its Aura provides a meandering 15% Physical Resistance, but a great 40% Pierce resistance; it’s not meant to be a main skill to build around, but to support the player and provide debuffs while Fist of Thunder do their thing.

Crusader is selected as the second class as the Skycutter swords give +1 to the Crusader class as well. It’s main purpose is to summon Ray of Heaven to provide additional stackable RR, but its passives are a great addition to the build. Armor Absorption, Attack Speed, a second invulnerability skill and a second circuit breaker give this build additional sturdiness which is essential when facing the tougher enemies. Phalanx is brought along as you convert ~50% of Physical damage to Lightning; the damage and uptime are disappointing since it’s required to wear the two rings that increase their duration, but extra bodies are extra bodies, and at 21/12, you’re going to get all you can get from this skill.

I had this character at a more appropriate location than the Shattered Realm, but I had to completely re-vamp my devotions after attempting a few Shards. Ghoul and the devotion set-up for 13% Life Leech is mandatory for this build. A more complete write-up will come once I can write it up, but this build is SR 65-66 viable, through fighting Grava-Thul is outright impossible. Fumble Pools, Fire + Lightning Resistance, and the “your-buffs-mean-nothing” projectile makes him an outright reset. The other Nemeses are do-able, though, even in the small Guardian room

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Think with sacred 2 is you either love it or hate it.I personally love it as i love the world.It starts happy but gets darker future in.Where grim dawn start well grim(i like the second part to homestead).I also think Flix did a splendid job on creating D2 for sacred 2.

Nice build.Crusader are most prob my fav class it can fit with about anything.I actually got a crusader + rogue,dual wielding tank yes please :smiley:

Burgers are great when you have a cooking source readily on-hand

Build Objective: To showcase some of the new GQ class abilities and equipment with the advent of Grimarillion 76.

Source of RR:
Divine Helio’s Radiance - 28 Flat RR
Squall - 30 Elemental RR
Ring of Flame - 45 Fire RR (with set bonuses) + 25 Chaos RR
Eldritch Fire - 23 Fire RR + 35 Chaos RR
Fiend’s Gaze - 15 Fire RR + 15 Chaos RR
Total RR - 141 Fire RR + 98 Chaos RR

Weapon: Divine Spear of the Dryads with Mythical Fiendgaze Tome
Components: Seal of Might X2
Head: Fettan Mask
Component: Eldritch Mirror
Shoulders: Divine Helio’s Aureole
Component: Living Armor
Hands: Divine Sun Grips
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Feet: Mythical Fiendflesh Greaves
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Belt: “Daoist’s” Satyr Craft “of the Wild”
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Pants: Mythical Golemskin Breeches
Component: Ancient Armor Plate
Chest Armor: Divine Robes of Helios
Component: Hallowed Ground
Amulet: Divine Shavo’s Relic
Component: Aether Soul
Rings: Mythical Voidwhisper Band X2
Components: Bloodied Crystal X2
Medal: Divine Mark of Helios
Component: Black Tallow
Relic: Bysmiel’s Domination with 3% DA bonus


This build was originally sought out when the Divine Spar of the Dryads weapon first came out: with it comes an additional summon to Nature’s Summon Nymph, Storm’s Winter Sprite, and Earth’s Core Dweller. I had already done Elemental builds with Nature in the past, so I wanted to take two classes not particularly known for their synergy: Storm + Earth, and use the Fiendgaze Tome + Voidwhisper Bands to convert the Winter Sprite’s Cold and Vitality damage to Chaos Damage. Unfortunately, the conversions on the weapon throw off the synergy, but having 2 extra pets more than makes up for it.

Then Grimarillion v76 came out and introduced to us the Helio’s Set, which is the vanilla’s Ghol set with a lovely texture and fire flavor. A third Core Dweller and the 4-pc bonus of the set turned this build from a meme concept to a Core Dweller-centric fighter. This build plays off the Earth class much more than the Storm class, so if you have problems with the fantasy green belt, there is a Divine GQ belt that gives +to Earth Skills, or you can gladly use any pet belt and replace the relic with Mogdrogen’s Ardor. Having Core Dweller at 26/16 is the key to this build, as not only are there three of them, but their main attack involves throwing rocks that get really powerful when you overcap the skill.

