Trade post / AI / Buildings and Camera

First of all, the game is great! Been playing civ building games ranging from age of empires to simcity for decades and this game is great!

Now, a few suggestions:

1 - Trade post: Allow us to use the arrows or give an option to click to add 1 item at a time, holding the mouse to drag a bar is terrible. Also, if you put a number on it, like, I want to buy 22 itens, the game doesnt register it even if I press the “enter” button, so I have to use the scroll bar again.

2 - Why the city gold is stored on the trade post when there is a vault built in the city? Doesnt seem right to me! I’m not talking about the gold stored in the trade post to be used by the trade post! The trade post seems to override the vault or the storehouse in priority when stocking gold.

3 - Buildings: Allow us to select multiple buildings (ex: double clicking on a house selects all houses that are on the screen / ctrl and clicking on individual buildings will select those buildings), easier to upgrade, allow and disallow construction and to allow us to keep track of the number of said buildings.
3.1 - The ctrl select would be specially usefull to walls and fences, as by now, disallowing one fence or wall to be build disallows all of them.

4 - AI: The AI of the villagers seems to be overrided by some tasks, one moment they are dropping resources on a stockpile, but in midway they drop said resources on the ground and go construct a wooden fence that wasnt on a prioritie. This happens a lot with the villagers assigned on the trade post when restocking it.
4.1 - Wainwrights: They dont care for their lives lol. They will complete the job even if they are being attacked by wolfs, bears and raiders. Lost too many vills because of that! Would be nice if when attacked, they hoped off the wagon and run.

5 - Raiders: It would be cool to allow us to loot the dead raiders for weapons and armor. I understand that this can make the game a little too easy, so to balance this, put maybe a percentage on the drops? Like, 10% to drop a weapon, 5% to drop armor/shields.

6 - Camera/game controls: Would be cool to allow us to change the ctrls of the game. For example, to rotate the camera we have to press the mouse scroll but I dont think it would hurt to allow us to put it on the E/F for example (I’m saying this because my mouse wheel is broken and I cant change the camera lol)

Ty and sorry for any grammar errors!

1 - I agree with you about arrows. You can definitely type in a number and it will register, I do it all the time. Not sure why it’s not working for you? Another suggestion I’d like to add is put items in a “shopping cart” style interface so bartering can take place.

2 - You have to turn off gold storage in the Storehouse, click the checkbox in the top left of the gold ingot icon. However there is no “empty” storage command, so you will have to engage in some chicanery to get any stored gold into your vault.

5 - YES!

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I know about the storehouse one. My problem is that all my gold is being stored on the Trading Post and not being transfered to the vault.

Should be a bug them, because the game does not recognize the comand when I type the number.

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