Trading Post / Trading Center needs more workers

The Tier 3 Upgrade of the Tradepost still only has 2 workers, that’s just not enough. Often times when visited by more then one merchant they need to haul ~2000 items to the trading post and they are way too slow. Either free laborers should take care of that job or we need more workers inside the trade post, otherwise most items arrive after the merchants left, which is especailly annoying if those items can spoil.


Yes this makes no sense to have only two… half the time mine are doing something else, even putting out fires while others are standing around ‘idling’ or they are shelter stocking… it’s mad that you can have 4-6 people making cheese or in mines yet only two on the most vital trading interface where you get one chance a year to obtain gold and materials. I am often amazed how long it takes to simply stock items… i waited almost 5 minutes then they stocked ONE honey… lost so many trader opportunities while shouting at pixel workers to hurry up. then watching the trader leave with no business done…


Hm, have you tried stocking the trading post with stuff you want to sell before they arrive? I make sure to check during autumn to see how much of things like pottery, candles, beer, etc, I could sell and then transfer them over then. I also make sure to transfer money into the trading post then if I need some more. Then when the traders arrive in the spring everything’s ready to buy/sell without delay. Sometimes I might send the traders off for a few extras if they’re available, but usually not needed.

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Yeah, but sometimes traders pay good money for stuff that I wasn’t originally going to sell or for items that can spoil which I don’t stock in the trading post for exactly that reason. Also for example I keep a constant stock of 200 linen clothing and 500 pelts in the trading center which is usually worth more then the traders can afford, but when they also sell something that I want, I need to restock on those items, since I can sell more due to the trader having more money (from me after I bought from him).
So I keep stock of many many items but not of all items and whenever I need to restock or stock items that I didn’t already have stocked, then the items usually arrive too late for the ~70 days timeframe that the traders stay in the village. It just makes no sense at all, that after an expensive upgrade from T2 to T3 there are no additional trader slots when they are desperately needed. Afterall trading and fending off raiders are the most important endgame component. We need more traders and they need to be able to carry more / use wagons.

It might even be a bug that we don’t get more then 2 traders. Ever since upgrading to T3 I noticed that the + symbol to add more traders isn’t greyed out anymore, just nothing happens when I click it.

Do you have your storage of items you sell a distance from your trading post? With a warehouse for finished goods only next door to the trading post, I rarely have too much of a problem unless the workers are getting drunk or stocking their shelters, in which case I fire them and hire two different ones.

Well, my village is 1000 people strong and pretty large, so while I do have two warehouses and a few brick root cellars next to my trading center some goods get fetched from a further distance. When I have 3 traders visiting my traders may be able to supply good that I want to sell to the first trader but then are never able to keep up with getting stuff for the seconds or third trader.

Trading Center stocking is SUPER inefficient… I have anything I am waiting on being stocked for years. It either needs more workers, or improved effeicency.

Something that helps me speed trading a lot, is having all storage locations near the Trader and no storage anywhere else, still not perfect, but lead times are way better.

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With my next build I was planing on making a two center city, Having housing centered around the Town Center and industry around the trading post. Doing rings with the TP at the center, then storage then industry. Hoping that helps

I haven’t used more than 1 worker in my trade centre in any of my last few villages; I’ve just learned to stock ahead, and make sure the relevant warehouse(s) are next to my trade centre. I can’t remember the last time a visiting trader left before I could restock anything I hadn’t wanted to in time.

Are you using the “don’t stock” buttons on you outlying storage facilities to ensure they don’t stock thing you might want to sell later?

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