Trickster Build Need help

My trickster is just starting out and it is all over the place I just need some advice as to which skills to use for leveling, and which devotions to get to make leveling fast and easy. When I mean leveling help, I want specifics like max everything in this skill +1 into this skill, if possible. Here is an example I was following:

I know shaman you can go savagery or primal strike (I think savagery is boring I love the look of primal strike). My goal is to make a 2h trickster that teleports all around murdering things with lightning. Any and all advice for devoitions, attributes, links to builds, skills is greatly appreciated! Also I have looked around but I cannot find the old build I used that was a 2h teleport and lighting beast. Thanks again!

I am not sure Nightblade is the correct class for you goals.Not that is not gonna work,but is good if you have a lot of builds posted for that style for reference points.

As for devotions I will pick Kraken,which is must for any 2h build,also Widow for RR,Ultos,Revenant,Hawk are recommended.

As for movement,you can use new medal augments!

Would you say that warder is a better choice? As I’ve played I’ve decided I can change to soldier. The only reason I wanted night-blade was because I like the aesthetic of shadow strike

in FG we now have medal augments that provides movement skills and some of them are very similar to shadow strike

but if you are certain of progressing your trickster, crafting this amulet until you get skill modifier that makes damage on primal strike become cold might fit your thematic needs: this is something I did in 2 minutes I think someone made an actual cold primal strike build but I could not find it. @mad_lee was it you who did such build?

If you want Lightning => Vindicator , If you insist on Trickster, should change to Cold

A mastery supports both Elemental RR (Resistance Reduction) and Elemental damage would be nice, such as : Inquisitor

Aura of Censure + Raging Tempest => double RR make your hits like a truck

Items : in the end game, Inquisitor has Ignaffar’s Combustion relic even adds more 10% elemental RR

Devotion : focus on RR line (Viper, Rhowari Crown, Widow, Ultos), Kraken for 2H nature, then OA , Regen, Lifesteal…

Vindicator reminds me of my first build that tried to bring down Lightning Gods of the game

I did, yes, never published it. It’s clunky. Damage is ok, but overall it’s not worth it. For Trickster there are few really powerful and fun specs that I would recommend:

  • my Lightning Trickster
  • my Bloodrager Bleeding Trickster
  • Deathmarked Trickster
  • Korba Trickster
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2H cold savagery by Veretranga [] Mekeritrig, the Tormentor - 2H Cold Savagery Trickster, Gladiator farmer (9") + Ravager (old patch though)

Do you have a specific Deathmarked Trickstee build you recommend?