Trying to modify the Grimallion mod.

Hi all

So I’m trying to make a few changes to the grimallion mod for my own personal enjoyment, but seem to be running into a brick wall.

Here’s what I’ve done

  1. Setup assetmanager with the proper working directory and extracted the game files
  2. Set up a new mod called Adams in asset manager
  3. Extracted the grimallion.arz database and arc files and put them in my mod folder

Structure looks like
Grimdawn/working/mods/Adam/database (Has folders Grimmest and records)
Grimdawn/working/mods/Adam/resources (Has the extracted arc folders)

  1. Tweaked the skill points per level and devotion points per shrine

  2. Went back into Assetmanager, loaded the mod, ran build, then build archive

The issue I’m having is the custom class menu doesn’t work, it’s missing all the images, it says something about missing tags as well.
The images are replaced with a white/red checkerboard pattern.

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You just have to copy the original mods resources to your mod

I did, that’s why I’m confused as to why it’s not working

The increased spawns and such appear to be fine, as does the small tweaks I made to skill/devotion points, just not the skill class menu.

The folders from the grimallion.arz file I extracted to /mods/adam/database

So it looks like


I extracted each of the arc folders and put them in


Followed the instructions from another post, but it still has a similiar (but not as bad) issue with missing imagery

Instructions I followed were:

1 - Downloaded ArchiveTool GUI

2 - Downloaded the mod

3 - Opened AM

4 - Set Working Folder as default (GD Root), and Build Folder as GD\Mods, Tools as default

5 - Created a “Customized - MOD” folder in GD\Mods

6 - Created a database folder in “Customized - Mod” (GD\mods\Customized - Mod"\database)

6 - Tools --> Extracted Game Files

7 - Closed AM

8 - Use ArchiveToolGUI to extract the mod.arz into your GD\mods\Customized - Mod"\database folder

9 - Open AM --> Select your Customized - Mod

10 - Database tab --> Records --> Creatures --> PC --> right click edit playerlevels.dbr --> modify the experience level equation by adding whatever maths you want - i added *(0.25) to make leveling 4 times faster)

11 - Save

12 - Build with F7

13 - Take the new ARZ file generated and overwrite the original one, follow whatever directions the original mod had to install.

The broken wizard window.

The arz contains no art/tag assets. If it the mod was working the first time; showing new masteries/skills, using a different tool was an unnecessary step.

Try this -
*Download the latest version of grimarillion in case you’ve already fubar’d your original.
*Extract the zipped arz from the zip file.
*Extract the ARZ contents and do your modifications, build the mod.
*Now extract the arc files into the mod folder (use grimarillion folder), make sure your structure is correct…
arc goes in mods/grimarillion/resources/
arz goes in mods/grimarillion/database

There’s no reason for anything not to load properly. I say to add the arc after editing files because if you build (f7 build) AM will remove files it deems are “unassociated”, and there’s quite a few that will be stripped.

If this works, you can try again with a modified modname if you really want, but I’m not sure if that will cause issues or not.

edit, just saw your new post…

Looking at your screen tells me…
some art assets are working. You have the D3 UI assets, you have some of the bitmaps. You have the skill tree layout which means the ui/skills are kinda working, but the skills somehow aren’t referenced properly.

Yea it’s odd, I literally started from scratch

I added the changes I wanted to the database file (increased skill points and shrine points), saved it

Moved the file to the grimm mod directory and renamed it to match the original name.

The resources folder is there already and it contains all the arc files from the original grim download, so nothing has been changed there.

I wonder if the latest grim dawn update broke the mod? hmm let me try a non modified grim install.

Ok no, fresh mod install and the wizard panel shows up

Tried extracting all of the ARC files and moved them into the resources folder, still broken.

The mod works fine with the latest update.

Don’t extract the arcs, that won’t help. You don’t need them extracted for the mod to run or to edit the database.

Not really sure what to tell you.

I guess start even simpler - Does the mod works if you don’t make any edits? If the mod doesn’t work as is, then something else is wrong.

Verify if you ve copied the unextracted resources the mod came with not the extracted ones and also that the folders are ordered and put right as in the original mod, this happened to me when i didn t put the resources right

Thanks all for the help

The mod works fine when it hasn’t been touched, it’s only when I add anything to it, does some parts of the class screen break.

It only seems to be the diablo 3 skill pages, the regular and Titans quest? skill tree is fine.

How I didn’t notice this before, I don’t know!
14 errors in total, all seem to be the D3 skill templates.

Ah yes that’ll do it. You can find that template somewhere on the forums prolly.

Success! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Same thing here. Could you please tell me where did you found those templates and what did to them ?
Thanks in advance

Chances are very low that the thread OP will be responding. Looking at their profile…

…their last “Seen” date is at the forum default of 1969 - which means they have not been on this forum since before at least just prior to June of 2019, which is when Crate upgraded and migrated the forum to Discourse software.

In other words this person has not logged into the new forum ever since this took place.

Sad T_T
I’ll hope that someone might know…

Could you please tell me where did you found those templates and what should I do with them ? I am trying to achieve approximately the same thing as OP did
Thanks in advance

You can find the expanded skilltree template on the Nexus ‘Dawn of Masteries’ page. Put the template in the same dir as all the vanilla templates.

Could also just link it here. It’s hardly proprietary, since I believe Elfe made it to begin with. (1.0 KB)

No idea who made it, definitely not proprietary, never said so. I added it to the DoM files because DoM is using it and there was no other ‘official’ place I was aware of (and chances are this link here will soon be forgotten again too)