Two ideas regarding soldiers and guards

Idea 1: When a soldier is inflicted with wounds status effect from battle, they eventually die due to wounds. From what I’ve seen, this results in the solder dropping their armor. I’ve had heavy plate armor + shields equipped, and I watched them die and drop the shield and armor. I believe the soldiers should drop their weapons as well because it does not make sense (to me) to just die with the armor.

Idea 2: I think there should be a way to select certain guards from guard towers and have them look for enemies at a certain location, similar to the combat flag feature in barracks. A box selector UI element, similar to harvest or selecting villagers, would probably make sense here. The reason for this is when raiders attack, they don’t attack my village from all sides. This feature would allow us to better utilize our defensive forces. However, if the intended game mechanic is for the guards to primarily only defend from towers, then that makes sense to me as well.

Thanks for the consideration and for the great game. Already sunk way too many hours into it :smiley:

Dropping weapons is ok, but armor and shield is a litle strange because if they died, implies the shield and armor breaking down and not serving for its purpose anymore. Doesnt make sense to get them back.

From my understanding, the current game mechanic is items only break after a certain amount of “durability” has been used up. If the soldier receives the status effect wounds from a few hits, that doesn’t necessarily imply the armor’s durability has decreased to zero. Your insight does make some sense however, even if the current game mechanic only drops armor but no weapons upon dying to wounds.

Come to think of it, I feel like soldiers who die in combat could also drop their weapons/armor (possibly with probability <= 1), not just the ones who die to status effects wounds. Unless this was a intended game mechanic as a definitive iron sink, which would also make sense due to your insight above: soldiers who die in battle probably have unusable armor/weapons.

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not to piggy back on this topic (but to piggy back), i was going to open up a similar thread:

guards in towers should be able to equip armor and shields. if they have melee weapons, they should be at least able to wear the base armor (heavy weapons/armor restriction makes sense) - it seems silly to have the guard towers destroyed and the guards just…defenseless

additionally (help me if there is a hot key) it would be ideal to have the barracks flag to have a hot key or icon (like the explore)

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If killed by an arrow, your amour would be fully useable.

maybe in an honorable “warrior’s death” the fallen soldiers are buried in their armor?

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