Tree/Forest balance

As my Village grows bigger and bigger, to the point i have 350-500 citizens. I find myself eating through trees and forest to supply the ever hungry need for wood. From firewood, to tons and tons of planks, i think at the higher end of the game i find myself with 2x upgraded Woodchoppers and 2x upgraded sawmills eating wood for the furniture factory as well as repairs and upkeeps.

I’m decimating forest around me left and right. Now call me a little bit of a nature buff, i do like having trees around and sometimes within my village to give it a nice rustic nature look. But im finding myself unable to afford such luxury.

I think there needs to be a little tweaking on the wood economy on the end game. Possibly make large houses more insulated and require less wood consumption. Maybe add an “upgraded furniture factory” on Tier 4 that is just more efficient on the wood use for furniture.

Other posiblity is adding a “Forestry Hut” that plants new trees in certain areas you designate.


Already in the plan.

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It’s just a suggestion, but if the output of planks production would be raised it will solve a lot of problems. For each wood it only gives two planks, this is low compared to firewood. If the two becomes somewhere between 9 and 21, it might solve the wood shortage for a lot. The planks consumption is very high, not only for repairs, but for upgrades and consumption of other stuff.

I don’t know much about programming, but isn’t it easier to just change some numbers as a short time solution?

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would 100% agree. be allot easier to just tweek the code from 2 planks, to 3 or 4

I like the idea of a “Forestry Hut” the most. Something you can build in the late game to replant trees automatically in a certain area. Also I’d wish the Arborists would automatically plant fruit trees in a similar way within the selected area. As it is right now having to plant every single tree manually is kind of tedious.

It would probably also help if the Plank production created some Firewood from the waste, as that would be realistic.

I’d like an option for a check box so the main tree harvest box only cuts mature trees only and not all trees like the work camps have.

I don’t want young trees cut down before they are mature as it brings in less wood than could have with mature trees.

That would solve a few things

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