Trading & Supporting Surrounding Settlements

My first post here… I am really enjoying this game right now which made me go out of my way to create a post.

I think it would be a very good idea to have a world map of sort with other settlements. I feel like Trading right now is very random so having other settlements with defined needs to sell and supply to purchase for your own settlement would be really nice. This can also allow a “send army to support” option to allow them to defend against raids which would garner some good will. There could also be special “emergency help” missions to boost relationship. This can let them trade their unique resources with you. After all some things are grown/found in only certain areas.

This can even further evolve to ally settlements & enemy cities where if you don’t support your allies, they will continue to get swallowed up by the enemies and eventually they will be at your doorstep with you unable to defend.

After all, you left the bloodthirsty wolves & sought new lands for a reason. No way they will let you flourish just like that. :wink:

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