Ugrade Forager to Gardener in tier 3/4. To get more control over Herb / Medicinal Herb resources

Herbs and medicinal roots can only be collected by Foragers from the location where this resource spawns when the map is rolled.
When your village / city expands, it will usually engulf these grow sites and players need to build around herbs / roots spawnpoints (or lose them).

Perhaps the Forager Shack could get an upgrade to Gardening Shed, allowing players to cultivate an area like the Forester building does, through a planting function.

Ideally, Willow would also be cultivatable, provided a body of water is nearby


Yes, this! It is a bit odd that trees can be planted, but other normal gardening things cannot be replicated by the town. i would love to see the herbs, medicinal roots, nuts and other wild growing plants be included in the gardens our villagers can grow, or moved to a different location similar to the blueberry bushes.


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