Another benefit from using the Earth + Storm combo is the amulet gives you +1 to All Skills while summoning a Djinn genie that gives a really cool laugh when you send it to battle. Winter Genie is not completely forgotten, as it has a nice Cadence-like attack that gives heavy damage and a nice ice-spike ground ability that gives good AoE. The rest of Storm’s points are focused on the flat damage bonuses, Squall for additional RR, a nice %Spirit and %OA passive that helps you summon pets on Crit, and an additional passive introduced in Grimarillion v76 that gives pets more Speed when activated.

Overall, it’s a very good Shard 65-66 cleaner once you grab the full set. Even when your only pet healing ability is Tree of Life, the Empiryon Constellation and set bonuses are more than enough to have most of their Resistances capped, and Bysmiel’s Domination provides a whopping 30% Physical Resistance, which greatly bolsters your own survivability, as Earth Enchantment provides 25% Armor Absorption to help you easily break the 2,000 Armor at 100% Absorption.

My first Diablo kill!

Wizard / Elementalist Hydra Tamer

I’ve just updated my Hydra build using the Vyr’s Astonishing Arcana Set. With the set’s great heal, maxed disruption resist with 22/12 Archon and 40% Physical Resist alongside okay caster armor, this build is as good a Diablo farmer as you can get. It takes a while to have Diablo spawn enough so you can farm his Hellfire amulets, but they’re extremely good, so if you’re looking to farm them to support your Diablo 3 build, this is the build to use!

Build objective: To showcase the new Barbarian class - introduced in the Diablo 3 mod when FG came out.

Sources of RR:
Call of the Ancients (Shoulder piece) - 22 flat RR
Spite - 30 Physical RR
Barbarian’s War Cry - 40 Physical RR (30 from the skill and 10 from the relic)
Assassin’s Blade - 32 Physical RR
Total RR = 124 Physical RR

Top picture is with permanent buffs only, bottom pic is with both Vanquisher and Colossus Form activated

Weapon: Divine Bow of Herakles
Components: Seal of Blades
Head: Mythical Immortal King’s Triumph
Component: Sacred Plating
Shoulders: Mythical Immortal King’s Tribal Binding
Component: Living Armor
Hands: Mythical Immortal King’s Irons
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Feet: Mythical Immortal King’s Stride
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Belt: Divine Herakle’s Mighty Belt
Component: Spellscorched Plating
Pants: Mythical Immortal King’s Stature
Component: Ancient Armor Plate
Chest Armor: Targo’s Chestguard
Component: Titan Plating
Amulet: Rakoff’s Glass of Life
Component: Tainted Heart
Rings: Divine Timaios & Divine Alke
Components: Royal Diamond X2
Medal: Saytr Craft with Defender Skills + suffix “Of Supremacy”
Component: Tainted Heart
Relic: Kanai’s Cube: Blade of Tribes

Devotions coming shortly

D3 Barbarian: one of the strongest classes in all of Grimarillion, and it comes with some of the most powerful equipment in the game. Barbarian was generously gifted with 4 powerful sets - each of them with more equipment slots than the set requirements; that way, you can mix and match the slots depending on your build’s needs and still complete the set bonuses. This build was designed around the Immortal King’s Set which focuses on Call of the Ancients This skill allows you to summon 3 Barbarian allies, each of them with a treasure trove of abilities that they cycle through. With the set generously granting hard cap to both skills, Call of the Ancients does massive damage with the pet’s internal skills.

As a generous bonus, we combine the Barbarian’s Call of the Vanquisher ability with Defender’s Colossus Form - sadly the size bonus doesn’t stack, but either form allows you to tower over your enemies. Colossus Form even grants you a huge movement speed bonus that allows you to zip across the stage with your giant size. Having an instant heal and great defensive stats make Defense class a great partner for the Barbarian, especially as you don’t have to allocate too many skill points to grab the important abilities.

The 2H bow and Targo’s Chestpiece allows you to convert up to 90% Elemental to Physical damage, maximizing your Call of the Ancient’s damage to pure Physical. Combine their heavy attacks with a double RR class and low natural enemy Physical Resistance, and this is one of the best-performing builds I own. Defensively, the amulet doesn’t just give +all skills in Barbarian, it provides little health globules that heal 5% when you come across them. You can easily summon 3+ in one battle just by spamming your Frenzy autoattack. I generally do SR65-66, but this build stomped through it so trivially that it’s easily a SR75+ contender.

I couldn’t capture the craziness here, but how does 3 sets of Meteors falling sound?

Build Objective: To maximize the Guardian of Empiryon skill, using the Blazseer set to set the arena on fire!

