TPOM's Grimarillion Build Compendium, Featuring Pets

I’ll take a look at the zenith masteries then, also is FG needed for barbarian though?
So would recommend going with riftstalker/d3 necro or riftstalker/outrier, which one was more fun to you?

  1. FG is indeed necessary for anyone to play the D3 Barbarian class.
  2. I did not make a Riftstalker + D3 Necro build, so I don’t know what you’re referring to. Riftstalker + Outrider is a lot of fun, especially when you get the bonus ability that puts totems all over the place. I haven’t built that one from scratch, so I won’t be of much help when it comes to leveling.
  3. Skeleton Overlord (D3 Necro + GD Necro) Equipment List is completely revamped! I’ll redo the pictures for the skill distribution once I get the opportunity, but Skeleton Overlord is a build I definitely want to test in both xpac content.

I have a few leftover builds that don’t have a class feature, but I want to make sure all the summon pet skills in this game are accounted for:

Build Objective: To make Dracarris feel like a unique and build-defining item while making use of the Core Dweller.

Source of RR:
Black Star of Deceit - 15 flat RR
Earth Ring of Flame - 20 Chaos RR
Eldritch Fire - 35 Chaos RR
Symbol of Solael - 10 Chaos RR
Fiendgaze Tome - 10 Chaos RR
Total RR - 90 Chaos RR

Equipment + Devotions: [AoM] [FG]

Along with Zunimassa Witch Doctor + Storm, this was one of my first build concepts, spanning out to last September. It had served me well getting through initial testing, but multiple nerfs to several items forced me to reimagine this build somewhat. The concept was a simple one: convert 100% of both Physical and Fire damage to Chaos for full Chaos Swarmlings, with help from 22/12 Hellfire Hellhound and tanking assistance from the Core Dweller. Dracarris was first used in DaShiv’s Pyromancer, where he used Demolitionist’s Fire abilities to reliably proc the Hellspawn ability and grant further Fire damage to pets. Here we focus on the Chaos side of it, as thanks to Earth’s buff, we don’t just convert pet Fire to Chaos, but player damage as well. The main skill we use to proc this ability is Earth’s Meteor - an ability with massive flat damage which if we could bring to 16/16 (maybe by reducing Core Dweller investment), we would. Meteor is bound to Time Dilation - the skill cooldown activates when the Meteor lands, so as the Meteor descends, you can activate abilities like Blood of Dreeg and Core Healing and have their cooldowns reduced as well.

This build gets a nice buff with Fallen Gods: As you can see in the screenshots, you only have around 2650 OA with permanent buffs + Blood of Dreeg; that’s not very reliable to Crit bosses and 25 RR is bound to Crits (Black Star and Fiendgaze Tome). The Mystical Vestments of Severed Faith gives you an extra 100 flat OA, and while you do lose about 140% Pet Damage, that is partially made up by the 21 flat Chaos damage given to your pets. Pierce Resistance is hard to come by on this build, so the new Chestpiece is especially welcome since it grants that resistance. As an additional bonus, you gain about 100% Chaos damage yourself, which will definitely help getting the kills necessary to proc Hellspawn. Now that Fiendgaze Tome converts 100% Cold to Chaos damage, you can also use the Bonescavenger Gloves for even higher player OA and more pet damage to partially offset the loss of Fiendmaster. As for other equipment, the nerf to Voidwhisper rings means that you now have to equip both rings in order to have full 100% Physical to Chaos conversion; Peerless Eye is surprisingly one of the best options for the amulet even with the boon of All Skills amulets you have access to; and the head gear, while surprising to see from a pet build, has the best combination of resistances, damage bonuses, and skill points - even more valuable as the usual sources of Satyr craft are all taken.

Build Objective: To take Blade Spirit to its maximum potential while eschewing the Demonslayer set as it’s essentially used for P. Blades throwing.

Sources of RR:
Marked for Death - 25 flat RR (or 18 flat RR from RoS modifier)
Veil of Shadow - 30 Pierce RR
Demon Hunter Bolt - 30 Pierce RR, 30 Bleeding RR
Assassin’s Blade - 32 Pierce RR
Rend - 32 Bleeding RR
Blind Assassin Proc - 15 Pierce RR, 15 Bleeding RR
Bladetwister Signet - 10 Pierce RR
Total: 132 Pierce RR, 102 Bleeding RR

Equipment + Devotions: [FG]
Replace Boots with Shadow’s Heels, Ring with Elusive Ring [D3], and maybe Pants with Shadow’s Coils for the 120% Pierce Bonus. As always, ring components are Purified Salt and Imbued Silver, respectively.

