Trolls thread of questions

Selfish and lazy me of not doing me homework by reading a s**t load of threads here and around the net plus watching some more vids about stuff.
If the mods are kind and don’t nuke this feeble attempt of generic stuff I would like to use it as a Q&A.

First one goes to the generic constellation guidelines.
Are there some constellations one needs to have in order to make it through to the ultimate and how much should one invest into damage and defence?

Must-have constellations for any build? I would say No.
Rough guideline for Ultimate: 3000 OA and 2700 DA.

Could you give rough estimates for veteran and elite?
Also is it better to get hp & armour instead of only resistances?
Havin a bit of an puzzle with maxing my resistances in veteran.

Resistances > HP & Armor. You have to cap them for Ultimate.

In Veteran, I would go for HP and slowly work on Resistances. You didn´t really need them but they are helpful. You can change them: In the 1st Act you need Poison, in Act II Pierce and Fire.

There is really a good guide for Beginners. :slight_smile:

Well this seems to turn into a blog about journey into maddness…err ultimate.
While venturing with my death knight into Valbury, imo not worth the effort in veteran when compaired to SoT, I run into some MI 2-H ranged that made me wonder if there are drops that simply can’t be fitted into any builds like 2-H rifle for arcanist.
Also are 2-H ranged just bad though there are sets like Brimstone and Sharpshooter or do they just require a lot of effort to make em work when compaired to ones like dual pistols, s&b or 1h & off hand?

Depends…if you’re using just the damage of the weapon then… maybe, but any attack that can proc anything is going to usually be better with a pistol due to the fact it fires faster so the procs happen more often and more than make up for the added base dmg of the 2 hander…not to mention the loss of the added bonuses / skills etc from only having a single 2 hander compared to 2 one handed items = more stats, possible 2nd granted skill and the additional component slot.

But not an expert so just my general view :wink:

It’s a shame since they DO came with some nice bonuses to skills.
Nearing the end of veteran, Fort Ikon looms at the horizon and Mad Queen needs to be tested, she’s a nice benchmark of things to come and wether the build needs some love.
Loot, mainly MIs is starting to give some trouble, mainly stash is gettin full and with after a wipe don’t be trying my luck with GDStash.
Wondering if MIs are worth storing on veteran for other possible toons to ease the journey.

Dear Troll, there is no universal constellation,
but dear all, will it be correct to say that it is reasonable to pick constellations mainly for damage while building survivability with items?

Well, what I have so learned, is that aether goes well with Widow, suppouse main damage matched with RR is a thing, tank likes to Turtle and Blitzing with Dryad is fun.
Guides do help, but the meta behind them is still bit unclear besides the obvious fillers needed to get from point A to point B.
Don’t think %something place much of a role before ultimate and numbers of in their thousands?

In my opinion you should have chosen a certain damage type for your toon when entering Elite. And then you can collect the gear you need and % Damage will come.

Don´t forget RR; it is really important.

Well suck me sideways, got oneshotted by something starting with Z on the 149th wave in Crucible.
That was nice, from 100% to zero in less than a second.
Besides that the build is solid, just way too high (53) for veteran and I still haven’t done Log, Malmouth or BoC.
Kinda wondering if the dungeons are worth doing, same goes to acts 5 and 6, at this stage or would it be better to just go elite since act 5 takes a long time.

I remember fondly the first time Zantarin one-shot me.

Usually I go for 2-3 offensive procs with defensive or OA-based constellations paving the way to then, and then round out any points I have remaining with defensive procs.

I recommend doing at least act 5, so you can register the Coven and Barrowholm in your factions windows and receive reputation for them when you kill beasts or chtonians on Elite. This helps getting to Revered earlier, which is good because their augments are very useful.

Goddammit, Ugdenbog or Act 5 is hard for my poor toon!
Huge damage spikes though my resistances are ok, must be I only ever block 80% no matter the overcap since the res reads 80.
Also my vit/aether/acid (with DoTs) don’t seem to take the mobs down as fast as tri-elemental saboteur though way faster than my retribution warder.

I REALLY should focus on one toon at the time to get into farming ultimate before the next xpac, but as it happens I have atm 20+ stuck in the void after Log, the worst void ever called The Void of Lack of Intrest, mainly due tp rng Jesus hating me, just how many soilde pants & 1-2 short epic sets one can roll?!
So the best course of action is to roll yet another toon, this YAT isn’t really helping.
This time I try to see how far I can get by just leveling mastery bar and leaving rest to the gear & devotions.
To make matters EVEN worse no cheat…crucible to get some loot & constellations.
With what I got going with soldier seems a good place to start, you get shield bash at level 1 and by the time of Blood of O I ought to have to mastery bars full.
With stuff I got after then is a ?

Or then there’s Dreeg.
Leveling up to level 15 wasn’t hard, some poison & shield smashing took down even Salazar.
After max Soldier some Occultist is name of the game with Infinite Gaze and Envenomed Weapons joined with Bat, Rat and Scorpion live so far is easy.
Just wondering if acid/poison witchblade is a thing…

A question for a chance…
Why doesn’t cunning give more bonus to physical damage instead since, as far as, I (thought) to see it converted from physical to begin with.
Is there some balancing thing Crate knowing the insides better has implemented here?

Got oneshot on the 150th wave on aspirant. The character is 100th. Almost collected the Lokarr set.

I think there is a reason for the Devs to be more attentive to such balance issues in the game with an option of permadeath.

Well balls, Win10 happens.
After losing everything there`s just one thing to do…
Do it ALL again.

So far doing fine, Wave 100 is a bit tricky one, that damn Valderan is a bit too much so far, but I do get a lot of stuff into my stash.
Necromancer is quite strong for first character for leveling, Spectral Wrath, Ravenous Earth and Soul Siphon makes life easy.