Sources of RR:
Elemental Storm - 32 flat Elemental RR
Celestial Presence - 30 Fire RR
Champion’s Conviction Aura - 30 Fire RR
Eldritch Fire - 23 Fire RR
Total RR = 115 Fire RR

Weapon : “Hellfire” Bartholem’s Gavel “of Conflaguration”
Components: Seal of Blades
Head : “Interrogator’s” Magi Visage “of the Flesh Hulk”
Component: Living Armor
Shoulders : Mythical Shoulderguards of Justice
Component: Living Armor
Hands : Mythical Handguards of Justice
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Feet : Sabatons of Abbakon
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Belt : Blazeseer’s Girdle
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Pants : Cuisses of Abbakon
Component: Ancient Armor Plate
Chest Armor : “Champion’s (Rare)” Satyr Craft “of Nature’s Bounty”
Component: Titan Plating
Amulet : Mythical Herald of the Apocolypse
Component: Tainted Heart
Rings : Blazeseer Signet + Mythical Light’s Oath
Components: Royal Diamond + Bloodied Crystal
Medal : Blazeseer Crest
Component: Tainted Heart
Relic: Serenity with 3% DA


With Barbarian out of the way, we now go towards the Oathkeeper, the other new addition to FG. The Oathkeeper introduced the concept of skill transmuters where the Guardians of Empiryon can either provide Physical and Fire RR or Poison and Vitality RR. Since most of the equipment that favors Guardians of Empiryon tend to go towards the Vitality spec, I decided to buck the trend and go with Fire instead. There are two MIs that give an extra summon to Guardian of Empiryon: the Magi Visage is found from any of the Magis found in the Tomb of the Heretic; and the Axe is found by killing Archon Bartholem in the Tomb near Fort Ikon (requires a character allied with Death’s Vigil). To get the Empiryon skill to 26/16, we take the Blazseer set that procs a series of meteors.

To add to the meteor madness, we take Mythical Herald of the Apocolypse, which gives you a granted skill that drops huge meteors to provide AoE. Combine that with the Torch devotion bound to Judgment and you have three sets of meteors ready to drop at a moments notice.

Since this build requires most of the equipment that could support another class, we partner the Oathkeeper with one of the Zenith classes, as you can craft a chest slot that provides +2 to all skills in the class (it is the rare prefix, as compared to the common prefix that gives +1 to skills in the class). In this event, we pick the Champion, as simply leveling the mastery bar gives Health Regeneration and Retaliation damage, perfect for a build that doesn’t rely on auto-attacks and leeching. To help in survivability, we pick up the Dryad constellation and bind it to the Vampiric Shadows movement rune; we pick up Behemoth and its massive regeneration proc, and we pick up Serenity to give a last circuit-breaker. Champion also has a series of passives that get more powerful the lower health the player is; you can easily get up to 20K+ health and restore it all with a little ADCTH and Champion’s high WD passives.

With 3 movement abilities (Oathkeeper’s Vire Might, Champion’s Dash ability, and the movement rune), you can run into the battle, drop a whole bunch of meteors, and dash right on to the next fight. This makes it ideal for SR65-66, where you can get to the Boss room fight with 8+ minutes left, when most of my builds are lucky to reach it with 4+ minutes remaining. That gives you a huge cushion to figure out the lay of the boss area and focus on destroying the biggest threats.

the screenshots are somewhat difficult to see. Especially as i assume they were taken with gear on. Is it possible to either show screenshots without gear or list points for each skill.

I will add - thank you so much for play testing!! I am playing grimarillion now and was a bit lost initially lol. So really apreiate your work. <3

Gratuititious Promo:

I am using the regular Steam screenshot capture; with a fairly small laptop, it’s hard to create clearer screenshots than what I have. Generally, builds like this are leveled by placing the majority of your points in your main skill and buffs, and then respec your points at the Spirit Guide once you start to get your gear together.

I saw on your Twitch channel that you’re playing my Witch Doctor + Hunting build. In that case, you’re doing right focusing on the Zombie Dogs and Fetish Army; once you get some pet gear that gives you %pet damage, focus on Swampland Attunement and Hunting’s healing skill to give you and your pets more sturdiness. For skills like Zombie Dogs that end up being at 16/16, the practice is to invest 16/16 in them while you’re starting out, and only once you start to get the Zunimassa’s set or a bunch of +1 to all skills jewelry do you respec points away from them using the Spirit Guide. Pet builds are harder to level than other builds because pet gear is hard to come by; I didn’t check your devotions, but I remember starting out with Scorpion’s Sting bound to your dogs (it’s been over a year since I wrote it, haha) and Shepherd’s Crook and using that as your main damage ability as you level up your devotion abilities and reach more devotion shrines.

i usually use faction gear plus drops. :slight_smile: I do a lot of pet builds lol. i will keep going. thank you for your reply.