If playing AoM, Reaper Leggings are necessary to get 26/16 Blade Spirit, replace gloves with Shadow’s Grasp and Shoulders with Vileblood Mantle to keep 22/12 Circle of Slaughter

Blade Spirits were the first of Grim Dawn’s player-scaled pet skills, and it would do thie compendium injustice to leave out a build showcasing this skill. Blade Spirits were revamped around the patch; instead of them being temporary and your ability to summon them relied on Cooldown Reduction, they are now permanent pets where you can increase the number of blades summoned via item modifiers. This build was a relic towards the old way of building for them through the Blind Assassin set, whose claim to fame revolves around Off-hand levels of CDR despite the set involving DW weapons. The CDR may not affect Blade Spirit summons now, but it does greatly help this build’s other abilities - most notably access to 3 healing abilities: Pneumatic Breath’s access to great flat DA and extremely short cooldown, Demon Hunter’s Shadow Power and the second node that grants ADCTH (normally not anywhere close to 100% uptime, but now only has 0.5s downtime thanks to this build’s CDR), and a second Demon Hunter heal that also grants a short burst of immunity.

Blade Spirits consist of three damage types: Cold, Piercing, and Bleeding. As Bleeding is incapable of being converted, this build uses a double damage set-up of Pierce and Bleeding, converting 75% of Cold to Pierce using the Pack of Trecherous Means and Bladetwister Signet. Normally, double damage builds tend to lag behind single damage builds, but the Blind Assassin Set thankfully includes both damage types and the devotion set-up allows for grabbing T3s for both Pierce (Unknown Soldier) and Bleeding (Mogdrogen the Wolf), as well as their respective RR’s. The conversion also allows for the Nemesis pet to be largely single damage, maximizing its output. Pierce damage is most heavily used with high WD attacks - especially since Lethal Assault’s flat damage is made up of 75% Cold to Pierce and 50% Acid to Pierce. Bleeding damage is used in 22/12 Circle of Slaughter and Blade Spirit + Rend. With the Bleed ticks combined with the build’s three healing skills, this is an incredibly sturdy build - well capable of handling the roughest content.

For equipment, D3’s Elusive Ring gives great damage to both Pierce and Bleeding as well as over 80 flat OA, and the 2-pc bonus in the Shadow’s Set gives 120% Pierce damage, which is vital for this build. The question becomes: what should the Grimtools give up to obtain it? The first piece is the boots - 50% Slow Resistance and Piercing damage alone makes it perfect for the build. The second slot is a far trickier option: the AoM build uses the gloves thanks to its 100 flat OA, but it’s a tall order to ask to give up Grasps of Unchained Might and its flat RR on Ring of Steel. Shoulders can be another option, but note that you lose your 26/16 Blade Spirits by taking it, which means roughly 15% DPS loss by leaving Blade Spirit at 24/16. The pants are probably the best options, especially since you get an additional 50% Slow resistance. Chausses of Barbaros makes a compelling option, however, as the Bleeding damage, 100 flat OA, and the 150% damage proc nearly closes the damage gap. The other placeholder slots are shown for having similar resistances so you can see how the build fares defensively. Mind you, Demon Hunter has a passive that gives 20% to all Resistances, and that doesn’t include the standard Purified Salt / Imbued Silver on the rings. If you need more OA, Seal of the Night is a potential option, but having the extra Armor is hard to pass on.

Build Objective: To maximize two different classes’ worth of player-scaled pets, taking one of each as close to 22/12 as possible.