You didn’t list augments?

Can anyone tell me how to farm the Armor of Akkhan set?

Hello People!
I dont know where to press reply so i have done it here,sorry for my english.

I wish to post my build of Soul Weaver, this is D3 Necromancer and Spirit classes of Grimallion

Im almost lvl 36 and i played Normal+veteran before i moved to Elite, and there are +40 lvl stuff hehe…
My group of summons get 1 aura from me and i have 2 more auras just working just on me, so better to stay together and not let your skelets spread and fight alone and surrounded, but if anything gets killed i can summon new instantly and repeating, so my band just steamrolls everything and i dont even need to atack myself but i advice you to do so in tough situations.

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I’m running Dawn of Masteries and having a hard time finding a few items. I even tried using GDStash to look them up, but they aren’t showing there or on the vendors. Specifically I’m looking for the Divine Druid’s Mantle(shoulder) and the Divine Druid’s Totem(amulet) from the Nature/Storm build. Is it possible they’ve been removed in DoM?

Also is the crafting satyr removed in DoM? I’m trying to get the Sky Nomad chest armor mentioned in that build as well, but not sure where to look for that either.

Thanks for any help!

A lot of builds listed but really no info on what is good or bad. Or what devotions are used on what. Seems some links are messed up. Skeleton overload for example. Also seems most grimtools links are blank.

Grimtools does not have the capacity to show full links for mods, so I use the images to grab how you’re supposed to allocate your skills, and the Grimtools link is meant to show how you’re supposed to spend your devotion points. Since you can’t get the modded skills in Grimtools, I can’t really show what you’re supposed to bind your devotions to, but for the most part devotion bindings are the lowest-cost in terms of experimentation.

Grimarillion is going to come with a massive update in the near-ish future, so I’ve put my modded stuff on hold until the next update comes out. I’ve been working on other projects in the mean-time, and eventually, I want to replace my images and such with videos, but I don’t have the hardware yet to make good videos, so this is the best way I can explain my builds for the time being.


Hi TPOM, what do you consider a few of the strongest builds here? I’m about to level up the Oathkeeper/Champion as that looks like a blast. Also started the Nature/Storm but ran into gear issues, and still working on the GD Necro/D3 Necro and really enjoying it.

Thanks for the work you put into this! There arent many builds floating around for the awesome mods we have.

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Hi TPOM I was just getting started with Grimarillion and your barbarian + Defense looked interesting but it said that the devotions were coming soon but that was in April of 2020 so was wondering if there was an update on that?

As Grim Dawn is nearing its last content patch, I’ve been focusing less on the mods and more on the patch updates. I’ve been transferring my build posts from written posts to video form, and it just so happens that I have the video ready for my Barbarian + Defense build and it includes the updated equipment and devotions.

Here is my Youtube channel for Grimarillion builds. I uploaded the Barbarian build to the channel - it will be ready in a few hours. I defeated SR90 with this build roughly a month ago, so it’s still very good even with all the Grimarillion changes.

Thank you TPOM!

Hello =]
This is amazing, I adore you =]
just small thing -
the link to the necro+d3 necro isn’t working, had to work hard to get there. For future reference =] thanks!

Thanks for the heads-up. I fixed the broken Skeleton build link. With the general buffs to Necro skeletons, it’s more than capable of standing on its own.

I have gone in and out between playing the regular game and the Grimarillion mod, so I haven’t had the ability to give much attention to this thread. For now, the best way to get updates on particular builds is to follow my Youtube channel listed several posts above me. I have uploaded 2 new videos to the channel:

  1. Gameplay video for Witch Doctor + Hunting pets using the Zunimassa’s Set
  2. A new build using Grimer’s Inna’s Set which bolsters the Monk’s Mystic Ally ability, allowing you to summon 4 of them at once.

Unless I specifically tag it as a bit of a meme build (like hybrid pet + player builds), the build should comfortably run SR 75-76 bosses and Misanthropic Grimmest setting (my laptop can’t handle more than that) for maximum loot farming. Thanks to Grimarillion adding ReSkill, some of my older builds which relied on a particular item will be obsolete, and other builds demonstrating the same concept will come and take their place. Once I get the majority of my builds uploaded to Youtube, I’ll come back and clean up this thread.