Source of RR:
Elemental Storm - 32 Elemental RR
Frailty - 30 Cold RR
Rumor - 23 Cold RR
Etherial Veil - 18 Cold RR
Magic Mirror - 40% Elemental RR
Total RR - 103 - 124 Cold RR

Weapon: Mythical The Barber with Mythical Silver Mirror
Components: Seal of the Night + Seal of Might
Head: Mythical Archmage’s Vicalyke
Component: Living Armor
Shoulders: Mythical Cartosian Scrolls
Component: Living Armor
Hands: Mythical Wilken’s Reach
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Feet: Tal Rasha’s Stride
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Belt: Mythical Jang’s Envelopment
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Pants: Mythical Defiler Cuisses
Component: Scaled Hide
Chest Armor: Tal Rasha’s Relentless Pursuit
Component: Titan Plating
Amulet: Polydegmon
Component: Bloodied Crystal
Rings: Mythical Hand of Hollow Whispers + Mythical Band of Souls
Components: Purified Salt + Imbued Silver
Medal: Regular / Mythical Mark of Divinity
Component: Black Tallow
Relic: Etherial Veil with 3% OA bonus


The Wizard was a class I was slightly stumped on how to use its pets to their advantage. Elemental damage and no stackable RR meant I had to pick something that synergized well with it while not hogging too many skillpoints. Magic Weapon, Astral Presence, Diamond Skin, Unstable Anomaly, Energy Armor and Archon are all wonderful passives for the Wizard to incorporate, and that doesn’t go into its two pet skills. Once Grimer introduced the Kunai relics as well as multiple D3 equipment, multiple +1 to Wizard skills gear made playing Wizard much more enjoyable. The items shown above paved the way to get 22/12 Magic Mirror, chosen because the items synergized together much better than going for 22/12 Hydra. It just so happened that the remaining slots made it possible to get Bone Spirit to 21/12, and since you only need Bone Armor + second node, Frailty, and Final Service, you have many skill points to spread among the Wizard’s multiple skills.

It was honestly a bit surprising I was able to get this concept to work as neither Wizard nor D3 Necromancer have any healing abilities and there is no ADCTH to be found. Instead, I take advantage of both classes’ great circuit breakers (Unstable Anomaly is like Blast Shield with massive flat absorption and Final Service is like Menhir’s Will without the weapon requirement) and all healing devotion procs and use Wizard’s great CDR to its fullest potential. Giant’s Blood is attached to Unstable Anomaly because it is the most potent healing with the longest cooldown - you want to make sure the massive regen happens in conjuction with the massive flat damage absorption. Dryad is bound to Meteor as it is extremely reliable. If all else fails, Mark of Divinity gives you one last stand to flee for the other survivability skills to cool down.

As for offense, Mirror Image is great for a 22/12 skill, but you must be wary that you have to wait for the previous images to wear off before casting it again or else 3 of the images die off and you’re left with a wasted cast and 1 Mirror Image. Hydra is okay, but the fact that they are immobile make it difficult for a player to use while constantly on the move. Maximum Bone Spirit is cast by pressing the button four at a time - any more than 4 and the first Spirit you summoned blows up on command - not bad if you’re intending on attacking with your pets only. All of this leads to a bit of spacial preparation so that you have your Hydras and Bone Spirits ready, but the payoff is more than worth it.

Which one of the builds would you say is the most powerful overall?

Anyone else having issues with the images in the old posts?

Yes, because they’re probably from a site that isn’t whitelisted here so they don’t appear. Since the OP hasn’t signed in to the new forum yet there’s no way the images will be visible.

I have signed in to the new forum. I have no intentions of updating this for FG, but it would suck to have this thread killed by the lack of pictures. How can I help you to get the pictures back online?

Guess you’d have to upload them all again into the relevant posts. Hope you kept them.

The URLs are still in the post. Use the composer’s upload option to upload the images from the web.

The links to the builds are also broken so they need fixing as well.

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Another thing to consider is Grimarillion has had several updates since you did this, builds might be very different now.

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[about broken links]
Edited - I see that was already posted with some answers

I have started cleaning some of my builds, including erasing the builds that are now outright impossible since the FG and Grimarillion changes. As I look through the new equipment and sets that summon pets, I may replace some builds in this thread with others that may serve better through the increased difficulty.

For the time being, I will not increase Hero density or double spawns, as in the brief time I tested the new Grimmest spawns, my computer crashed multiple times.

Disabling “auto item tooltips” in the Interface options solved my crash issues.

First updated build for 2020 has arrived!

I have several builds using some of the new D3 sets, but I wanted to open with a bang, and who better to bring in 2020 than to update my first posted build? Zunimassa’s Set may have been the target of several nerfs, but thankfully I’ve been able to look past it and found a way to make it useful. Enjoy!

A Wild Sacred 2 Angel appears!

It’s rare that a build from a separate ARPG can be duplicated in another game, but thanks to the tireless work of the Diablo 3 mod creators, you can create a Dual Wield Seraphim build in this very mod. Sacred 2, while released a decade ago, is blessed with distinct characters, generous loot options (especially if you have a shopper character to buy equipment for the other toons), and a huge world filled to the brim with quests. The major downside to this game, however, is the 200 levels and five difficulties, which making playing through each of the different races a huge chore.

That being said, dual-wield action, the Radiant Beam smiting from the skies, and an army of Archangels ready to do your bidding; all this character needs for the full Sacred experience is Lightsabers!

Sources of RR:
Sweeping Wind - 33 flat Elemental RR
Mantra of Conviction - 40 Elemental RR
Ray of Heaven - 30 Fire & Lightning RR
Eldritch Fire - 23 Fire RR
Widow - 35 Lightning RR
Total RR: 126 Fire RR, 138 Lightning RR

Damage is with all permanent buffs and Epiphany, but not Mystic Rhythm (the Deadly Momentum of the Fists of Thunder Line). Epiphany does not have good uptime, but Fists of Thunder will have constant uptime and the flat damage bonus is much greater than Epiphany

Weapon: Mythical Skycutter X2
Components: Seal of Skies + Royal Ruby
Head: Eye of Peshkov
Component: Prismatic Diamond
Shoulders: “Prismatic” Ascendant Pauldrons “of Readiness”
Component: Living Armor
Hands: Mythical Spirit Guards
Component: Restless Remains
Feet: Crudest Boots
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Belt: Mythical Kyroshiro’s Soul
Component: Spellscorched Plating
Pants: Mythical Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind
Component: Ancient Armor Plate
Chest Armor: Pyran’s Vestments
Component: Hallowed Ground
Amulet: Divine Blessing of the Gods
Component: Tainted Heart
Rings: Mythical Eternal Union X2
Components: Royal Diamond X2
Medal: Mythical Korvaak’s Band (enables dual-wielding)
Component: Arcane Spark
Relic: Kanai’s Cube: Crudest


I had long sought to make a build using Monk’s Mystic Ally, but with only the Crudest Boots providing skill bonuses to it and the skill’s odd combination of Physical, Cold, and Elemental damage, I had thought that such a build would be an exercise in futility. However, with the introduction of Skycutter swords, their pet Archangels, and the +1 to Monk skills, I was able to combine all the items that provide +1 to Monk skills and build a Monk-centric build. By going DW, we opt for using the Monk’s core weapon skill, Fists of Thunder, which is a Cadence-like ability that hits for up to 450%+ Weapon Damage using both weapons. With an attack speed of 170% without buffs and Epiphany, Prismatic Diamond, and Ghoul all there to boost our attack speed, we have an easy time capping it when it matters most. As for the Mystic Ally itself, its damage is boosted by 30-35% Cold to Fire damage and 30-35% Cold to Lightning damage, meaning the majority of its damage will be the combination of Fire/Lightning. Its Aura provides a meandering 15% Physical Resistance, but a great 40% Pierce resistance; it’s not meant to be a main skill to build around, but to support the player and provide debuffs while Fist of Thunder do their thing.

Crusader is selected as the second class as the Skycutter swords give +1 to the Crusader class as well. It’s main purpose is to summon Ray of Heaven to provide additional stackable RR, but its passives are a great addition to the build. Armor Absorption, Attack Speed, a second invulnerability skill and a second circuit breaker give this build additional sturdiness which is essential when facing the tougher enemies. Phalanx is brought along as you convert ~50% of Physical damage to Lightning; the damage and uptime are disappointing since it’s required to wear the two rings that increase their duration, but extra bodies are extra bodies, and at 21/12, you’re going to get all you can get from this skill.

I had this character at a more appropriate location than the Shattered Realm, but I had to completely re-vamp my devotions after attempting a few Shards. Ghoul and the devotion set-up for 13% Life Leech is mandatory for this build. A more complete write-up will come once I can write it up, but this build is SR 65-66 viable, through fighting Grava-Thul is outright impossible. Fumble Pools, Fire + Lightning Resistance, and the “your-buffs-mean-nothing” projectile makes him an outright reset. The other Nemeses are do-able, though, even in the small Guardian room

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Think with sacred 2 is you either love it or hate it.I personally love it as i love the world.It starts happy but gets darker future in.Where grim dawn start well grim(i like the second part to homestead).I also think Flix did a splendid job on creating D2 for sacred 2.

Nice build.Crusader are most prob my fav class it can fit with about anything.I actually got a crusader + rogue,dual wielding tank yes please :smiley:

Burgers are great when you have a cooking source readily on-hand

Build Objective: To showcase some of the new GQ class abilities and equipment with the advent of Grimarillion 76.

Source of RR:
Divine Helio’s Radiance - 28 Flat RR
Squall - 30 Elemental RR
Ring of Flame - 45 Fire RR (with set bonuses) + 25 Chaos RR
Eldritch Fire - 23 Fire RR + 35 Chaos RR
Fiend’s Gaze - 15 Fire RR + 15 Chaos RR
Total RR - 141 Fire RR + 98 Chaos RR

Weapon: Divine Spear of the Dryads with Mythical Fiendgaze Tome
Components: Seal of Might X2
Head: Fettan Mask
Component: Eldritch Mirror
Shoulders: Divine Helio’s Aureole
Component: Living Armor
Hands: Divine Sun Grips
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Feet: Mythical Fiendflesh Greaves
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Belt: “Daoist’s” Satyr Craft “of the Wild”
Component: Ugdenbog Leather
Pants: Mythical Golemskin Breeches
Component: Ancient Armor Plate
Chest Armor: Divine Robes of Helios
Component: Hallowed Ground
Amulet: Divine Shavo’s Relic
Component: Aether Soul
Rings: Mythical Voidwhisper Band X2
Components: Bloodied Crystal X2
Medal: Divine Mark of Helios
Component: Black Tallow
Relic: Bysmiel’s Domination with 3% DA bonus


This build was originally sought out when the Divine Spar of the Dryads weapon first came out: with it comes an additional summon to Nature’s Summon Nymph, Storm’s Winter Sprite, and Earth’s Core Dweller. I had already done Elemental builds with Nature in the past, so I wanted to take two classes not particularly known for their synergy: Storm + Earth, and use the Fiendgaze Tome + Voidwhisper Bands to convert the Winter Sprite’s Cold and Vitality damage to Chaos Damage. Unfortunately, the conversions on the weapon throw off the synergy, but having 2 extra pets more than makes up for it.

Then Grimarillion v76 came out and introduced to us the Helio’s Set, which is the vanilla’s Ghol set with a lovely texture and fire flavor. A third Core Dweller and the 4-pc bonus of the set turned this build from a meme concept to a Core Dweller-centric fighter. This build plays off the Earth class much more than the Storm class, so if you have problems with the fantasy green belt, there is a Divine GQ belt that gives +to Earth Skills, or you can gladly use any pet belt and replace the relic with Mogdrogen’s Ardor. Having Core Dweller at 26/16 is the key to this build, as not only are there three of them, but their main attack involves throwing rocks that get really powerful when you overcap the skill.

Another benefit from using the Earth + Storm combo is the amulet gives you +1 to All Skills while summoning a Djinn genie that gives a really cool laugh when you send it to battle. Winter Genie is not completely forgotten, as it has a nice Cadence-like attack that gives heavy damage and a nice ice-spike ground ability that gives good AoE. The rest of Storm’s points are focused on the flat damage bonuses, Squall for additional RR, a nice %Spirit and %OA passive that helps you summon pets on Crit, and an additional passive introduced in Grimarillion v76 that gives pets more Speed when activated.

Overall, it’s a very good Shard 65-66 cleaner once you grab the full set. Even when your only pet healing ability is Tree of Life, the Empiryon Constellation and set bonuses are more than enough to have most of their Resistances capped, and Bysmiel’s Domination provides a whopping 30% Physical Resistance, which greatly bolsters your own survivability, as Earth Enchantment provides 25% Armor Absorption to help you easily break the 2,000 Armor at 100% Absorption.